1. She probably won’t, she just did the pilot…

    Anyhow, Rashida sure does Office promotion a lot…what about Jenna? John? Angela? KEVIN! Lol, I love Rashida, but I want someone new

  2. Rashida (and thus the Office), Barenaked Ladies, and David Letterman…an array of my favorite thing!

  3. She came off as funny, intelligent, and down-to-earth. As usual. It’s hard not to like her, isn’t it?

    She had a pretty funny story about a fan encounter and a really interesting story about truffle hunting (the mushrooms, not the chocolates). She didn’t really talk about the show at all though. Only bad part of the interview, really.

  4. Nelson…I feel you. Rashida is bizarre in that she’s super-beautiful and talented and yet down-to-earth…no Britney meltdowns in her future.

  5. I’ve waiting all day for a youtube link. Has anyone found one? It’s sad that I can’t function without TWoP.

  6. And she smelled good too (according to Dave after she left and he came back after the commercial)!

  7. That was one of the stupidest interviews I’d ever heard in my lifetime. It was akin to something someone would see on a pro wrestling show. COme on…you’re on a hit show and you’re talking about fungus? Seriously, now….

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