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One more day, Tallyheads, until the eagerly awaited Season 4 premiere!

I can barely STAND it. And I know y’all empathize.

Just a reminder on some upcoming events, starting TONIGHT:

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  1. I am SO excited for tomorrow night! Or, as Kelly would say, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” :D

  2. This time last season, we couldn’t get enough of Jenna and John.
    Where are Jenna and John?

  3. awesome! ahh i cant wait either, im not going to be able to pay attention to life tomorrow! all im going to be thinking is office tonight!! office tonight!!! lol :D

  4. Is anyone doing anything for the premiere? My housemate and I are having a few friends over for a little party.. we’re serving ham&cheese sandwiches with Jello for desert. For drinks, we’re going to mix cranberry and vodka and call it beet juice…I’m wearing my “bears, beets, battlestar galactica” shirt. My roomie is actually named Pam, so she figures she’ll go as Pam.:D

  5. Hey the tonight show is tonight. Most idiotic statement ever.
    Anyway, does anyone know if the office people are actually going to be in New York at the today show. I was assuming they were going to be interview over like the TV Screen [for lack of the actual term].

  6. The last time it was announced that The Office “cast” would be on Today, it ended up being just Rainn, I think. So take that announcement with a grain of salt … :)

  7. Ahh! So close, yet so far! I’ll be busy tomorrow after school so maybe I’ll keep my mind occupied on crew and orchestra. I’ll get home around 8:30 so I think I can keep myself entertained for a half hours by watching all of the awesome interviews on YouTube…yep, that’ll work.
    Can’t wait!!!

  8. I hope these interviews find their way to the internet.
    Way to keep us in suspense! Only 25.75 hours to go…

  9. Tomorrow will be a great day. It’s my birthday AND the season premier of “The Office”. What better present is there than that?:)

  10. Any idea what time the cast will be on the today show? I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be around to see it

  11. I’m going to a Brewer game on Thursday night. Anyone have any clue how long i’ll have to wait for the episode to show up on NBC.com?

  12. I guess instead of going to the gym tomorrow morning, I’ll be watching the Today Show and uploading the video on YouTube!

  13. LOL #9.

    I’ve been trying to think of something we could do for the premiere all day. I feel the need to celebrate. Funny, I’ve never felt this way about any show ever in the past!

  14. A few other events may be announced in a bit …

    Personally, I’m kind of excited to see what this little hint is all about. :)

  15. I have a soccer game at precisely the hour of Office. How sad is it that I’m blowing off going out with the team after to go home and watch Fun Run? Pathetic-ville or awesome-blossom?

  16. Yeah Tanster I know what you’re talking about. I watched the Today Show that one day to see them interview the entire cast, and it ended up being just Rainn. I think that may have been the day after Jenna broke her back though. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

  17. OhMyGosh, OhMyGosh, OhMyGosh, OhMyGosh… I am seriously going to explode. There is NO WAY that I am going to be paying attention in my classes tomorrow. And I plan on wearing my Dunder Mifflin shirt and Dunder Mifflin messenger bag to commemorate the occasion.

  18. cannot, cannot, cannot (x100) wait! how does a tv show have so much control over me?

  19. everytime i look in my locker at school, i see a magnet with dwight and michael from “the fight”. it makes my day. and i seriously cannot WAIT until tomorrow. ahhhh!

  20. I hit “info” on my DVR for the Today show and it says The cast of the Office…also they will be talking about foliage. Coincidence? I think not.

  21. Please, someone, you tube these asap! It would be much appreciated!

    I can’t believe I have to work tomorrow night and miss the premiere.

  22. i’m really counting on steve to tide me over until tomorrow. it cannot come quickly enough!
    and tara – that is awesome! happy birthday! that is about the best present ever haha.

  23. Can’t wait for the Today Show, hopefully it will be the ENTIRE cast this time around. Denise you are so reliable with your youtube posts :] I love it, since I unfortunately have class that morning :[ blech.

  24. I’m still holding out for some fabulous, 11th hour announcement that Steve is going to do “Colbert.” I have no reason to think this might happen, but I figure the premiere is a lot like Christmas, so if there are Christmas Miracles, can’t there be Premiere Miracles, too??

  25. I think everyone in my life is getting sick of me asking, “QUESTION:do you know what tomorrow is??” 25 more hours! Yippeeeeee!! :)

  26. I’m watching Steve on the Tonight Show right now. A smile came across my face when the band started to play the theme song for the Office…man I’m stoked for tomorrow night!

  27. AHAHA .Steve just swore on Jay Leno. Is there really a 9 year old in the audience!? cause that would be hilarious!

  28. I love how Steve said that he was a busy beaver, like he was referencing the Dundies. There were a few laughs from the audience too…there’s got to be a great Office following there tonight.

  29. Re #42: CH: I know! Hope this bodes well for the Red Sox :)

    I thought that was a terrific interview! Steve was so funny! When he said he liked being a busy beaver, the first thing that came to my mind was “are you sure you don’t mean bushiest beaver?” :)

    I stayed away from the preview clips so far, but saw the one that aired on Leno. I must say…hilarious! Can’t wait for the season to start.

  30. I just LOVE Steve! He’s great in interviews, and this was no exception. (Is his hair looking darker these days, or was it just my TV?)

