1. That was GREAT! I love the way it was edited, mixing the cast interviews & episode clips in perfect timing. Very nicely done.

    “A man who has touched our funny bone.”
    “That’s what SHE said.”

  2. Nothing new, as far as “The Office” goes, but the “Parks & Rec” clips have me excited!

  3. Aww, I’m with Craig, Steve don’t leave!! On a side note, glad to see that family history show and The Marriage Ref are coming back.

    Also, why is it necessary to have an NBC commercial in the midst of what is essentially one long NBC commercial? Just sayin’.

  4. Nice tribute. I have to say that I don’t know what the show will be without him.

    Love the use of the classic, early season clips, and dang, do I miss Michael and Jan.

  5. I wouldn’t be sad if this was The Office’s last season, it wouldn’t be The Office without Michael Scott.

  6. I will not cry… I will not cry… That’s what I keep telling myself:( I’m gonna miss him soooo much!!

  7. Contrary to 8- Hannah, I will cry. If the finale is May 19th, then it’s also my last day of high school. It will be a sad day…probably more because of Michael too lol. Can’t imagine it without him

  8. I will definitely cry, too, but I loved the tribute to him in this video, and I love that they made it funny. (On a side note, Kathy Bates’s new show looks really good.)

    How do we get actual pins that say “Steve don’t leave!”? Anyone have a button maker?

  9. @Chris
    I’m totally guessing here, but I’d say that given the small amount of airtime Kathy Bates gets on The Office now, I wouldn’t think they’d have a problem just bringing her in when they need her. we can only hope :)

  10. @Renae: DEAR GOD, RICK MORANIS. He would be so awesome. Also David Cross.

    The video wouldn’t even load for me, but I’m still getting worked up over the concept of Michael leaving.

  11. I think I have found what Michael Scott will be doing after leaving Dunder Mifflin! I had to share this with ya. Michael has always loved magic, and the alchemy line from Dwight in the one episode. I just thought it was quite ironic and funny.


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