1. Interesting, though you never know with NBC’s sketchy promo department. They can be shameless in making you think something huge will happen (especially in sweeps weeks); “It’s very cute” could easily be referring to a flower arrangement or a cake. Nevertheless, so stoked for this week’s episode! I hope NBC does a promo focused on -just- the Office, as they usually do for such pivotal sweeps episodes.


    … I am sorry.

  3. I hope NBC isnt pulling our chains right now.

    “…Then the real romance happens….”

    I WISH!!!

    Lets all say our bedtime prayers with Jim and Pam in mind.

    Oh by the way, isnt there only five episodes left in this season??? I think I might cry…


  4. Becky, I believe this season has 25 episodes.. someone correct me if I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure it’s 3 more than last season’s 22 episodes. Ben Franklin was #14, so we still have 11 left, I think.

  5. Something better frickin’ happen. The NBC promo department is evil!! Please. It’s all I ask for my birthday.

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa… are there really going to be 25 episodes this season?? Callan, where did you hear that?

    If that’s true, then I am so happy right now! That means more Office! :o)

  7. Yeah, there’s 25 episodes this season, except Ben Franklin was 15 actually. Officially Benihana Christmas is being counted as 2 episodes.

    But still, 10 left! Woo!!

  8. NBC tends to exaggerate these things. Even though we can’t trust what’s said, we can trust what we see a little bit more. And, if I’m not mistaken, we do see at least a few seconds of alone time between Jim and Pam. It probably won’t be as thrilling or as satisfying as each of us hopes, but we do know they talk, presumably alone, for at least a little while. That’s something.

  9. I had read it on Wikipedia, which I don’t trust.. but I had read it an article somewhere… I’m sorry, but I can’t remember where.

  10. Oh and I was thinking… since Phyllis is a closet JAM supporter, it would only be fitting if something romantic happened between Jim and Pam.

  11. i’m so excited…ay! poor phyllis, her expression when michael was saying that her nickname in highschool was easy rider was priceless… i hope that something big happens with jim and pam!!!! thursday needs to come like now…

  12. Easy Rider!!! I fell out of my chair, literally. I was sitting on the edge of my seat about to get up after I watched the promo and fell.

    It’s going to a great episode

  13. Think about this: Pam is upset thinking about her own wedding. In the reception, Roy asks her to dance, she accepts and Jim sees it. Later, Jim and Pam are joking like the good times, probably about the P&R. Then, Jim says something like ‘Hey, I’m glad you call of the wedding, Roy isn’t the right one’. So, when Roy asks her a ride in BS, she rejects him.
    That will be nice

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  15. I think Roy and Pam will dance, too, but that Jim will approach her later and have a “what the hell?” moment masked as a casual inquiry.

  16. All I did was grin so hard my face cracked, watch the second promo, watch the first promo again and then scream. (Okay, okay. I’m a girl.)

    Phyllis’ wedding colors are blue and peach. Pam and Jim were standing somewhere that was decorated with red. We DO know that Karen goes with Jim to the wedding (from the promos) and that Roy doesn’t sit with Pam (from the photos). Jim’s not going to grab her and molest her (we could only hope), but the signs are still there.

    22-25 episodes is normal for most shows.

  17. I never trust these promos. I remember for the Booze Cruise it said “Jim tells Pam how he feels.” That didnt’ happen. I’m willing to bet nothing big happens in the Jam department until the end of the season.

  18. How can Jim turn down Pam when she is looking that gorgeous and flashing that mega-watt smile at him?

  19. Jenna said something happens between Jim and Pam at the wedding and that we’d be happy about it in an interview post SAG awards!

  20. I totally forgot that Phyllis and Michael knew each other growing up…I remember that being alluded to in a previous episode, but I can’t remember the context. I think it had something to do with their being relatively the same age or something like that.

    Anyone remember the Phyllis/Michael back story?

    Also re: other’s comments, though it looks like a nice little JAM moment I think you’re all right about promos leading us on. I doubt the writers will create anything substantial until closer to the end of the season.

