1. “they love a good crotch”


    i love michael messing up jim’s hair (yay for messy hair again!), and what was with kelly kissing jim? hope pam doesn’t go all “crazy hormonal pregnant woman” on her…

  2. “They love a good crotch?” This episode definitely looks promising. Dogs make everything better, too! :)

  3. So…is Kelly kissing Jim because he’s staying on as manager or because he’s being demoted? Hurry up Thursday!

    Andy + Kathy Bates + dogs…lol.

  4. I don’t think that’s Jim, I think that’s either Andy or the guy from Sabre (whose name I can’t remember right now lol).

  5. I thought Kelly was kissing Andy… maybe I’m stupid. Also, I can’t stop laughing when I see Andy and the dogs.

  6. Andy sure is having a lot of issues with his crotch this year, first landing on the car keys, and now 2 dogs are getting “all up in his business”!

  7. Does Kathy Bates’ character remind anyone of a more intense version of Paula Deen?

  8. After some back-of-head and sports coat analysis, I’m 99% sure that Andy is the father … I mean I’m sure that Kelly is kissing Andy.

    And wow, that scene with the Dalmatians made me a little nauseous.

  9. really? crotch jokes? come on office do better. but yeah that is def Andy. and I love that Michael is messing up JIm’s hair!

  10. Yeah, I can see now that it’s definitely not Jim…but thanks, 2-FlonkertonChamp, for being wrong with me!

  11. I think it’s Andy she’s kissing. Def. I’d put money on it.

    and side note: 30 Rock def spelled “Jon Bon Jovi” “John Bon Jovi”

  12. Michael definitely didn’t make a good impression on Jo in those clips. I don’t think our fave RM is going to have that title for much longer.

  13. wtf… erin doesn’t know about snoopy and woodstock?! my 5-year-old niece knows who snoopy and woodstock are.

    i love the looks andy and erin give each other when the dogs are.. uh… all up in andy’s business. and the “traffic jam” is too cute. i love the look pam gives.

    “that’s knucklehead talk”… i’m so using that phrase.

    “i kept the mrs. to piss off the new wife!” ha! love it.

  14. I swear to god, if Andy does not go out with Erin I will stop watching the show. They have to put them together. Have to.

  15. I have a big smile on my face after watching the latest clip! So many good scenes! Love Jo Bennett calling out the whole co-manager thing – two guys each doing a half a job. And maybe Erin’s excuse for not knowing Snoopy and Woodstock has something to do with her being an orphan – maybe she didn’t get to watch TV or read the funnies. Can’t wait to watch this episode!

  16. I love how Erin didn’t know who Snoopy and Woodstock were and thought Andy named them. Lol
    I hope Michael stays as RM. I think if Jim becomes the RM he won’t let Michael do all the crazy stuff he does.

    I can’t wait for Thursday. It looks like a good episode.

  17. Would some lovely kind person be able to do a bit of a clip summary for those of us not in america? =D

  18. thanks tanster for letting me post the transcript, even though it’s more than 200 words! i’ve cut it into 3 parts, because all together it’s REEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLY long (that’s what she said!)

    scene 1:

    [jo bennett enters the office, with her two great danes (which surprises and shocks everyone) everyone comes over to greet her]

    gabe: this is Michael scott, co-regional manager of this branch.

    Michael: pleasure to meet you, ms. bennett.

    jo: oh, that’s “mrs. Bennett” sweetheart. my husband and I are divorced, but I kept the “mrs.”… just to piss off the new wife! [everyone chuckles] well, let’s take a gander around the place.

    [the camera pans over to andy, where the dogs are all up in his crotch]

    andy: [with an awkward laugh] they sure are pretty dogs.

    jo: they love a good crotch.

    andy: they sure do.

    jo: you should take that as a compliment.

    andy: oh, I do! [he and erin exchange huge grins while the dogs continue to be in that “area”]

    jo: [noticing that Dwight is still seated] hello.

    Dwight: hello.

    jo: do you always stay seated when a lady enters the room?

    Dwight: I am treating you the same as a man, for whom I would also not stand. unless it was the president. or judge judy.

    jo: [stares] …..i like that.

    gabe: this is accounting.

    [the camera pans over to Oscar, angela, and Kevin]

    Kevin: hi.

    jo: good looking group.

    gabe: over here is Meredith palmer and creed bratton.

    jo: another couple of heartbreakers.

    [the camera pans over to jim]

    jo: who’s this tall drink of sun tea?

    gabe: that is jim Halpert. he is the co-regional manager of this office.

    jo: [confused] I thought this guy [gestures to Michael] was the manager.

    gabe: oh yes, he’s the co-manager. he’s the other co-manager.

    jo: two guys doing one job? [chuckles] we gotta do something about that.
    [both Michael and jim give the camera uncomfortable, nervous looks]

  19. scene 2:

    [Michael, jim, and jo (and her dogs) are seated at the conference room table.

