No new episode of The Office tonight

There is no new episode of The Office tonight, October 20, 2011.

Instead, it’s a repeat of The Incentive.

The Office returns next Thursday, October 27, with a brand new Halloween episode, Spooked!


  1. It is the season finale of “Jersey Shore” tonight though – let’s see what Kelly, I mean, Snooki is up to.

  2. I guess there is also the World Series to watch, it would have been difficult to flip between both shows without missing anything. Win-Win for me I guess.

  3. @1 Haley:
    Screw Jersey Shore! I would say The Office is 1000 times better, but 1000 times 0 is still 0..

  4. My family griped that I had already seen Incentive, but I ignored them and watched it again. I enjoyed it even more this time. Andy as manager continues to grow on me. Initially I think I was subconsciously resentful to see him in Michael’s seat, kind of like a kid can be about a stepparent. Now I’m starting to view Andy as someone who belongs in that position. Can’t wait until the new episodes start up again.

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