The Office Valentine cards from Hallmark

The Office appears in two Valentine cards from Hallmark this year:

1. Dwight and Pam card with sound

Where to buy: select Hallmark Gold Crown stores

Cover: Hope your Valentine’s Day is special.

Inside: The unique and wonderful kind of special.
Not the other kind of special. (image)


2. Dwight and Angela e-card

Where to buy:

Message: It’s all about you today. Happy Valentine’s Day

Video: Dwight gets his bobblehead!


  1. The Dwight/Pam card is very interesting. That’s an old-school picture of Pam, and the “I heart ham” concept is from Season 2’s Valentine’s Day episode. It’s strange they didn’t use more recent material, but I love Dwight/Pam stuff; it’s always very funny.

    [from tanster: i love the “I ♥ Ham” on the inside of the card!]

  2. 99-cents to personalize the bobblehead e-card – Whatever! I’ll just send the link to the e-card as my e-card, even if it says “Your message will appear here.” I don’t care – I’ll do it!

  3. I’m surprised Target and Walmart haven’t had Office Valentines cards this year. Or do they but just not at my stores? They were so cute last year.

  4. “No…not like a ham.” I LOVE stuff like this that only the hardcorest of the hardcore will get.

    [from tanster: yep, me too. it’s the hardcoriest. :) ]

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