Office men are GQ’s Co-Workers of the Year

Speaking of fine lookin’ men, GQ has proclaimed B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski as ‘Co-Workers of the Year.’ I prefer ‘Dunder Mifflin Guys Clean Up Good’ myself.

Read the article (short but funny) or drool over the photos (great googly moogly).

Thanks to Shannon for the tip!


  1. Awesome suits, except the Banana Republic one looks dinky. Not that every Office-related article should spawn its own show, but I think this calls for a GQ episode. Does anyone else agree with me?

  2. Okay the 3rd picture in the slideshow?

    I want to crop out the other two guys and just stare at John’s ass alllllll day long.

    Is that creepy?


  3. wow, I dont know how much of John looking smokin’ I can take today ;-P I can take a lot more actually :-D

  4. well apparently i now have 2 magazines to run out and get so that my obsession can become even more out of control. not healthy:)

  5. ooooooh prettyy love the shot of his ass. then him looking at you in the mirror. i want that mirror. with him. and his ass.

  6. That is awesome – great photos. I’m a little sad that Ed Helms wasn’t included, but he’ll get plenty of attention soon, I’m sure. And about John’s ass? Um…add me to the list of creeps on this site. ;)

  7. What’s with all the ass discussion? Come on, who am I kidding, I like the ass too. (And the face of course.)

  8. Does John have “movie star” written across his face or is it just me? He looks so glamorous – in a manly way, of course.

  9. I have issues with this article. They didn’t include Stanley, Kevin, or, *gasp* Creed! Not to mention Roy, who is looking better and better, or Andy.

    Seriously, GQ, it’s not worth doing unless you do it right.

  10. HA! oh man… they look hot. even dwight is lookin pretty sexcellent!

    they didnt include the third one in the magazine, but need i say that article will help me on some lonely nights.

    Totally kidding….or am I?

  11. Is this only online or is it in an actual GQ issue? I must buy it, if its available on newstands =P

  12. Hot damn! These pictures are amazing! Those men are extremely handsome!…But we already knew that.

    Must. Pull. Eyes. Away. From. Pictures.

    Oh, and Erin – i agree about Krasinski. He does look like a movie star. He’s better than probably 95% of them out there anyway.

  13. what is john doing with that hairdryer in the 3rd pic? is he pretending to do an old west type showdown with himself in the mirror?

  14. Wouldn’t these photos make great wallpaper? !

    If I had the technological know-how, I would do it myself, but alas, I must leave it up to one of you good people to do all of us the favor…

  15. Yowser. John, baby got back. Although, I noticed it in the “Christmas Party” episode. Man butts are sexy.

  16. Ok, i knew John and BJ were hot, but Rainn Wilson cleans up! He looks cute in a nerdy way.

    And of course, I also appreciate John’s backside, although I have to admit I noticed it on the show long ago…

    The best part is, I don’t think he really has any idea how hot he is, unlike the vogueing Brad Pitts of the world.

  17. haha and did anyone else realize in the first picture, when under “Right” (meaning what John’s wearing), it says “socks by Gold Toe”


  18. Gawd, how much do I adore Rainn Wilson? It’s like trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop…

    The world may never know. Kickass.

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