1. #2
    Yeah I saw that too.

    Oh and, go Michael for being Michael and saying inappropriate yet hilarious things.

  2. I wouldn’t think it’d be Jim’s, like Allison said. Jim and Pam have been together for over a year. Plus, the show is not a soap opera. But I would be upset if I were Pam anyhoo haha.

  3. Yep, I noticed the ring too. It’s gotta be either an engagement ring or a wedding ring or something of that nature. There is no way that’s Jim’s baby. The timing is definitely not right and even if it was, the show would bite the big one. I’m still rooting for a JAM baby, but I’ll settle for a JAM wedding!

  4. I have three thoughts:

    1)Does anyone remember how Ryan used to email Karen to hit on her? Perhaps it could be his baby? In a rage from being dumped for Pam maybe Karen had a rebound with Ryan?

    2) In another twist maybe Karen and Roy wallowed in their sorrow together and the product of a sly “gotcha” at Pam and Jim is addressed in this episode.
    Probably neither of my theories are likely but they would be funny : )

    3) There is no way that the baby could be Jim’s because Rashida Jones can’t be on both shows (this and Parks and Recreation) and I don’t think that it would be realistic for Jim to not be involved in his baby’s life.

  5. Oooh, thanks for pointing out the ring! I totally missed that when I saw the promo after Stress Relief, and my first reaction was “NOOOOOO!”

    I agree, there is no biological way that Karen could be pregnant with Jim’s baby. And if that is the case, I will be very upset. This isn’t Passions!

  6. Shari – I was thinking the same about the Ryan theory! We were talking about it earlier in the spoiler post. I really think that could be it. They have both asked each other out at one point during the series…and BJ did say that he was going to come back in a dramatic fashion. I think this would definitely be dramatic. Kelly’s reaction would be hysterical….

  7. The only thing keeping me from sticking with the whole Ryan’s baby thing is the fact that there is a ring on her left hand ring finger, and isn’t Ryan supposed to be in Thailand (or something along those lines…)? Totally not saying that it’s not possible, I still think it’s a good theory, just a lot of loose ends. Still, there’s gotta be some significance in the story line for Karen to be pregnant, obviously… At least we only have to wait a few more days to find out!

  8. come on people! this is karen! she is WAY out of ryan’s league! I think she was a little outta jim’s league too.

  9. Just a theory, but I think the significance of a Karen pregnancy/wedding might contribute to a future JAM elopement. It’s definitely not Jim’s, and they wouldn’t do it for no reason, so I’m thinking they’re trying to close up the Karen storyline and like I said, speed up the JAM engagement.

  10. Karen’s not out of anyone’s league. She works in middle management for a mid-level paper company, just like the other characters. I think it’s Ryan’s spawn.

  11. I guess I was a little tired after watching the Super Bowl and then the hour long episode – but I was counting May to Fubruary and counted 9 months and was sweating bullets.

    Just as my head hit the pillow I realized that it was a season ago – thus a year and 9 months. Whew!

  12. Am I the only one a bit annoyed that they gave away something so hugely spoilerish in the promo? Yikes!

  13. Rolando let Pam down. In Branch Wars, Rolando told Pam everything. Karen must have sworn him to absolute silence.

  14. It can’t be Jim’s, because I would stop watching the show. The writers know how huge of a fan I am; they wouldn’t do that to me!

  15. I’m glad I read the comments before I puked on my laptop. I totally was moving into Jim’s baby territory before I remembered the timeline. Thanks for saving me from myself OT readers!

  16. Pam will spend the half-hour doubting Jim. Then during the last 2 minutes, she’ll learn Jim isn’t the father, run to him teary-eyed.


  17. I don’t think Karen’s pregnancy is that big of a deal to the plot since it was shown in the preview. The pregnancy was probably used to draw us in to watch the show on Thursday, and then something bigger (no pun intended) will be revealed.

  18. 10. viva: You’re right, this isn’t Passions.

    If it was, Karen would have gotten knocked up by a warlock midget. Of course, Dwight could invent that kind of theory, so…maybe.

