1. Is everybody else’s deleted scenes cutting off in the middle? Too bad…looks like some good stuff :(

  2. Jim and Pam are awesome! I desperately want to know who is responsible for that talking head about Sondheim! The writers of this show are wonderful, Sondheim is the king of musical theater. Andrew Loyd who?? This episode is Epic! Stephen Sondheim and The Office how did i get so lucky!!!

  3. All four clips have been replaced now so there shouldn’t be any cutoff issues anymore.

    [from tanster: thanks NBC.com!]

  4. I’m sorry but this little bit brings up a point I can’t get over, Gabe brings nothing funny to the show. Why is he still here?

    Then again, I hated Andy at first, and couldn’t figure out why he was added to the cast. But I admit he was great in this episode. So maybe they just need a few more seasons with Gabe to find a groove for him.

  5. Clip #1 and #3 are hilarious. But anything I watch from nbc.com is always very choppy. Can anyone please explain this?!

  6. I freaking hate NBC’s online advertising strategy. Seriously, it’s obnoxious. “You want to watch a 40 second clip? Oh, well watch a 30 second advertisement. You want to watch another clip? Here, watch the same advertisement. AGAIN.” I couldn’t even tell you what was advertised, because I always click play, turn off my sound, and scroll down to read comments during the duration of the ad.

    Also, great site. I come here all the time. Been a frequent visitor for the last three or four years. This is the first time I’ve posted…sorry it’s a whiny complaint. :-P

  7. I love all the talking heads in #1! And Kevin’s sister– that’s such a great bit, we need to see more of his family!

    And I feel ya, #17 Geoff! I usually mute the commercials as well. Fight the man!

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