The Weekend Tally

Tipsters: Secondrink, Sue, Red, liezl, Michael, Jessica


  1. Great Tally – I loved the Steve Carell slideshow, especially the pic with Jon Stewart. Adorable! And the video of Angela, Ed, and Creed was precious and funny. Oh, how I miss those people. :-(

  2. I just knew the only comment would be about John! He looked great with the facial hair. Sigh. I miss seeing him every week.

  3. What’s Moonlight and who’s watching it? Why did it win the poll? That looks rigged to me…

  4. That speedpainting is very impressive :)

    btw, aren’t the negotiations starting again today?

  5. Wow JAM really does need our help. They’re getting killed by Mick and Beth from Moonlight?? Who the heck are Mick and Beth?

  6. Um, secondrink, could you maybe convince Mindy and Craig to go to other Ohio colleges? :P
    (I’m really kicking myself now for not going to OSU.)

  7. My dorm is literally across from the building that Mindy and Craig are going to be in!

    Go bucks!

  8. Okay… it’s official. No one can pull off looking cute while drunk and scruff quite like JKras. Gotta love that guy. The video with Creed, Ed and Angela was great. I love how they forget the ‘R’ in ‘ENTER’. Whoever wrote that wasn’t thinking it through. At all. LOL. And Creed extorting his potential children. I love that guy. I would love him as my uncle. My “Fun Uncle Creed”. Has a nice ring to it. hehe. I miss this show so much! It’s not even funny!

  9. I miss the show so much! The Angela/Ed/Creed video made my office-sickness worse. Though it was funny :)

  10. Why is Angela so hilarious and awesome?
    She’s the best ever. And I think she’s the best actress because of how different her character is from herself.
    So adorable.
    Ed is also quite adorable with his “Plan Ahead.”
    And John Krasinski has fine arms, I must say.

  11. NO WAY! I live ten minutes away from OSU. But its only for STUDENTS! OMG, this is so disappointing. Ugh.

  12. Ok, hearing Jenna’s laugh in that video made me feel really sad really quickly. God, I miss this show so much.

  13. The concept of Year one sounds a lot like Mel Brooks’ History of the World. but I like that movie so whatever.

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