  21. Jenny – we know they went to high school together (Phyllis says in Gay Witch Hunt that in high school everyone thought Michael was gay) and I think the ‘we’re the same age’ comment might have been in Michael’s Birthday (??)

  22. I know in the Sexual Harassment Episode, Phyllis says that they graduated together…

    I cannot wait for the new episode. We still have hope people!


  23. KingoftheStupidUniverse, is that all Jenna said? Was there more? I didn’t catch that interview clip, but it sounds intriguing!

  24. CH-
    I can’t remember where I saw the clip but I think it was on givememyremote.com. SHe’s being interviewed with BJ, John, and Rainn right after they won the Sag award. Check it out!

  25. Remember, this is part of the four-episode “arc” that Kevin referred to–it’s gotta be about JAM! (Please let it be about JAM.)

    Plus this is what Pam said on her blog-“In officeland…our newest scripts are SO GOOD that I actually yelped during our latest script reading. When I heard the plot of our next script I gasped! I wish I could say more. I think you will be very pleased. There are lots of cringy, wonderful, funny moments. And some very touching ones as well.”

    Didn’t she gasp at Casino Night too when Jim said “I’m in love with you”?

  26. Cor-NOT University–

    actuallllllly- (im about to show my office nerdyness)
    when she read that line she said “what?”. the writers decidedto put that in the taped conversation. it wasnt there originaly =)

    and she probably gasped too.

  27. When an NBC promo suggests a move forward for Jim and Pam I prepare for the opposite – but I’m a natural pessimist!

  28. I think they’re leading us on! I refuse to get my JAM hopes up. I mean, Casino Night came from left field, after all. But, oh, I can hope!!!! It IS the Valentine’s Day episode, after all. It would be cruel to leave us all feeling totally bummed out.

  29. I know I am probably being way over-optimistic here, but I can’t help it…

    I re-read the descriptions for the two episodes after this one, and my thinking is that just because it says in “Cocktails” that Jim meets Karen’t ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are still together… I know, it’s a stretch… but I can’t give up hope just yet that something good is coming durring sweeps!

  30. Think about this: Conflict Resolution was a bad Jam episode, the same with Ben Franklin. Maybe Phyllis’ wedding is a Casino Night. But i’m pessimist, so i don’t think so.

  31. So there was another promo tonight – it showed Dwight and Angela dancing together, Roy asking Pam to dance, Jim watching Karen singing (he was smiling), Jim dancing with Karen while watching Pam, and then Jim asking Pam something (?) but it didn’t sound…sentimental between the two of them.

  32. Yes! I saw the new promo during Heroes and oh wow, Jim’s face when he’s dancing with Karen and sees Pam sitting alone, how it just falls… Roy asking Pam to dance (!), Karen having a blast singing (yes!)…. this looks good.

  33. I just saw that promo!!! OMG!!!! ha ha ha, they just showed a pic of John Krasinski on Conan and all the girls started getting roudy. lol. I can’t wait for this episode!!! Let’s not get our hopes up though. If you never bring em up you wont be disappointed. I dunno why I think Jim might be a bit upset with Pam. If you think about it Pam is just messing him up. He want’s to move on but she gives him hints and he’s just getting all jumbled up. That clip on Conan didn’t give away much.Oh well, we know they have to end up together. :)

  34. While I too pray for a good Creed moment to provide some balance, I am so close to a breakdown over Jim/Pam.
    The NBC teasers, we’ve learned, are maddening in raising expectations.
    However, I think I am going to risk everything and expect something BIG!

  35. “You gotta give the people what they want” why oh why does NBC do this to us JAM fans! i hope that this is the four episode arc that kevin was talking about also!!!!!

  36. Yeah, Stacy, I saw that promo too (during Conan). I think it was a bit longer than promo 3 which was just posted on the OT mainpage.
    They all look so good, though! Is it Thursday yet?

  37. If there are only ten episodes left….and four of them have to be in may (sweeps and i’m pretty sure the last week of may there aren’t episodes) and we know that there are 3 left this month..

    that’s only 3 episodes for the whole month of march and april….

