1. Oh my god, I am going to be visiting relatives in new york that week, and they already promised me we could drive to scranton to visit. Guess what day I’m suggesting we go?? This is so cool!

  2. This isn’t in place of the Convention, or at least I hope not. I might be able to go! Thanks so much for posting this :)

  3. I really hope this isn’t in place of the convention! I want to go this year!

  4. #2 tuna tuna tuna…it is my dream to meet her too. I really wish I could attend. She is one of my heroes in the Hollywood scene because of her brains and beauty. This looks like a lot of fun too. Thanks!

  5. Scranton is two hours away from me! My mom, sisters and aunts are all going! YAY! :):):):)

  6. I wonder if they’ll actually have a Convention this year – last year it was announced in May at the Angela/Brian breakfast. We’re already in July and for people to make plans…well…I guess I’m just not that optimistic that it will happen in 2008.

    That’s just me – I could be wrong.

    To all those going to meet Mindy, have a great time!

  7. Just 4 more days to go for the Mindy/Scranton/Office games event. I’m not sure what to concentrate on first: my Fun Running muscles for the 2K, my beet-eating abilities or my trivia storehouse. Who will be the lucky fan to receive a trophy from Mindy?The last one standing!

  8. I just stared at the entry form and pretended to fill it out like I was going. Lucky Tallyheads, give us the report!

  9. I hope everyone else who doesn’t live in Scranton is as devastated as me! Otherwise, my life must be pretty sad.

  10. I live in Scranton, My girlfriend and I got up at 6 am to get the games and vouchers for the meet and greet at 1:30 pm. After receiving the games and the voucher we left the mall and went back to bed, I arrived at the mall at 1:35 pm to discover that Mindy decided to start the autographs at 1 pm and was already done with everyone by the time I arrived. So she started early and finished early, a lot of fans were walking around pissed off only receiving crap merchandise as a token of appreciation.

  11. I was at the Office Games on Saturday and actually (somehow!) managed to nab the first place trivia prize. It was a lot of fun and Mindy was really sweet and a great sport! My cousin entered the beet eating contest and did an awesome job shoveling beets into her mouth! We had a great time and can’t wait to return to Scranton for the next exciting event!

  12. Ooh, I am one of the European girls. They spelled my name wrong, though ;)

    But we were lucky enough to meet Mindy and talk to her a little and she was adorable and incredibly sweet to us – she was utterly charming and hilarious all day. It was a pretty amazing experience :)

  13. My daughter, Siobhan, and I were at “The Office” games on Saturday morning also. She ran and I walked the 2K race. She and her friend, Sammie, were interviewed by The Pocono Record – the article in the 4th link above – though they misspelled our last name.
    We all had a great time, and got t-shirts to boot. Along the walk I was able to point out to some of our visitors to Scranton the landmarks along the way, including the Penn Paper building that is featured in the show’s opening, and St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen, that is referenced in the show, though not specifically by name, as having the best pea soup in town.

  14. Aw i’m so jealous of those dwight bobble head trophies! Good job everyone! Congrats to the winners!

  15. HA! I really want to know what the guy behind Mindy was thinking in page 11 :) The conversation probably went: “Hey! Why does SHE get a free shirt?!!?! Kelly Kapoor doesn’t even wear cotton shirts!”

    [from tanster: yeah, i thought that picture was really funny!]

  16. Those photos are awesome! Love the mid-air drops of beet juice from Mindy’s mouth, haha!

  17. Oh i wish i could’ve been there! looked like a lot of fun. thanks for sharing the photos!

  18. I waited in line with my boyfriend at 6:30 am to buy the game and get the voucher for the autographs. They were supposed to start at 1:30. He got there at 1:35 and was told Mindy started signing early at 1:00 and was finished by 1:30. I thought that was pretty crappy since we were up bright and early to get the tickets to be able to meet her. So much for my personal signed game :(

  19. Mindy looked so pretty! I wish I could have been there. Thank you for posting, Tanster!

  20. it really was a great time–Mindy was just amazingly lovely every moment. and what a sport to go dunking for beets!

    sneezy23–other people who also did not get signings because of the early departure left their names w/the game company to get signatures mailed to them at home. if you still have your store receipt or voucher, they might be able to do the same for you.

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