Melora Hardin talks Office chemistry

SPOILER WARNING! Article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Boston Herald talks to Melora Hardin about Jan’s chemistry with Michael:

“She’s a very complicated, multilayered, conflicted and flawed woman who’s been fighting really hard in a man’s world for a really long time,” she said. “She’s gotten a really crusty, cold, hard exterior. But she has a soft, gooey center, and Michael sees that and he goes right into that and she responds to that.”

Link: ‘Office’ affair: Hardin feels a chemistry with Carell on hit NBC comedy

Wow, Melora’s dad was “Deep Throat” on The X-Files! — one of my favorite TV shows of all time.


  1. OH I totally knew about the Deep Throat thing from a few months back and think it’s the coolest thing. The X-Files is one of my all time favorite shows, too!

  2. I love it. I just adore the fact that Jan sees all of Michael’s flaws, loathes all of his personality attributes, but still finds herself enamored with him. Such a bizarre relationship. It’s great.

  3. OMG. DEEP THROAT IS MELORA’S FATHER? That is crazy! He was basically my favorite informant (Marita Covarubiwho?) and my heart was broken when he was shot.

    My love for Melora just went up like 800%

  4. Hey, does anyone know if David Brent and Jan’s British equivalent (I forget her name right now)hooked up? I always thought so, but it sounds like that was just in the U.S., because apparently it was Melora and Steve’s idea.

  5. Also, something weird that I’ve noticed: Tons of Office fans that I speak to were obsessed with the X-Files at one point as well.

    Maybe it’s just a shared love for quality tv.

  6. I’ve had three tv obsessions: The X-Files, The Office, and Six Feet Under.

    Mmm, all golden.

  7. Whoa. Yay for awesome taste. Good tv is so rare. I cried for like an hour after the SFU finale, it was so good.

  8. HAha Chelsea and tanster! SFU and X-Files love is awesome. I think it’s weird that other people think loving those two shows and The Office, but I also know a lot of people who love the same combo. It’s great!

    I also cried during the SFU finale. One of the best finales. EVER. :)

  9. Of COURSE she’s his daughter!! Oh my gosh that is AWESOME!!! I would have never put two and two together! I guess we all have really good taste in TV – The Office and The X-Files. I had a seriously unhealthy obsession with XF. :)

  10. I would still bang the beejesus out of David Duchovny. Oh yes I would.

    And I still get all squeal-y when I watch repeats and see any of the Mulder/Scully kisses.

    Ah, memories.

  11. OMG! that is awesome- I love the x-files and the office too!! my two obsessions! wow- i never thought the x-files would be popular with office people.. cool.

  12. haha First five seasons in one summer? That’s pretty impressive, tanster!

    My brother got me hooked on the show in the 5th season, but I still haven’t seen all the episodes. LOL I’ll get there eventually.

    Melora is Deep Throat’s daughter… who would’ve guessed that one?

  13. re: the deep throat thing – that’s so awesome!! i was a huge fan of the x-files back in the day too.

  14. I love Michael and Jan, I think this relationship is more reality based than anyother. I know so many people who are like these two and are together!

    p.s. Michael (Steve Carell) is very good looking, and Jan (Melora) is beautiful as well.

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