1. So great.

    If they put out one of these for the scene with the Pam, I’m going to be watching it all day. The moment with Pam at the airport is now my favorite non-JAM moment ever.

  2. So glad this got posted! My DVR froze up and didn’t get JUST THIS SCENE. I was so mad! But glad I can see it now. So good.

  3. This was, by far, my favorite moment in last evening’s episode. Perhaps I was the only one who picked up on it, but Jim’s mannerisms throughout the episode indicated to me that he very well knew that Michael was leaving much earlier than he had announced to The Office. There was something very telling about the way in which he was acting, and whether or not it was intended, was just perfect.

  4. This is now one of my favorite moments. That was beautiful, in so many ways. Wouldn’t be surprised if those were real tears.

  5. Didn’t see it the first time, but Hank’s name was on the list for Michael to say goodbye. Poor Hank!

  6. @6- I’m pretty certain that was intentional. Jim and Pam both have a way of understanding Michael that none of the other characters do.

  7. #9 (Alan) – That’s what I was thinking, and more than likely why I was so quick to pick up on it: from seeing similar behavior in just about every season. Absolutely brilliant.

  8. It was cool to watch Jim figuring out throughout the day that Michael was leaving for good at 4 pm, and wouldn’t be back the next day.

    I wish that NBC hadn’t shown the emotional scene during preview commercials with Jim telling Michael what a good boss he’d been. It would have had more impact if we saw it for the first time during the show, especially once I learned that Jim figured out Michael was heading out a day early. From the previews, I just figured that each employee just took a turn saying a private goodbye to Michael.

    And those tears in both their eyes…you can’t “act” blood-shot, tear-swollen eyes. Those tears were real for both John K. and Steve! As were mine!

  9. Next to Jim’s confession in Casino Night, i’ve never been so moved. Beautiful, fantastic, outstanding performances. And all coming from a very real place.

  10. Do you think Jim would have taken Michael to Hooters for lunch?

    Great scene between John and Steve. I always thought Michael saw Jim as a big brother to look up to in social settings.

  11. I just had to watch this scene again and cried all over… I think it will really hit me this Thurday that he’s actually gone. =(

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