1. I looove Kristin. She’s great at covering The Office news since she’s as big an Office geek as the rest of us.

  2. It’s kind of weird to see Rainn and Angela talk about their characters together since Angela seems so different in real life. Ooh la la.

  3. I just love to hear them interview…everyone one of the cast members is so unique and funny in their answers. I could hear them comment all day long. Truly wonderful actors, writers, and comedians.

  4. I know it didn’t say a whole lot, but BJ’s comment about Pam and Jim that ‘things will happen’ just made my day. I know they will get together eventually. But why do they wait!! AHH! Those people….

  5. I just wanted to point out that today is “Michael Scott”‘s birthday (seeing as he shares it with Eva Longoria).

    And, haha, go Dwangela!

  6. Brian Baumgartner: “I will have your back Kristen. Your back I will have.”

    That’s what she said.

  7. Kevin is one of my favorite characters! One of my faviorite lines is ine diuwalli (is that who you spell it?) when he says “This is the best meeting ever” it made me laugh so hard. Also when there was that talking head of him laughing in “Gay Witch hunt” that was genius!

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