1. melora looks great! but looking at these pictures, only one things comes to mind: WHAT IF MICHAEL SAW THIS SHOW!!!!! hahaha, they should work this into an episode somehow, that Jan made it to Broadway. It could work.

  2. WOW!! I love Melora, but I just can’t picture her as Roxy. When I look at these pictures, all I see is JAN!!!!!

  3. I think she looks great but if they did sonething different with her hair…even a great wig would help take the ‘Jan’ image away.

  4. Melora is hawt! : D

    She’s gonna make a kickass Roxy, but I’m still hoping for her return to The Office, like soon. And yeah berry, the idea of Michael seeing this is hilarious!

  5. she’s so pretty! but I agree… it’s hard to look at this without thinking “Jan!” I’m sure she’ll be great, though!

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