Office ranks #67 overall for the season

Hollywood Reporter has a list of all 2005-2006 TV shows, ranked by viewership. The Office comes in at #67 out of 156 shows.

You can find the complete list here, and the accompanying story here, which describes the upcoming Thursday 8pm timeslot as an especially competitive one.

It will definitely be interesting to see how My Name is Earl and The Office fare against its rivals …

Thanks to TV Squad for the tip.


  1. When “Skating with Celebrities” is 33 shows higher on the list than our half-hour masterpiece, it definitely gives me pause…

  2. it makes me sad to see quite a few crap shows rate higher…why aren’t more people watching our show?!!

  3. The Office has by far the largest percentage growth. That’s definitely a good sign

  4. Why hasn’t The Office put up better numbers? I think it is more intelligent humor. You have to have something upstairs to follow the plot. How hard is it sit braindead and watch so-so talent sing covers of songs?

  5. I just checked out that list. I haven’t watched ONE show that’s currently in the Top 60. Anything I watch on a regular basis starts is below sixty one. Wow, why have I never heard of most of these shows?

  6. There are so many crappy shows out there. The Office should have ranked higher,but when you don’t try to appeal to the lowest common denominater you loose viewership I guess.

  7. Don’t worry guys, like Updog said (hahaha…great name btw), they had a HUGE increase in viewership from ’04 to ’05…some GREAT momentum heading into the ’06 season.

    I for one think they’re sitting in a good place right now.

  8. Yes, as posted last week, The Office was the fastest growing show of the season.

    I agree with Ian — we are poised for great things in the fall! :)

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