John Krasinski on ‘Letterman’

The Office’s John Krasinski visited David Letterman tonight.

John tells David Letterman what it was like to film his final scene with Steve Carell:

[Video no longer available]


  1. I love so much about the things he chooses to be. John’s awesome. The scene he’s talking about broke my heart, too. And Will F. is helping by being detestable! Although, I laugh just thinking about him screaming “no” in the cake. hah.

  2. John is a brilliant actor and more importantly, a truly stand-up guy. As a fellow Bostonian, his sentiments about us repressing our emotions is also entirely accurate, LOL.

  3. I love John and his great natural sense of humor. Would love to see him get a chance to do a drama, though. That would be awesome. And the fact that he’s from Boston makes him even awesome-er.

  4. 3/Erica – I think it’s that some of the main actors (John and Jenna anyway) have signed on through Season 8 (they signed three-year contracts a couple of years ago, right guys?). And NBC has renewed the show for one more season. So I think he means there’s one more season guaranteed, and beyond that would be up to the actors and NBC/Comcast.

  5. It makes it even harder to watch that scene over again after hearing him talk about how difficult it was for both of them to film it:(. I loved his crying impressions.

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