Mindy and Craig at OSU

Mindy Kaling
Craig Robinson

Tallyheads Secondrink and Alison report on Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson’s appearance at Ohio State University on Sunday night.

Secondrink and Alison’s report

(Report by Secondrink, photos by Alison)

I just got back from seeing Mindy and Craig at The Ohio State University tonight! They performed some stand-up and also answered questions afterwards.

Unfortunately, people asked pretty boring questions like “what’s it like to work with Steve Carell?” and “how much of the show is improv?” but Mindy and Craig were very gracious and answered those questions as though they’d never heard them before.

Craig did say that he would love to go back to Scranton for another convention, so that was kind of exciting.

Mindy’s stand-up was conversational and very funny; she discussed what it’s like to date the rapper Akon and how she doesn’t approve of being written into his songs … because her mother listens to his records. Thankfully she’s not actually dating him.

She also worried that there might be a sniper in the balcony and that maybe the event planners should have invited Leslie David Baker so that they could celebrate Black History Month properly, and then they could call the event Black Office Party.

She also called B.J. Novak and had him talk to us briefly over the phone by putting it up to the mic. That was both funny and surreal.

Craig’s part of the night was pretty inspired, and everyone loved the songs that he played on the keyboard. Example: since women get to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride,” men should be allowed to approach the altar accompanied by the theme from “Rocky.” I agree; it’s only fair.

He also told the men in the audience to serenade the ladies for Valentine’s Day so that we would feel appreciated. I know I did.

Some other things we learned tonight: that the writers love Perez Hilton’s site, that Mindy has a BlackBerry because “[she] is kind important,” that Craig thinks B.J. is a good kisser, and that Craig wrote the Dunder Mifflin Scranton song that was performed in ‘Local Ad.’

All in all, it was a rather informative night.

Mindy and Craig signed autographs and took pictures with fans, which was so nice of them. They were both talkative and happy to discuss what was going on with the show and the strike. I overheard Mindy say that she, too, loves ‘Dinner Party’ and is excited about finishing it up.

Be sure to catch both of them when they perform next and encourage Mindy to sing “Summer Lovin'” from Grease. That’s her favourite :)

More photos: Secondrink | Allison


  1. I wish Arizona State would put something like this together! Maybe sometime in the future?!

  2. Darn it…I should have driven the couple hours south for this. Now that I think of it, with all of the writers/actors on the show that have a background in stand-up, they should do a The Office stand-up tour and hit a bunch of universities like the current Funny or Die tour.

    Dunder Mifflin: The people person’s paper people!

  3. Oh no! I live in Columbus – how did I miss this? This would’ve been great, I’ll just have to catch them if they ever come back. I gotta say, seeing Craig in that Ohio State garb is pretty sweet.

  4. Mindy and Craig were so great! I made myself look pretty silly when I shouted to BJ that I loved him when he was on the phone, but it was worth it because he said he loved me back!

  5. Okay, they need to come to New Mexico…because…that’s where I am…don’t care where in New Mexico, as long as they’re there, so am I.

  6. It was amazing. BJ Novak told a great joke via cell phone:

    Battered women.
    Sounds delicious.
    Doesn’t make it right.

  7. Holy crap, I live in Columbus, and had no idea this was even going on! Ugh, now I feel old and out of the loop. ;)

  8. Don’t worry, Columbus people – it was only open to OSU students anyway. Believe me, I’m from Columbus too and I was so bummed when I heard that I wouldn’t be able to go.

  9. Thanks for sharing the great photos! Sounds like it was a fantastic show. I’ve always had a soft spot for Mindy Kaling because Hot Girl was the US Office episode that got me completely hooked on the show, and her subsequent episodes are always among my favorites. And on a petty girly level I gotta say I love Mindy’s silver blouse and blues sweater–I want that outfit for myself! She is too darn adorable!

  10. -#3 expired yogurt:
    Another ASU office fan? Phoenix loves The Office! And I third Mexicanity’s statement. Come to ASU or Tempe Improv!

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