More on Kate and the bat

Kate Flannery was nice enough to answer a few questions about working with a bat during last week’s ‘Business School’ episode:

OT: I assume you were acting with an animatronic bat during the garbage bag scene. What was that like? Was it being remote-controlled off-camera? Or was Rainn operating the bat? Or was it fancy editing, and nothing was actually IN the garbage bag?

Kate: We went from real bat (which we had to be extremely quiet around! basically pretending to scream!) to animatron bat — operated by a guy who was literally on my ass with a stick attached to the bat — to a motorized bat to just the bag. It was pretty wild.

OT: How many takes did you have to shoot?

Kate: I’d say we did about 5 takes of each stage.

OT: What was Joss Whedon’s direction to you?

Kate: Joss was great — he’s not afraid to work with a bat! He told me to just keep the bag as close to my face as possible.

OT: How hoarse were you by the end of it? — you did a lot of screaming!

Kate: I did a lot of screaming. I am actually pretty good at it — I screamed in a stage show in NYC for 8 shows a week — so I learned how to not hurt myself. But I was a little out of practice so I had some ice cream.

Read more at Kate’s TV Guide blog. (Thanks, Kate!)

P.S. Kate recently appeared on the TV Guide Channel show, What’s ON?, and the Adam Carolla radio show (97.5 in LA) — if you have a link to clips, let me know!


  1. That scene was too funny. And her hair and face when the camera pans to her after Dwight says “you’re welcome”? Genius.

  2. Very cool of Kate to answer these questions!

    That scene will go down as one of my Office favorites.

  3. Woo hoo – did you read that she was “so impressed” with Jenna in this episode – and that it’s very “juicy”….hmmmmm………

  4. I wanna know what her bleeped out line was in the deleted scene. It cracked me up and I don’t even know what she said! Something about Roy and rice. lol

  5. I don’t think what she actually said is important – the joke is that they had to bleep out practically all of it. Revealing what she said wouldn’t be as funny as just the idea that they had to bleep everything except the word ‘rice’.

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