    TWO MONTHS WITH ONLY THREE EPISODES?!?! ahhhhhhhh the torture!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Man, Promo #3 is amazing. I’m really worried about how it will play out … Was that Dwight and Angela dancing? How cute!

  39. The Office has a 22 episode season. Next season has already been ordered, and it is for another 22 episodes. “Phyllis’ Wedding” is episode 3-15, so there are just 7 to go after that. Not much left.

  40. I’m so sad that it is only Tuesday! And, on top of that I just remembered that I have John Mayer tickets for Thursday night so it will be at least 11 before I can get my office fix :(! I watched part of Promo 3 in slow motion on Tivo and unless Jim is an idiot he’s got to know something is up with Pam from the look on her face when he’s dancing with Karen. The look on his face after he sees her reaction is pretty good too…I’m still hoping for some JAM before season 4!

  41. Guys, season 3 has 25 episodes.
    season 4 will have 22. Phyliss’ wedding is episode 3.15, so we have 11 episodes to go.

  42. I don’t work in this van – I had the EXACT same problem last Thursday! A new episode of the office and John Mayer tickets. But, what a problem to have! Mayer & Jim all in one night . . . what more can you ask for! :-)

    And FYI – Mayer is freakin’ awesome live. I mean, awesome dawesome!

  43. I don’t know what Jim is referring to with his comment to Pam (assuming that is the back of her head in the promo), “You gotta give the people what they want”, but obviously they are teasing us fans about how we really want JAM to get together.

  44. I wonder if Dwight and Angela are dancing in another room so that no one will see them? Angela has always been very insistent about keeping their relationship secret, although my guess is more people than just Pam suspect it.

  45. this looks so good! Karen rocking out on stage…. nice!

  46. i am going to kill someone for real! seriously. pam. jim. writers. JUST FREAKIN DO IT ALREADY. you’d think this were my own life.

  47. also – I love how the promo commentator said “is this the night that Pam chooses to fight for love”, cause really, isn’t that what the whole JAM situation is about right now? When will Pam fight for Jim!

  48. Jim “Give the people what they want”

    Dear god, seriously, you know it jim! Will they give the people what they wat already?! My fangirl heart is getting restless.

    *crosses fingers for a JAM moment!*

  49. Jim’s “Give the people what they want” actually sounds semi-serious, doesn’t it? He’s smiling, but his tone sounds sweet …. Hmmm… this should be interesting.

  50. Thursday’s episode should be very interesting as well as the next two “Business School” and “Cocktails”. I wish this show could somehow just be 30 minutes long without commercials.

  51. we know that Karen is going to take over the mic, prob because one of the members of Scantonicity doesn’t show.

    my guess is that Jim says “give the people what they want”, because he wants Scantonicity to play even though one of the members is missing

  52. Who else thinks Pam is going to ask Roy out? The show has been heading in that direction for a while and considering how there’s going to be a fourth season, I don’t think they will jump the gun and hook up Jim and Pam this early! But who knows. It might be a necessary twist.

  53. At the beginning of the promo Jim is looking across the aisle and smiling, and I think he’s looking at Pam. He knows what he wants!

  54. For all you people with Mayer tickets—go to the concert! Mayer is awesome live. That’s why they invented VCRs (or if you’re one of the cool kids, DVRs)!

  55. Does Rashida Jones have a history in singing? Her family background suggests she might be pretty good!

  56. “JAMARENOY paralellogram of angst” – Nice one, Cousin Mose.

    God, I can’t wait until Thursday. Between “Easy Rider” and possible JAMness this could be the best ep yet.

  57. Random thought:: So we all know that Pam is going to show her artwork in the Business School episode.

    I’m betting on disappointment for all JAM fans b/c I bet Jim’s “Give the people what they want” comment is him encouraging her to participate in the art show.

    I’m calling it, but I so hope that I’m not right.

  58. Carson Daly also asked Rashida if she was going to put out a CD and she said she’d thought about it, but hadn’t made a decision. I mean, it wouldn’t be like she’d have the most kick ass producer or anything, right?

