Office Face

Chicago magazine talks to Leslie David Baker (“Stanley”) in its December issue.

An excerpt:

Q: How did you get cast as Stanley?

A: I got a call to audition for something called The Office. It was very crowded for the callback, and I had another audition scheduled, so I went to the other audition. [On the way] back, I ran into a whole bunch of traffic … And by then I was kind of sweaty, my clothes were rumpled, and I was cranky. And the character was written the way I was feeling that day, and I just let ’er rip. Two weeks later I got a call: “You got the pilot.” And, voilà, here I am.

Read Office Face.

Thanks to Megzy for the tip!


  1. I love Stanley. Everytime that I look at him I think of one of those basset hound dogs, haha…for some reason.

  2. I so enjoy patient, long-suffering Stanley. Hope he’ll be seen more in future episodes. I also hope to see him blog.

    He gets abused and is so above them that he doesn’t show his annoyance outwardly. He and the Toby character both are so low-key, they are a treat.

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