Yahoo preview clips of ‘The Merger’

Yahoo TV has posted seven preview clips of tomorrow’s episode, The Merger.

Click here, and then click ‘The Office’ in the bottom left corner.

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Thanks to Lisa for the tip!

I’ve transcribed some of every clip at The Merger post.

Update: now has posted the videos as well — these might be easier to play. Thanks for the tip, Molly!

Note: I had one heck of a time getting these videos to play successfully all the way through. What finally worked for me was 1) playing it in Internet Explorer on a PC (I couldn’t get them to play at all on my Mac), and 2) setting the player to play at a lower bandwidth. If you have any other tips, please post them in a comment!


  1. It definitely didn’t work in Firefox for me, and I had to set the player for the lowest bandwidth in IE.

  2. I have firefox, but mine played at twice normal speed, and everyone sounded like chipmunks…and it still froze. I don’t understand how it freezes when I have a T1 line. Yahoo has issues. I hope some of you get a few moments of pure office joy before tomorrow night!
    Whoo hoo! Less than 24 hours to go ! :-)

  3. Thankfully, I was able to watch them all. This episode is already exceeding my expectations. Absolutely hysterical.

  4. Thanks for posting the link — much appreciated. I was able to see the videos in both Internet Explorer and Netscape 7.1 without difficulty. Perhaps it’s an opporunity to appease those of us Canucks and others who are green with envy because we haven’t been able to access the Producers’ cut :-)

    Enjoy the show tomorrow!

  5. Well, I’m Canadian too, but the player still suck for me. But I was finally able to “see” them all. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  6. Worked okay on mine. Don’t worry about it, though, guys, there is so much on there, it’s almost not worth seeing. i.e. it just about shows the whole ep., and unless you want to be spoiled, dont go.

  7. My favorite moment in the previews was the look on Pam’s face after Michael said “Was your Dad a GI?”

    My most cringeful moment in the previews was the look on Pam’s face after Karen put her arm on Jim’s back.

    Oh, and I am looking forward to the fireworks between Andy and Dwight. That should be hilarious.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  8. Those were hilarious. I honestly do not understand why they don’t make a simpler video player because I’ve got a Mac and, although it worked, it worked horribly.

    I’m very excited for tomorrow’s episode and I think this will really expand the show into a more versatile comedy. All of the characters and personalities are finally coming together more fully so that everyone can be more thoroughly involved. It’s going to be great to see how this season pans out.

  9. Wow, mine works perfect and I use Safari. I kind of wish it was the opposite because I’m not very good at resisting spoilers!

  10. argh, i’m feeling a little uneasy about this pam-jim-karen situation already. that clip of pam seeing jim and karen together makes my stomach jump.

  11. I can’t get the page to load at all in IE; I just get a blank page with “done with errors on the page” in my taskbar, and in Firefox/Mozilla, I can see most of the page but keep getting an “Illegal Plugin Operation” error message and none of the videos will play…

  12. Wow, Pam! If looks could kill!

    It looks like Michael and Andy are already best friends, I laughed out of pure shock to see someone actually going along with Michael’s bizarre antics instead of just fixing a blank stare at him!

    For anyone having problems watching on FIrefox, you may have to hit reload a couple of times, but it will eventually work;-)

  13. I love everyone’s ties in this episode! they look really good. (was that random? oh well…) Maybe Jim will get all cocky with double the attention?

  14. so excited about Jim and Pam from the one clip when they first see each other again, totally unsure how i feel after i saw Karen’s arm on Jim’s back, ugh.

    only 11 hours to go til the super episode!

  15. Well amazingly enough it worked for me better this time than it ever has. I wonder if they updated their player or something, because it came up differently when I clicked on it. Mhmm … strange.

    So now I understand the spoilers about the chewing gum and the parking lot. Pam must be feeling really, really jealous. Heck, I’m feeling jealous for her.

    Anyways, it looks like this will be a fantasic episode … can’t wait!!!! Just 11 more hours!!!

  16. okay, okay…don’t you think that that’s a little TOO spoilerish, even for me?
    come on, SEVEN?!

    im just going to wait until tonight.

  17. well…i guess the parking lot scene where Karen had her arm on Jim’s back must be what GMMR was talking about in her blog…AYG…that made me a little sick to my stomach when that happened, also the chewing gum thing. Damn. The lazy scranton video was pretty much amazing!

  18. OMG!! Michael outdid himself with the Lazy Scranton Video. He topped the diversity and valentine ones lol.



  19. Right…can’t see much. What’s with the chewing gum? Someone spill…if I can’t spoil myself, I need other people to do it for me. ;)

  20. E, in the meeting where Michael shows his Lazy Scranton video, Jim is sitting next to Pam and Karen is right behind him. Pam says something like “this won’t disappoint” and karen taps Jim on the shoulder, he turns around and she gives him a piece of chewing gum

  21. i’m really glad that my boss was out of the office when i was watching these, because it was physically impossible to contain my laughter. dwight+andy=best.comedy.ever

  22. Thanks, Lauren! Okay, maybe it’s just because I’m not watching these and I’m only reading about it, but…big deal? She gives him gum? Who cares?

  23. well…there is also a scene in the parking lot that is shown in the clips, that suggests that it was more than just a casual piece of gum

  24. i kinda wish i hadn’t watched the spoilers…the suspense was driving me to watch them too much though…

  25. I guess the big deal about the gum is that the exchange was so casual, like they do it all the time. It showed Pam that they’re more comfortable than just coworkers.

  26. Im going to hold back this week and not watch the clips, although I did see the TV Guide ones.

  27. There were so many! How does Michael not get beaten up everyday? He flattened their tires, and they just walk away? I thought, for sure, that Stanley would yell at him, at least.

  28. I’m sorta glad the clips aren’t working on my pc, because this week i think i want to be surprised instead of almost upset that i chose to watch them. So no clips for me… buuuuut i couldn’t resist reading the comments, haha… so i know too much anyway!

  29. Sigh. Okay, i gave in.

    My thoughts on chip guy – he’s definitely another Stanley or Kevin… did you see him roll his eyes at the tape?

    Man, when Andy was bobbing his head up and down with it, and Jim was just looking at him… i was dying. Great stuff!

  30. This is The Office we all know and love-Jim’s looks to the camera whenever Michael says something stupid/hialrious/or anything.Missed that!Now it’s back!

  31. For anyone who still wants to be spoiled, even though it’s 4:53 EST right now :P, and can’t get the clips to work, now has the clips posted too

    Not sure how I’ll handle tonight!

  32. for those of you who are using a mac and can’t get the videos to play, i would recommend a great program called flip4mac. its a plug-in for safari (and firefox as well i believe) that allows you to play wmv and other video files right through quicktime, right in the browser. all the of the videos posted on officetally have played perfectly fine in safari for me. oh, and it is free btw.

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