1. His rendition of the opening bit and the theme song was absolutely priceless. If I were one of the individuals in front of him I’d be having a difficult time holding in the tears of laughter.

  2. “Yeah, looks like everyone’s tightening their belts in this economy… DUN DUNNN”

    I need a thesaurus to express how glorious this truly is. I can only pray that the Season 7 DVD has the full Michael Scott entire episode audition. Because I’m pretty sure I’d play it on repeat for the rest of time.

  3. This is Brilliant there is no one like Michael Scott! I am going to miss him so much =\ I don’t want this season to end!

  4. Only Michael Scott would do an entire dialogue-heavy audition for a musical! The idea to maybe SING something probably never crossed his mind.

  5. Truly, one of the most wonderful 45 seconds of The Office! His delivery couldn’t be better, and I can only imagine the actors watching the audition were dying of laughter. This just completely slays me every time I watch it.

  6. This was my favorite part of the entire episode. Just when you think you’ve seen everything from Michael, he ends up doing something so amazingly clever and funny. One of the best Michael moments of all time.

  7. reminds me of charlie’s full account of a law & order episode on sunny. can’t go wrong with an entire rendition of a law & order episode.

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