    I agree with Big Turkey. I don’t think anything’s going to happen in this episode other than just some serious flirting. Jim obviously sees her watching him and being sad about it. He’ll probably see her with Roy too, which I hope makes HIM sad. They’ll continue to make goo-goo eyes at each other and make the rest of us DIE with anticipation.

    He seems to be enjoying Karen’s performance on stage, so I don’t think he’s totally done with her.

    Also, I don’t think Jim is looking at Pam at the beginning of the promo when he’s smiling. Everyone is turned and looking toward the back of the church. Dwight is sitting in front of Jim so when they turn, it looks like they’re standing beside each other.

  59. Maybe “give the people what they want” is about Scrantonicity, which according to Brian’s blog, is appearing this Thursaay. And it’s a little JAM joke referencing Casino Night.

    I’m hoping for at least a talking head confession from Pam.

  60. I’m fairly sure that give the people what they want is him talking to Karen about her getting up on stage and singing. But it also sounds like a meta wink to the audience which I kind of don’t like, it’s not the style of the show.

  61. Don’t worry Catherine Zeta-Jones I have my Tivo set and will NOT miss John Mayer, after all he is a Dundie Award winner himself! And, Big Turkey I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. I can’t wait to see JM live- I don’t doubt that he is dawesome!

  62. DrunkBiking – He’s definitely talking to Pam… You can see the back of her head in the promo, and he’s looking at her…

  63. I don’t think anything huge will happen this week (I’m not that lucky), and it’s not like we expect Jim and Pam to just make out over wedding cake. I agree taht a simple, explosively pivotal talking head would be nice, just a little something to let us know that Pam is not spiraling back into Roy’s arms or that Jim doesn’t think Pam isn’t interested.

  64. so is the wedding episode on the 8th or the 15th? the promo videos make it sound like it is on the 15th. but officetally has it set for the 8th.

  65. Phyllis’s Wedding is on the 8th. Most holiday episodes air before the actual holiday, so it doesn’t matter that the 15th is closer to Valentine’s Day.

  66. I don’t mind if Pam and Roy become RAM again. Just as long as Jim still has his little Filippelli

  67. Is this episode SUPER-SIZED??? Or is it just 30 mins?

    This episode should at least be an hour long like “Benihana Christmas”. Dumb NBC.

  68. So, corporate booty…are you suggesting that Pam and Jim should just settle for people they don’t love and who won’t make them happy?

    Not sure I’m with you on that one.

  69. Based on the tempo of Karen’s dancing (and the song call sheet spoilers), I’m guessing she’s singing “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” – which lyrically is a perfect parallel for the Pam/Jim storyline.

    “Oh I tried before to tell her, of the feelings I had for her in my heart… Even though my life before was tragic, now I know my love for her goes on…”

    I’m guessing that Jim watching Karen sing that song may be some kind of realization moment for him.

  70. Cousin Mose – I’m just saying that since the writers are going to drag this out. I don’t mind as long as Jim has Karen. Last season was super tuff for me, because it looked like torture for Jim to see Pam with Roy all the time and he had nothing.

    of course the whole world wants to see JAM together, but if they can’t be together I’m glad that Karen is there for the mean time

  71. also… Cousin Mose
    you’re assuming that Jim could never fall in love with Karen, and that she could never make him happy.

    also, the new and improved version of Roy looks like he’s looking out for Pam’s happiness now.

    I think its false for you to assume that Jim coun’t be happy with Karen, or Pam with Roy..

    don’t get me wrong – Jim and Pam are star crossed lovers … I’m just saying

  72. Whoa you guys, what if what the people want is a Pam and Karen duet? I know Jenna sings a little….so, it’s possible! Okay, maybe that’s kind of a lame idea… But I think it would be interesting and awkward and cute and definitely work with the whole ‘conflicted Jim’ thing they’ve been doing. Not a big moment for JAM/KARIM, but a fun one.