    Though I’ve managed to stay away from most spoilers/clips, the one they showed really had me laughing. (Toby, yeah!)

    Less than 24 hours to go!

  31. When Steve was talking about playing hockey it made me think about the “Michael’s Birthday” episode when they go ice skating.

  32. I’m patiently waiting for The Today Show interview…work will just have to wait today! I got my priorities straight!

  33. Is the EW/The Office cover coming out next week, October 1st? Gotta know when to run out to my store to pick it up. :)

  34. EW Covers. There will be more than one?! I wonder which one will come in my mail and which one(s) I’ll have to go buy!

  35. even though it was only ed helms on today, i still really enjoy hearing about the smaller characters!

  36. Right now, I’m listening to a radio interview with BJ Novak. He’s on Q-102 in Cincinnati. He is probably going to be on other radio shows today, so keep listening!

  37. I woke up this morning totally depressed about the huge amounts of work I have to do for a bunch of events coming up at work, but then I remembered it was Thursday. And THEN I remembered WHICH Thursday it is…

    I am more excited than I think anyone should be about the glorious hour to come in T-minus 12 hours!!!

  38. Wowie wow, another sign that we’ve hit the big time- usually they just give Lost or Heroes multiple covers a few times a year. And it’s about time that some of the other Office people other than Steve get to be on major covers too.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that every word Steve said was a pet peeve was said by Michael at one time or another.
    And congrats on the article about you in the San Jose Mercury News today, tanster.

  39. “I am rich and successful.”

    I’m not even done watching the Steve Carrell video, but I had to share my glee with other Office obsessives. Because I think my roommate is about to institutionalize me.

  40. Ed Helms is on the Today Show right now. Were there other cast members on earlier and I missed them?

  41. AHHHHH! I missed Ed while I was taking my husband to class. I knew I should have set it to record while I was gone just in case. I really didn’t think that they would have anyone from the show on that early.

  42. Finally, that subscription to EW I got roped into at best buy is going to pay off! I can’t wait to see which cover I get in the mail. Steve Carell is just frickin’ brilliant! Ha! He was so funny, I just love him. Didn’t he do the ‘pet peeves’ thing last time he was on? Chillax is such a Michael Scott word. How did he get to be so awesome?

  43. I had a feeling at least Ed would show up on The Today Show since he’s in town for Conan tonight. Hopefully my recording worked or at least NBC will have the interview online! And I cannot wait for the EW cover either. I hope my subscription comes on time this week! So is there more than one cover? If so, I just might have to get all of them!

  44. I just caught the end of Ed Helms being interviewed. Of course since I didn’t think they’d have anyone on again I walked over to the laundry mat to start laundry. They said that they were gonna have some other story when they came back-not Ed!

  45. Wow, today is already so awesome! I’m so proud of your article, Jennie! You totally deserve it.

    And I am just PSYCHED for these EW covers. This one was just so much fun:


  46. Steve was so cute/funny on The Tonight Show. If things don’t work out with Nancy, I’m making my move….

  47. According to some of these comments, it seems like ED Helms was on The Today Show at 8:45am EST – is that right? I want to make sure I catch him here on the West Coast.

  48. Hey Steve Carrell & Jason Lee are doing an interview w/ Atlanta & Company (GA) right now!

  49. My guess is there’s one with Michael, one with Jim and Pam together, one with Dwight and Angela together, and one with Ryan[maybe with Kelly]

  50. it’s not playing sound…is it just me? or is anyone else getting that on the first youtube video?

  51. I don’t want to give anything away about the EW covers. As soon as I am able to post them, I will. I’m dying for you guys to see them!

  52. Finally, the night we’ve been waiting for! One of my co-workers is also an Office fan and we’re both giddy with excitement!

  53. Steve was so hilarious on Jay, I just love his sense of humor!! Oh and I can’t wait to see the EW’s, I’ve got one coming in the mail and I’m going to buy the other 3!

    Lastly it’s FINALLY Thursday, September 27th! I’ve been looking forward to this day for months!!!

  54. Steve was HILARIOUS on the Tonight Show! I loved his reaction after realizing a 9-year old would be on the show. His retro swear words were also freakin’ funny. Yes, I said freakin’.

  55. I have these huge tests I’m supposed to be studying for, but I seriously cannot focus at all. Anyone else?

  56. Sarah, I can one-up that. I have a final this evening (but I WILL be home in time…or else) AND a paper due before that. Bonus: guess what they’re for? That’s right- BUSINESS SCHOOL. Haha. My effort level is sooo far down right now.

  57. I am cutting out of a law school awards ceremony early to get the earliest bus back. There is no messing with me and my Office.

  58. Sarah, I had so many goals to accomplish today! But I haven’t even convince myself to leave my apartment. Or catch up on any other TV shows. I’m utterly useless today.

  59. I just set my VCR timer..can’t afford the DVR…anyway, Comcast shows the times as 9:00 to 10:01, so I adjusted accordingly. Do we really get an extra minute?!

  60. Does anyone know if they will have tonight’s premiere online on NBC.com after it airs? Or was that just a rumor?

  61. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t stop laughing when Ed broke out into the Les Mis song. One of the best appearances by an Office cast member ever.

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