1. I feel very sorry for Erin! They’re being so mean to her!

    And finally, we get to see her ruining Pam’s painting.

  2. No need to be mean to the sweet and lovable Erin. Sad to see the painting get messed up though.

  3. Poor Erin! What a sweetheart, and these people are sooo mean to her! :(

    Michael: What do you mean by these people Cori???

  4. Ahaha!! I actually loved this – except for Pam’s painting. But I kind of love how everyone in the office gets all possessive about Pam. She’s endured so much harassment from them, it’s nice to see them sticking up for her, even at the expense of poor sweet Erin. :D

  5. I felt so bad for her! And Toby’s part here was just bad (Michael may have a point about Toby?).

  6. why are they so mean to poor erin? so unfair, she’s the cutest thing haha. aw pam’s painting =( it was always a symbol of hope on the show. r.i.p. pam’s painting.

  7. erin is adorable, but no, i love that painting! it reminds me that michael can be really sweet sometimes.

  8. i’m glad that it didn’t stay in. it just kind of made me sad. poor erin! toby snapping at erin was TOTALLY out of character. and i really didn’t like seeing the painting getting messed up… it really symbolizes pam’s new confidence in season 3.

  9. Poor Erin :( I love it though :)

    When they first introduced her character, she was so ‘nice’ and I was concerned that it would be too sweet and perfect and artificial.

    I love that they have gone the other way… to the extreme!

  10. Aaaah! Can someone explain what happened in this clip? I live out of the country so NBC doesn’t let me view the deleted scenes! I want to know what she did to Pam’s painting with “two suns in the Andromeda galaxy!”

  11. Yeah, why was Toby yelling at Erin? I don’t really get that. Unless he’s still into Pam and he’s upset that Erin is the receptionist now. I don’t know.

  12. So, I wonder whether the ruined painting will be addressed in future episodes, or if it will go back to normal. I’ve always thought of things that happen in deleted scenes as not really happening, since they didn’t make it into the official aired version. I hope that makes sense. Any thoughts?

    [from tanster: do deleted scenes count?]

  13. They are so mean to Erin. I feel so sorry for her! I think Pam and Erin should be good friends! Since this didn’t make it in the episode will the painting be ruined from now on? Hm.

  14. #10 & #13: I agree! I feel like that painting represented SO much. I mean, come on, wasn’t that moment with Pam and Michael in Business School one of the best Office moments of all time?!

    Even so, I wish this had stayed in. Erin stuff is funny.

  15. Not gonna lie…that was heartbreaking. :( I just thought back to when Michael brought it in and hung it up, and how proud Pam was.

    I feel bad for Erin. She’s so sweet. Well, if there wasn’t tension between her and Pam before, there certainly will be now!

  16. #16 (receptionitis66)
    Get the software “Ultrasurf”. I live in MX and I’m now able to watch all these wonderful scenes from outside the US

  17. My initial reaction was that I hated this, but now I’m kinda on the fence. Toby’s reaction seemed ridiculously out of character but then I realized..it’s Pam. duh. Of course he’s over-protective.

    And who knows, maybe they were intentional with targeting Pam’s symbol of confidence. Perhaps this baby is going to be more difficult than she thought and she’ll hit a road bump?

  18. I, too, love that they are protective of Pam. The irony is that they only do it when she is away. She wouldn’t believe that they even like her, I suppose. Except Toby, the skeevy perv. :)

  19. Erin is too adorable. I hope we will get the chance to see her personality more. I’m also going to be on the look out for the painting in the next episode.

    In this scene Erin kind of reminded me of Pam before she became “fancy new Beesly.” Erin’s the receptionist now, and her coworkers aren’t taking her seriously. Erin should take a lesson from Pam; her problems aren’t anything a walk over some hot coals and a new hairstyle can’t fix.

  20. @8 Quill – I totally agree with you! It’s nice to see the office stick up for Pam, since they’ve harassed her so much (especially at her wedding) I love Erin too, I’m sorry that they’ve hurt her so much.

    I’m on the fence over whether or not I want the painting to be brought up in future episodes. On one hand, it would be interesting to see some Erin/Pam interaction, but the painting represented Pam’s confidence and Michael’s kindness, and I don’t like seeing that destroyed.

  21. Wow, Toby raised his voice! I had to watch that segment about five more times to convince myself that what I saw was really there!

    It was nice to see the gang be so overprotective of Pam!

    I’m on the fence just like everyone else. I mean, the thought of the painting being destroyed saddens me, especially when you consider the double warmth that comes from Michael’s sweetness and Pam’s confidence. But on the other hand, I’d love to see some Erin/Pam interaction. I didn’t realize how much I loved that painting until I watched it be destroyed. Ok, I think I’m leaning more towards seeing the painting NOT be destroyed.

  22. That seriously made me cry a little. Not the painting! How will I go on? Just kidding. I loved Meredith. “We’re always going to like her more.” Made me laugh!

