Mindy Kaling at the UCB Theatre

Tallyhead K files this report on Mindy Kaling’s visit to Jimmy Pardo’s show at the UCB Theatre Thursday night.

I went to see Mindy Kaling at UCBLA tonight. The show ran like a regular live talk show but in a theater. The host was Jimmy Pardo, a classic stand-up veteran, whose quick and sharp humor kept the audience on their toes the whole night. He opened with holiday-oriented stories, bantered with his iPod DJ Pat Francis, and teased an Australian guy in the front row who sat two seats away from me.

When they introduced Mindy, they cued ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ during her entrance. She wore a long pink and black patterned dress, a brown hoodie, and a cute pair of gold flats. She complimented the choice of song which led into a story about her appearance on Conan and how they used ‘Eye of the Tiger’ for her entrance. She had expected something like ‘Pretty Woman,’ though her pick for an entrance song would have been ‘Ghostbusters.’

The subject moved on to the strike. Mindy said she’d been taking the 6am shifts which consist mostly of older writers from shows like ‘The Virginian’ and ‘Texas Walker Ranger.’ She thought it was funny that these elder writers had no idea what ‘The Office’ was and that a young Indian woman was in the Writers’ Guild. Then a series of Indian jokes were made, one of the punchlines being “No, that’s the wrong kind of Indian.”

Then Mindy mentioned that writers will be picketing the Golden Globes. ‘The Office’ isn’t nominated for a lot of Globes this year so she felt that the picketing wouldn’t be as big an FU if they had been more nominated. She then revealed her dislike for one show in particular that got nominated. She mentioned that hopefully “nobody blogs this,” so I’ll refrain from revealing the actual name of the show.

When asked if she preferred writing or acting, she chose writing. She sometimes gets bored just sitting on the set when she’s not in a scene. Ironically, she finds herself playing the role of an office worker, a job she’s tried to avoid in real life. Hence, the career writing comedy.

And what a career! She was only 24 when she started writing for ‘The Office.’ This made Jimmy feel very old and unsuccessful. Now at 28, she’s no longer referred to as a wonderkid and deals with the fact that her family is more into ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ than her show.

Jimmy expressed his outrage and joked that ‘The Office’ was the second best show on television. Mindy asked what the number one show was and suggested ’30 Rock’ or ‘Flight of the Conchords.’ Jimmy eventually admitted he and his wife constantly fight over naming either ‘The Office’ or ’30 Rock’ as the number one show. Mindy was cool with that and encouraged Jimmy to check out ‘Conchords.’ She admitted she wasn’t into it at first, but was won over by their French Nouveau episode.

Mindy went on to shamefully admit she’s more a PC person than a Mac person. And although she enjoys both John Hodgman and Justin Long as individuals, she isn’t a fan of the Mac commercials they appear in. She’s also dating a guy named Ben and thinks it’s weird when people are overwhelmed by how nice Angela Kinsey is in real life.


  1. I love that Mindy loves FotC! I just showed my husband the French Nouveau episode last night. It’s such an awesome show. Now, I wonder which show that got nominated is one she dislikes. I think I know which one….hmm.

    Thanks, K, for reporting back!

  2. Wonderful recap. You’re so lucky.

    I think it’s awesome that she loves the Conchords! Man, you gotta love their humour. So…dry and hilarious, of course Mindy would like them! My fave line from them is “Ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party! Hey! Ho!”

  3. What a nice recap. She seems like such a cool person. And talk about a successful career, a writer for The Office at 24! Impressive! She is definitely one of my favorites, her success is well deserved.
    Thank you for posting the nice recap K. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. I love Flight of the Conchords. I have like never met anyone before who watches the show. Though The Office is definitely the best show on television.

  5. Thanks for the recap! Of course, now I’m dying to know which show she doesn’t like…oh, well. Glad to hear Mindy (and some of you!) also like Flight of the Conchords. I loved it from the “humans are dead” moment at the end of the first episode. I’m surprised it took her until the French Nouveau ep to join the party, but hey, she’s Mindy Kaling and she knows from funny, so I won’t question it.

  6. Now that Veronica Mars has been canceled The Office is DEF. the best show on TV. It’s been the #1 comedy, that’s for sure! 30 Rock is almost as awesome too!

  7. “The humans are dead…poke that one its dead…the humans are dead…affirmative, I poked one, they’re dead…the humans are dead…smell that one, it’s dead…”

    Yeah…FotC. Gotta love em.

    And, as for Mindy being 24 when she began writing for Office…man, that’s young. Just think, she was starring in her play “The Ben and Matt Show” before that…and she wrote for it too! She’s gotta it going on…

  8. Only 24 when she started writing on The Office??!!
    I want to be like Mindy Kaling when I grow up!!!(meaning 5 years from now… :)

  9. Okay, okay — Mindy Kaling is great, but I just LOVE Jimmy Pardo! Call me weird, but I’m a bit of a groupie! :-)

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