1. ***Spoiler Warning***
    Wow! Going to be REALLY interesting to see what they do with Rashida’s character when she returns – but I’m actually sort of glad she’s coming back and there will be some resolution there.

  2. So if I understood Kristins report correctly, four of the five one hours will be the first four episodes of the season? I thought they would spread the five out(ie one for the premiere, one for the finale, one for Christmas, one for Nov sweeps and one for Feb sweeps)

  3. I like the mention of five to six hours of extras on the Season 3 DVDs (according to the E! Online report)…Sept 4th can’t come soon enough!

  4. Re: CrazyGringa: I’m surprised that four of five alloted hourlong episodes are at the start of the season too. I was wondering, however, whether this might not be a kind of experiment by NBC to see how our little show might perform in an hourlong format during the first few weeks of the season, in terms of critical response, fan reaction and overall ratings. If so, I think it’s actually pretty cool, since it takes away pressure from the show that would otherwise have been there had NBC stuck with the original purported plan of having weekly hourlongs all through the season.

    If “The Office” performs well during the first month of hourlongs, perhaps we might expect more hourlong episodes during the season? After all, weren’t most of the supersized and hourlong episodes last season mostly announced a few weeks before the scheduled airdate?

  5. In the last episode, a character named Kendall was mentioned. He’s supposed to be the HR guy who is really difficult. I hope this character comes to fruition!

  6. I worry about the supersize episodes being announced too soon before the show comes out. I often felt like the supersized episodes didn’t feel as tight, probably because they had to bring stuff back from the cutting room floor. The flow feels a little wrong in them.

    That said, I still liked the newpeats. Cuz I can.

  7. Great Info!! One of the things I appreciated most was the opinion of Greg Daniels that the Jim-Pam relationship is best as a B-plot. I think he said something like that! The rest of the characters are SO talented and hilarious that I think over focusing on JAM and even Over focusing on Michael does an injustice to all the show is. Thanks, I just needed a place to get that out.

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