    Michael: jo, I don’t know how it works in florida, which, from your description, sounds like a colorful lawless swamp…

    [jo stares angrily, and jim looks uncomfortable]

    Michael: …but here, it takes two men to do one job, where in florida, it might take one very strong woman to do the job…

    jim: whoa… whoa…

    Michael: whoa…

    jim: I’ll take over. um, what we’re doing here: Michael handles the big picture stuff, and I handle more of the day-to-day stuff. so, together–

    jo: yeah… I think I understand.

    jim: alright.

    jo: each of you is doing half a job.

    jim: no…

    Michael: sometimes I can hardly handle that.

    [jim looks down, obviously thinking “oh crap… here we go.”]

    jo: now, this is knucklehead talk. I’m not gonna abide it. you can’t give me gravy and tell me it’s jelly, ‘cause gravy ain’t sweet. is it jim?”

    jim: [whispers] I don’t think so…

    jo: Michael?

    Michael: I forget the question.

    jo: I think one of you should return to sales, and the other one be a manager.

    jim: i…

    Michael: I humbly accept a management position.

    jim: why would you just automatically get it?

    Michael: because… well, jim, [with a sudden southern accent] where I’m from, there’s two types of folk: those who ain’t, and those who are knee-high on a grasshopper. which type ain’t you ain’t?

    [jim gives the camera his signature “I’m annoyed” look]

    Michael: y’all come back now.

    jim: do you even know what that means?

    Michael: yes.

    jo: well I’m gonna let this marinate, so you can go.

    jim: um…

    jo: you can go on.

    jim: yep.

    jo: shoo!

  20. I read that Kathy Bates is from Memphis, TN, and went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Is it possible that accent is how she actually talked before she became an actress!!?

  21. ok, here’s scene 3 from the promo. thanks again for letting me post this jennie!

    [Erin is walking to her desk, and Andy is walking toward her. They meet behind Pam’s desk.]

    Andy: Whoa! Traffic jam! [they both stop]

    Erin: Uh-oh, traffic Jam on Route 3!

    [Pam smiles to herself]

    Andy: Beep beep!

    Erin: Beep beep!

    Andy: *siren sounds*

    Erin: 20 people dead in a pile-up!

    Andy: There’s blood everywhere!

    [Pam gives the camera a look that says “um… this is weird” as Erin giggles and goes to her desk]

    Andy: Um, I got you a Valentine’s card.

    Erin: You did?

    Andy: Yep.

    [Erin opens the card]

    Erin: Aww, it’s a bird and a dog!

    Andy: Yeah, well, it’s Snoopy and Woodstock.

    Erin: You named them?

    Andy: Uh… Charles Schultz did…

    [Erin looks confused]

    Andy: I thought it was relevant ’cause I got you all those birds for Christmas, remember?

    Erin: Oh yeah, I do remember. [Looks at the card] Aw, they love each other.

    Andy: Look at that, they sure do. [Andy gives the camera a look that says “Oh yeah. I got game.”] I hadn’t noticed.

    Erin: It smells really good too.

    Andy: Yeah, it’s Roger Federer for Men. I sprayed some in there.

    Erin: [Impressed] Andy, whoa! Thank you very much!

    Andy: It’s got pheromones in it…

  22. I cannot wait for this new episode! I think it’s clear now that erin and andy have enough chemistry to make a seriously cute couple. Obviously not JAM levels, but close. It’s clear the two characters are kind of clueless (idiotic, in some ways), but in a sweet, endearing kind of way… like michael if he were nicer and less self-obsessed.

  23. I really have no idea how this episode is going to play out. I can’t see either of them willingly going back to a salesman position. Michael now has this complex where he has to be the boss and I can’t see him accepting being a subordinate again. As for Jim, he made it clear that he can’t be a salesman anymore and he needs the money.

    I have a feeling that Jim is going to quit in this episode. Even though Jo was less annoyed with him, there’s the Dwight/Ryan alliance that could sway her, and he is less experienced. It’s possible that Pam as his wife and a subordinate in the office could play into it too. Beyond that, it’s just a hunch.

  24. When I told my husband last week that Jim or Michael has to go back to sales, he predicted that Kathy Bates will put them both back in sales and promote Dwight, who is still out to get Jim. Now I just saw this promo – maybe he’ll be right.

  25. Also, just adding to my last post, the fact that Jo likes Dwight hurts Jim’s chances as well. She will eventually see Dwight as he really is, but he’ll probably have her favor long enough to influence her decision.

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