  19. Yeah, guys there is NO WAY that this is Jim’s baby. But I like the theory that the daddy is someone we know. Or knowing the writers, maybe not, maybe it’s just some way to tie up Karen’s storyline before she moves to Parks and Recreation…

    wait…I got it…it’s Kevin’s baby :)

  20. i’m really looking forward to the pam/karen/michael awkward moments. haha that would actually be one time i’d want michael around if i was pam

  21. After watching this promo last night, I had a dream that Karen was pregnant with her second baby and that her first baby was Jim’s.

    I woke up sweating.

  22. JustCari: You shouldn’t be annoyed at all. Obviously that clip was shown just to draw you in. If it had any significant impact on the Pam/Jim storyline, it wouldn’t have been shown in the preview.

  23. nooooo noooooo way can that be Jim’s I won’t allow it…haha…I saw that and was like ahhhhh!!! I don’t think it will be Jim’s (it’s been too long, right? haha)

  24. I really wish they would just leave Jim and Pam alone so I hope this pregnancy doesn’t screw them up anymore.

  25. this show wouldn’t make it jim’s…. although it is heading down a lame road with jim and pam being perfect, AND dwight being totally different than the previous seasons! Give us back weird, but submissive dwight!! Also, I think it would be awesome if it were Jim’s, and his fling burned him in the long run!

    That’s the way life is, so why not the office?

  26. Also, you can see Pam slightly smiling in the last frame, she wouldn’t be smiling in the least if she knew it was Jim’s…just the idea is ludicrous.

  27. I was but wasn’t surprised at the promo from last night, as I feared a pregnancy was likely with Karen coming back. I do see a ring on her finger though so I’m thinking it is a shock but ultimately it can’t be Jim’s baby. I am just hoping this will spur JAM wedding plans.

  28. Re: 39
    ” Also, I think it would be awesome if it were Jim’s, and his fling burned him in the long run! That’s the way life is, so why not the office?”

    That’s really only the way life is for people with no morals or self-control…
    Which actually does describe many of The Office characters, but still…way too soap opera…

  29. Yup, Kate (#40), that definitely looked like a ring on her left hand.

    And yes, Sarah (#37), this is. In a ridiculous way.

    Just let them get married already!!

  30. Don’t worry, ive done the math, and thanks to the “weight loss” episode, It has been Way more than 12 months since “The job” episode. Which could have been the last time they did it

  31. I am going to throw out a major suggestion, but I have a big suspicion that it could be Roy’s…

  32. My suggestion? It’s Ryan’s baby! Although i doubt they would marry/ engage them two behind the scenes, but think about it… Ryan went to “Thailand” with his friends? Remember? that sounds a bit fishy to me…

  33. Are people seriously discussing the idea it could be Jim’s baby? Seriously? Michael’s comment was obviously put there to make fun of that line of thinking.

  34. The writers have lost a little cred with me. They’ve already done the, “o, we haven’t seen you in awhile…whoa! You’re pregnant???” bit.

    What would be hilarious is, if it’s Michael’s kid. Think about it, after Michael is disappointed little Astird isn’t his kid, he make a little deposit at the sperm bank himself. While this seems over the top for the show, it would be in line with his character. Michael wants his “legacy” to continue, but who knows when he will find someone to have his kid. Karen’s husband/fiance shoots blanks and we end up with Michael Scott junior.

  35. The thing I’m most excited about in this promo is what looks like a joint Jim and Dwight Talking Head. I can’t wait!!

  36. I know I’m an Office fan and all, but I cannot keep my eyes off of that handsome Jon Hamm. Can’t wait for 30 Rock in addition to The Office.

  37. To #52 – Andrew. I doubt Karen did the sperm bank thing. That’s been done already. If you view the promo closely, you can see that Karen is wearing a wedding ring. (Well, it’s a ring on her left ring finger). I think Karen got busy after getting over Jim, such as – getting a hubby and putting a bun in the oven. If that’s the whole package for her come Thursday then yippee! I’ve been rooting for some good stuff for Ms. Fillipelli.

