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The Office Kids


  1. Congrats Paul, but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed… I’ll get over my heartbreak though! :D

  2. Oh those precious babies!! that was so sweet

    and I’m totally loving the perfect translation of The Office into La Ofis. I will totally try to watch episodes if I can.

    Now we just need a clever nickname for Rocio and Diego…hmmmmm.

  3. The Dunderhead shirt is priceless! So great yet so true!

    And congrats to Paul. Toby finally got the girl! LOL.

  4. I’m so going to The Rocker Screening in SD! First the writers panel then the movie? What a great day that will be!

  5. “Expeh-weh-ment” – how adorable! Baby Dwight’s hair is too cute!!

  6. Those kids are precious! They did a great job hahaha.

    And Paul got married? Wow, congrats!

    That’s cool about the Chilean version! I have a friend named Rocio; she’s from Argentina! Nifty!

  7. Congrats to Brian and Anque from Northern Attack for having four of their Dunderhead definitions added to the tshirt. We’re proud of you guys! You rock!

  8. I think my favorite part of that video has to be the abrupt but adorable ending.

    “What are you doing?”

    “… Nuffin!”

  9. I forgot about the Chilean Office adaptation. Too funny! I don’t know Spanish, but the French and Italian I do know made the little blurbs about the characters understandable. I love their Angela and Jim!

    Question: is The Office the new Baywatch?

  10. Congratulations to Paul and Janine! In case anyone is interested, there was a very sweet traditional announcement with picture in Sunday’s New York Times Wedding’s section. The photo is so sweet. They are lovely.

  11. Our entire family are Office fans! And as you can see, even my grandkids, although they are a little young for the humor so they aren’t watching yet.
    Thanks for all the kind words, I think my grandkids are talented and cute as can be! Office On!

  12. I saw the preview for Ghost Town in the theater this weekend! So good! It was the one preview that had people there laughing REALLY loud. (btw… my favorite part was Kristen Wiig’s “everybody dies” haha)

    secondly – those kids couldn’t be cuter. Baby Office is adorable.

    and congrats to Paul and Janine!

  13. That’s so funny. We were the ones who made that shirt! I hope you don’t mind, I altered the definition provided only slightly. We were also commissioned to create the Steve Carell @ Comic-Con/That’s What She Said shirt as well. Soo funny…

  14. I was driving into work today and Rainn Wilson was on WZLX! He was in studio and he was freakin’ hilarious. If anyone wants to check it out go and check out the audio and pics!

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