1. The numbers just for men cracked me up.

    Rainn’s been getting around since The Office isn’t filming.

  2. Ahahaha! That was hilarious! Totally made my day, Rainn was the perfect actor to do that kind of thing, lol.

  3. when i heard he was going to be on tim and eric, i was ecstatic. this clip is hilarious and the entire episode is great too.

  4. Hahaha I loved it!! It’s so great that the actors and writers are keeping busy while the writers strike is still happening.

  5. Looks like the work of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” I saw in an interview a while back with Tim and Eric that Rainn contacted them about appearing on their show and they had something they thought he’d be good for…seems like this is it.

  6. I really want to buy those books! I think I would use the ‘No Numbers’ book as a number journal.

  7. What the heck? Ok Rainn is always hilarious, but all these random strange videos are just making me ache for The Office. Ugh.

  8. Wow. That was absolutely hysterical. Really quite brilliant. I want them numbers for men.

  9. HA! Man…i really miss the Office now.

    I especially like the way he says “And…alphabetically.”

    Lovely job.

  10. That was awesome! I am a huge Office and Tim and Eric fan! I’d love to see more Office folks work with them, though I think Rainn is probably best suited for their kind of creepy stuff.

  11. Kind of reminds me of the SNL bit about a bank that just makes change. Good stuff!

  12. I just laughed really loud in my school’s library. God, that was fuuny. I wish they had those books here. Many more people would actually come here. LOL. I love his random number too and those number forgotten by time. Thanks for making my morning and day!

  13. i love tim and eric, i’ve been waiting for this episode ever since i saw rainn in the promos for season 2! well, this episode and any episode with zach galifinakis in it.

  14. Oh, my god. That is so freaking hilarious. I’m still laughing…Rainn Wilson is such a funny person I can’t even handle it…….lmao

  15. Ahaha I can’t stop laughing. That’s great. Numbers in ways I never thought before…

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