  38. If this is Ryan’s spawn, how will he be brought back into the show while leaving Karen out? In the first 3 seasons he was a young guy trying to advance himself and avoid the office weirdos. He was normal and cool, kind of a jerk to obsessed Kelly, but generally ok with everyone else. At the start of season 4, or even the last scene of season 3, he was suddenly a sociopath. How evil will they make him?

  39. #27 Gobias,

    “Pam will spend the half-hour doubting Jim. Then during the last 2 minutes, she’ll learn Jim isn’t the father, run to him teary-eyed.


    I think you nailed it.

  40. People… it’s so not Jim’s baby. He and Pam have been together way too long. I think what’s going to happen is that Pam is going to find out how quickly all this happened for Karen, and start to think that she and Jim need to expedite their own wedding plans… which at this point don’t seem to have gone anywhere, from what they have shown.

  41. My theory is that Karen has a normal husband not related to The Office in anyway. If he is, I’ll be disappointed. That makes it way too soap opera-y.

    In the Jim/Dwight talking head, it looks like Jim is trying to hold Dwight’s hand. It reminds me of “Dwight kissed me. And I haven’t told anyone because I don’t know how I feel about it.” :P

  42. #58 and 60, I think you guys are right on. I think what the pregnancy does for Pam is that she realizes she’s been engaged for months and hasn’t set a date yet. What my question is, the time line for Karen to start dating someone, get engaged or married, and get pregnant. Jim and Karen broke up in May 07, then she saw him in the fall of that year, still seemed pretty bitter, but she could have been dating someone. That gives her a little over a year and a half to meet, date, and get impregnated by someone. I guess I am surprised that Karen is pregnant, I thought of her character like Jan, get further in career, then have family. Wow. I am overanalyzing this.I need to go do something else. We’ll know in a few hours!

  43. Oh God I can’t stop laughing! The butt slap, the Forest Gump impression! I think I’m gonna watch all the other shows too! They look amazing.

  44. #62, I’m pretty sure The Office’s Valentine’s episode is actually Blood Drive–and that’s airing March 5. So we probably will get to see that, just later.

    I could be totally wrong, though, but that’s what I’ve heard.

  45. #61, maybe she freaked out when jim broke up with her and was…not exactly responsible…got pregnant, and then ended up marrying the guy.

  46. I never thought I’d find that line from Forest Gump funny ever again. Thank you, Pam, you win. :)

  47. To #61 and all who are discussing Pam’s meet up of Karen will expedite the Halpert wedding – I can’t really see that. I think the writers only showed Karen in this happy state to give Pam some closure and comfort that Jim’s ex lived happily ever after after all.

    Pam and Jim are in love and secure in this relationship. Each couple is different. They will be married and pregnant at their own pace. What pushed it back was most likely Pam’s own need to grow, thus going to NYC and art school. They will have the wedding and babies soon enough. This isn’t a competition. :-)

  48. 65. That’s right! They were talking about a Valentine’s singles mixer or something. I don’t want my PB&J apart on hearts & candy day:) Thanx.

  49. I cannot wait for this episode! I keep telling everyone “I can’t wait until they get to Nashua!”
    That was hilarious! I LOVE Pam’s accent!

  50. Regarding Valentine’s Day speculation, I am sticking with my theory that the most revealing and memorable moments, good or bad, are inferred. Among my favorite Jim/Pam “non-moments” is one way back in Season 2 (I think) at the end of “Basketball” when we see Jim’s face fall at overhearing an intimate and playful exchange between Pam and Roy, and realizing he can’t have that with Pam.

    So, if they don’t have a Jim/Pam Valentine lovefest, that’s fine by me. A clearer distinction between private and public lives would be more realistic.

  51. We can add “acting mentally challenged” on the list of things that Jenna Fischer makes adorable.

  52. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so giddy in anticipation for an episode! If Holly doesn’t make an appearance I’ll be brokenhearted.

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