1. If they’re filming the rest of the season starting today, then they have 11 half-hours to shoot. That is a very long shoot, half the length of Season 2. After this season, though, we’ll theoretically have 101 episodes, but the way that they count them is a little erratic.

    Either way, I’M VERY EXCITED!

  2. I was surprised that they were on such a long hiatus given the 29 episode order they have. They have been off since Christmas and have only shot two episodes since November.

    Hope they enjoyed the time off though.

  3. LOL @ #5 Michelle – we don’t know, to know that information would involve stalking!

  4. Great, now I’m going to have that “Welcome Back” song from the post-strike ads in my head for the rest of the day!

    For serious though, yay welcome back!

  5. Hey, if they read this whilst filming I’m kinda, not really, but sort of involved in the episode, but not at all.


  6. Phyllis*farm, I completely understand what you mean! :) haha good point!

    Welcome back cast and crew!

  7. I’m excited!!! Recent episodes have been getting better and better. Just like the “old” days!

    On another note, I think some of TO actors did some traveling abroad. Sorry, I can’t be more specific, but I remember reading that somewhere. And, I’m not a stalker! LOL

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