    As for the rest of it, I have no idea what NBC is getting at. They’re so tricksy! And I do not appreciate that. ;)

  73. I think the ‘give the people what they want,’ refers to Karen dancing on stage. Maybe they’re talking about how out of character or odd it was. I also think we are pretty much guaranteed at least one sweet Jamtastic moment. It was obvious that Jim saw through Pam and she wasn’t able to hid it. He’s going to seek her out.

  74. Also, (sorry) although I don’t doubt Roy’s sincere regret at loosing Pam, and his determination to win her back, you just don’t change that much, as a result. They were together so long, that if they got together again, it wouln’t take long for it to fall in the same pattern, or a very similar one that still is not good. Roy is a better man, but for someone else.

    PS. Don’t say “star-crossed lovers;” it’s what Romeo and Juliet were because they were doomed never to be together!!!

  75. Coroporate… I see where you’re coming from, and you make valid points.

    From where I sit, though, I still don’t have any indication that Jim is anywhere near as into Karen as visa versa. In fact, given her left turn into crazytown last week (at least, I think she’s headed that way), I’d say he likes her less, not more. Not to get all mimetic here, but come on… you know pretty early on in a relationship if there’s a chance it’s going to work out or not. At least, I did in every relationship I was ever in. The relationships I stayed in too long and was the most miserable in were the ones where I was deluding myself that there was something more to it than there acutally was.

    That’s what I see with Jim and Karen. He “brought” her back to Scranton out of fear, and he’s been hiding behind her ever since. Everyone is talking about Pam “growing” a set, when I see Jim’s marbles in Karen’s purse–against his will.

    And as for Roy… I don’t buy him as a sincere guy any farther than I could throw him. Sure he prefers Pam’s art to strippers. Right, Roy…we totally believe you.

    It’s weak. Nobody’s buying it, and he shouldn’t be selling it.

  76. thanks for the advice tmdunderhead…. I had a very different understanding as to what “Star Crossed Lovers” meant.

    Cousin Mose – I see your point too. I agree that Karen’s way more into Jim then Jim is into her, but you might be wrong about Roy. Only because the same thing kinda happened to me. I was dating this girl for awhile, but didn’t take her seriously. When I lost her I realized what a jerk I was, when I got her back I treated her very differently. Sometimes it takes awhile for someone to wake up and I think that Roy could be sincere about the way he feels about Pam.

    it’s going to be interesting to see the story line play out. Its obvious that Jim and Pam will be together. the question is when and how

  77. I really don’t think anything is going to happen with Pam and Jim in terms of getting together. Maybe a “deep” coversation but I think that’s as far as it will go. However, what I’m really ticked off about is how the Pam/Jim relationship is starting to form that classic formula of getting together briefly and breaking apart even though you know they’re meant for each other a la Ross and Rachel from friends, Elliot and JD from Scrubs (even though their romantic connection wasn’t as deep), Marissa and Ryan of The OC, Sam and Diane from Cheers, and the list goes on. It’s just really irritating.

  78. I think it would be so great, (because according to the 4 minute preview, Pam makes many refrences to her and Roy’s wedding,) if Roy found out about the kiss. I know the chances of that happening are very slim, but, we know that Karen knows they kissed, but does she know when??? You know, I think it would be fantastic if the wedding gets the ball rolling so that in the next few weeks Roy finds out, cause he must find out eventually, and I would think Karen still knows nothing about Roy and Pam’s past, as well as the timing of Jim and Pam’s kiss.

    And I agree Cousin Mose, Karen entered “crazytown” for sure. And Pam’s “flirting” made the episode more awkward to watch then it already was.

  79. I really want karen to find out about the engagement! I’m annoyed because karen and jim’s relationship has lasted way too long

  80. So how many seasons is this show gonna be running??? The british version was just 2 seasons. What happens after Pam and Jim hook up? Is that the end of the show?? lol. I don’t think it went further than that point in the British version. Will we see them in the office as a couple? I dunno, I just know that they’ll get together,eventually. :)

  81. does anyone know where I can find the youtube promo for Phyllis’ wedding? Not the one that is posted up there now but the one that had the song “the heart has a mind of its own” playing in the background?
    Thanks so much!

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