Office Convention: Saturday night

Okay Tallyheads, it’s 1:20am and I need to get to sleep so that I’m somewhat rested for the Blogger’s Breakfast tomorrow. Rumor has it that Kate, Bobby Ray, and Brian will be attending. Hope you will attend as well if you are here in Scranton!

Before I go, I just wanted to say that today was AMAZING — the cast Q&A was fantastic, over 4,000 in attendance, and better than Paley because the FANS got to contribute the questions!

I met and chatted with Greg Daniels and many of the writers at tonight’s VIP event, and I got to give Michael Schur a big hug.

The final event of my evening started when I followed Lee Eisenberg over to sit with the cast at the Scrantones concert, with featured performers Melora, Craig, Creed, Kate, and Brian.

(I say that was the final event of my evening, because after hitching a ride with Randall Einhorn, Jason Kessler, and Andy Buckley back to the hotel, they continued on to Poor Richard’s. Whew. )

More details, vids, and photos coming soon, but just wanted to leave you with that. This weekend has been unreal.


  1. I agree! This weekend has been unREAL! In an awesome way! I hope I get to meet you at the bloggers breakfast tomorrow!

  2. Jen, I sure hope that you are having a blast for us who can’t be there. You’re one in a million for taking the time to tell us about each and every event. We’re all patiently waiting pictures and more details. Stay warm!

  3. That is amazing. I am just amazed at the interactions that fans are allowed to have there (of course, you are a super fan), but still, even reading other blogs… its making me insanely jealous, but it is so much fun!
    Thanks for the updates!

  4. I had an amazing day yesterday, as soon as a get a chance I’ll post some of my 170 photos! I have to write paper I neglected yesterday first. :-) I have some great ones of the afternoon Scrantones concert because I was right in the middle of the front row, Kate even took a picture of me!

  5. I want to go next year! Thanks for the updates. I can’t wait to see some videos from Scranton. Ain’t no party like a Scranton party!

  6. Yesterday was AWESOME. Being from Scranton area has no been so cool. I was so happy I got to ask my question at the Q&A (what Dwight would think of the UFO). Mindy’s face when I asked it was priceless. I wish I could go back today but I have to get to school (which is in Utica, so… my life is completely The Office, haha).

  7. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog but not a huge commenter.. I was at the convention and it was AMAZING! I was completely blown away by last night’s performances with the Scrantones. I was front row and center and got some great vids on my camera. I missed the blogger’s breakfast this morning because of partying way too hard last night. I was at poor richard’s til super late. Didn’t see any cast members :-( I heard thru some stalkerazzis that they were at Traxx at the Radisson.

    I got home from the festivities around 5pm and am still riding a high from the whole weekend. I have a feeling I will be in ‘The office’ mode for a long time!

  8. Hi, everyone! I am breaking my silence on posting comments in the ‘blogosphere’ because, well, why the heck not. For the like two OfficeTally readers who did not show up at the convention, I was helping run a lot of the stuff at the convention, including the Bloggers’ Breakfast. It was great to meet many of you at the morning (now I really don’t have a voice left – at all). Brian, Bobby Ray, Kate, and YES – Andy Buckley – had a wonderful time, and were genuinely impressed at how many great questions went out (and the level of love and support you guys all have for your bloggers!!). Just wanted to say hi again, thanks everyone for coming. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out and sleep for like a month.

  9. Hi Tanster! Saw you at the Blogger’s Breakfast, that was so cool to see you in person!
    I was wondering if you or anyone you know of took notes during the cast Q&A, writer’s block, or blogger’s breakfast. I am looking for some memorable quotes from the weekend!

  10. Hey Tucker, great job on getting this thing done. It was an unreal weekend with so much in terms of great access to the actors & writers. I can only hope that it all comes together again for next year. If it does, put me down to volunteer again!

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