MeeVee interviews Ed Helms

MeeVee got the chance to talk to Ed Helms during the Golden Globes:

Who came up with “Big Tuna”?

I wish I could take credit for it, but Greg Daniels [wrote it], in the first episode of the season. I’m very happy about it, because it automatically puts me in character.You know only Andy would be like, “T’sup, Big Tuna?” It totally puts me there.

Link: Interview with The Office Star Ed Helms


  1. Okay…that’s a little scary. I love 24 and Mythbusters too… :/

    Am I just *this* close to punching the drywall?? The mind boggles…

  2. I adore Ed Helms. His portrayal of Andy is brilliant. I think everyone knows an Andy – sort of decent-looking, normal-to-slightly-nerdy guy who is just seething with anger about a millimeter below the surface? I really wish Andy hadn’t been quite so irritating in “The Return” because I will really miss him. I have probably watched the “Rainbow Connection” clip 100 times. Hurray for Ed Helms – the actor, not the electrician!

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