  23. No!!! Not the painting!!!!

    I didn’t realize I had such a fierce protectiveness toward that painting. I hope it’s not really destroyed. Oh please don’t really be destroyed!!!!

  24. Aw. I’m glad they didn’t keep this in. It made me feel really bad for poor Erin. Seeing the painting get destroyed made me sad too..I hope it wasn’t the only one or the original!

  25. Thanks Tanster! Now I’m going to have to go back and watch all the deleted scenes, because this changes everything. Hmm… this could be time-consuming.

  26. Wait, reading some of the comments it seems like some people think Erin did that on purpose? Or maybe they were being sarcastic. But nonetheless, I think Erin is hilarious and they should have kept this in there! Not sure what they would have taken out in place of it, but still…

  27. Poor Erin! She is nothing but enthusiastic. I really feel bad for her seeing as she’s so earnest

  28. This breaks my heart. When I read the synopsis that Erin “ruins” Pam’s painting, I was hoping that a) it was another painting or b) that it was the frame or something around the edge or that it got torn.

    I don’t see how they can possibly make this right.

    A tear rolls down my cheek!

  29. Ohhhh gosh! That… that brings me closer to tears than anything in the wedding episode, honestly. Part of me hopes they ignore it because it’s just so upsetting. I don’t want to look…

    If this had been in the episode, without any resolution, I probably would’ve been depressed all night.

  30. The second clip makes me feel much better about the storyline than the first one! I wonder if this will be furthered in the next episode: will Pam be mad at Erin during “The Lover” — or too distracted by Michael’s revelation to care?

  31. I love how Erin is becoming a real character on the show. I was thinking at first when she replaced Pam’s job, that she would just be a background character (like that Marjorie lady who disappeared ages ago). She has seizures…is that from being born too early?

    Also why do Pam and Jim keep picking up their phones? When I was on my honeymoon, we ignored our phones almost completely.

  32. I went back and looked at the episode again, when Michael’s telling Erin to get him coffee, you can see the “being cleaned” sign in the picture frame for half a second, so this storyline is actually being included.

  33. I think Erin needs some mentoring from Pam on how to be more assertive. Imagine the reaction from Kelly if Erin became friends with Pam.

  34. #44, I agree!

    Kelly made Erin give up her seizure necklace? This is too heartbreakingly hilarious, like old school Office. Seriously WHY did they cut all this Erin stuff? The episode would have been 100 times better.

  35. Oh, Erin is so adorable! I wish she didn’t have all of her scenes cut out. Have any of her talking heads made it into the episodes? And I love that it ends with “It’s a date!” Too funny.

  36. I like how we only see little parts of Erin but the more we learn of her background, all of this weird, over-the-top information comes to light. It’s like she was a female (and much younger) version of Creed.

    From the past two deleted scenes, we’ve learned that she has a seizure necklace, and was born after 5 months and couldn’t eat solid food until 6 years old.

  37. I’m pretty sure all deleted scenes are included in the mythology of the show(Tanster would know for sure.) So, in the writer’s minds, it happened and any fallout could be included in a future episode.

    I’d be very surprised to find Kelly’s rainbow and sun missing from the painting in subsequent episodes…if Erin ever gets the nerve to put it back.

    [from tanster: do deleted scenes count?]

  38. I understand now why they didn’t put it in. No one wants to see Erin be bullied. And clearly she doesn’t deserve to be bullied. She is too cute! Pam was so rude the whole episode. It’s like, she goes to New York for three months, and never again will she be the sweet, innocent Pam from season 2! I wish Erin would get more screen time :/

  39. These deleted scenes feel like webisodes to me. They are very separate from the episode, have one singular plot conflict, and highlight a single character. I think these are great!

  40. #51, Faith, I sort of disagree. Pam was rude , but I can’t blame her too much. Her co-workers kept calling about stupid and insignificant things. She and Jim shouldn’t be bothered on their honeymoon unless it’s an emergency. True she probably should’ve been nicer, but she’s only human. IMO, she’s still a very sweet person over all.

  41. @52 Sara

    I agree, plus, Erin was telling her that she ruined her painting. So, she not only interrupted Pam’s honeymoon she also put a damper on it by telling Pam bumming news.

    Don’t get me wrong I like Erin and feel bad for her, but she is in the wrong in this situation.

  42. I just love how everyone hates erin and how she is struggling to fit in, don’t get me wrong, I lover her and everything, it just gives the minor characters a chance to be all hateful towards her, thus netting old school awkwardness

  43. Erin has become my favourite character in The Office. It’s sort of tragic how they keep putting hints about how hard her life has been in deleted scenes. In ‘Niagara’, she said she was born at five months and almost died. In ‘Koi Pond’, it turned out she was an orphan. And now she has seizures. Poor thing. Hang in there, cutie.

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