MeeVee Watch List: Nov. 24-30

Here’s a list of previously aired shows Office cast members will be appearing in:

  • Fri Nov. 24: John Krasinski on ‘Without a Trace’.
    Episode: Bogie Man. Station: TNT.
  • Tue Nov. 28: David Koechner (“Todd Packer”) on ‘Still Standing’.
    Episode: Still Hairdressing. Station: KICU.
  • Wed Nov. 29: Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) on ‘The Bernie Mac Show’.
    Episode: Hair Jordan. Station: Fox.

Setting up your own MeeVee watchlist


  1. still standing is one of the greatest shows ever and i saw david koechner on one episode last week! hahaha, him and bill are friends, he was in 9 episodes total in ’02 and ’03!

  2. I don’t really care for Without a Trace but when i saw that episode w/ John, holy crap, he did such a good job! Definitely recording that on my dvr. Thanks for the heads up, Tanster!

  3. Damn, I missed the JK episode! I made an “actor wishlist” for him on my TiVo so I don’t miss him again!

  4. I just saw the Without a Trace episode. John did a fantastic job! Wow! Thanks for the heads-up about the show!

  5. I cannot believe I missed the Without a Trace episode! I was just talking about it the other day. Hopefully they’ll play it again soon.

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