The Office’s Emmy quest

Tom O’Neil has confirmed that Jenna Fischer is on the top ten list for Best Comedy Supporting Actress!

Link: Confirmed Top Ten Finalists for Emmy Nominations

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Office-related Top 10 confirmations so far:

  • Comedy Series: The Office
  • Comedy Lead Actor: Steve Carell
  • Comedy Supporting Actor: John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson
  • Comedy Supporting Actress: Jenna Fischer

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July 3

Tom O’Neil has confirmed that Rainn Wilson is on the top ten list for Best Comedy Supporting Actor.

July 2

Tom O’Neil of the L.A. Times Gold Derby reports that Steve Carell and John Krasinski have both made the Emmy finalist lists for Best Comedy Actor and Best Supporting Comedy Actor respectively.

Link: Actors on Emmy’s Top 10 finalist lists

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June 30

Not that we Office fans had any doubt, but Tom O’Neil of the L.A. Times Gold Derby reports that The Office has made the top 10 list of Emmy finalists for best comedy series!

The finalists include:
– Desperate Housewives
– Entourage
– Extras
– My Name is Earl
– The Office
– Scrubs
– Thirty Rock
– Two and a Half Men
– Ugly Betty
– Weeds

The Emmy nominations will be announced on July 19th.

Link: Top 10 Emmy finalists for drama & comedy series

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May 24

Here are The Office’s episode submissions for Emmy consideration this year:

Comedy Series
The Office – “The Coup”

Lead Actor
Steve Carell – “Business School”

Supporting Actor
Leslie David Baker – “Traveling Salesmen”
Brian Baumgartner – “Phyllis’ Wedding”
David Denman – “Cocktails”
Ed Helms – “The Return”
John Krasinski – “Business School”
Paul Lieberstein – “The Negotiation”
B.J. Novak – “Business School”
Oscar Nunez – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Rainn Wilson – “The Coup”

Supporting Actress
Jenna Fischer – “Grief Counseling” “The Job”
Kate Flannery – “Women’s Appreciation”
Melora Hardin – “Cocktails”
Mindy Kaling – “Product Recall”
Angela Kinsey – “Traveling Salesmen”
Phyllis Smith – “Phyllis’ Wedding”

Guest Actor
Creed Bratton – “Product Recall”
Chip Esten – “The Convention”
Wayne Wilderson – “The Convict”

Guest Actress
Rashida Jones – “A Benihana Christmas”

Comedy Series Writing
Jennifer Celotta – “A Benihana Christmas”
Greg Daniels – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Brent Forrester – “Business School”
Mindy Kaling – “Diwali”
Paul Lieberstein – “Cocktails”
Michael Schur – “The Negotiation”
Michael Schur/Lee Eisenberg/Gene Stupnitsky – “Traveling Salesmen”
Justin Spitzer – “Back From Vacation”
Caroline Williams – “Phyllis’ Wedding”

Comedy Series Directing
Greg Daniels – “Traveling Salesmen”
Ken Kwapis – “Gay Witch Hunt”
Harold Ramis – “A Benihana Christmas”
Joss Whedon – “Business School”

Link: Gold Derby Forums master list

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  1. The Office (Leslie David Baker – “Beach Games”)

    Ooh! Get ready for some great Stanley moments!

  2. Why are all the episodes from early on in the season? I know that liking certain episodes is subjective and all, but I don’t think The Coup is really the best representation of the show.

  3. The Coup for the best of the season? Hmmm…I would have gone with “The Return,” I think. And I wish Steve had used “The Convention” (though they’re all fabulous episodes, so this really is nit-picking…)

  4. Nevermind, “Business School” is equally strong for Steve.
    Huh. I really should be studying for exams right now. Oh well!

  5. Also from those links: (please note: Rashida as Guest)

    Guest Actress:
    Rashida Jones – “A Benihana Christmas”

    Guest Actor:
    Wayne Wilderson – “The Convict”

  6. I am surprised at the choice of “The Coup” for the show nomination. I enjoyed it, and I do think it was a very cleverly constructed episode, but I would have never guessed that that would be the episode that they’d pick to submit.

    Unless they just submitted “The Coup” as a place-filler, and are going to submit one of the remaining two episodes by the later deadline.

  7. I think Grief Counseling was the best Pam episode ever. Awesome.

  8. YEAH BABY. I wish they could all be nominated, and WIN. hehe. And, I am so excited for Stanley stuff Thursday!

  9. The Coup? Come on. That was one of the weakest episodes of Season 3. Why not The Convention or The Return?

  10. The Coup?? Who decided that, it was by far the worst episode of the season…

  11. Don’t remember one Mindy’s, or if it was blank, but her ep should be either “Diwali” or “The Negotiation”.

    As for Jenna, “Grief Counseling” was great for her, but I would have her nominated for “Back From Vacation”. The first time I saw her crying in the hallway, I literally stopped in my tracks. I was standing up and moving around, not paying too much attention, but as soon as I saw Pam crying, I literally stood still, shocked and heartbroken at what I was seeing.

    Actually, “Back from Vacation” was one of my all time favorite episodes of THE OFFICE, and that should have been one of their submission episodes on all counts.

  12. The Coup? I think The Return was the most hilarious of the season. Maybe I need to go back and rewatch it though. Krasinski should have submitted The Convention. Do the actors choose themselves, or does NBC choose for them?

  13. Nice find, CrazyGringa! :)

    Yeah, I don’t know how the rules work this year.

    I agree, I would not have picked The Coup as the Best Comedy submission. (Although it’s a good choice for Rainn’s submission.)

  14. Obviously they should submit The Initiation for B.J. And I, personally, would have picked Traveling Salesmen for Comedy Series submission.

  15. Instead of The Coup, why not Travelling Salesmen or The Return? I loved The Coup, but it is NOT the best of the season.

    Business School? (For Steve)

    I’ve never hated an episode of the show, but seriously, this one? There are way better ones – what about Travelling Salesmen, The Return, or The Negotiation?

    Ed should be nominated for The Return.

  16. They submit one episode to a panel which grades the top 10 finalists.

    If they get the nomination, 6 episodes are sent to the voters.

  17. I agree with everyone who says The Coup is not the best submission, not by a long shot.

    Steve has many great episodes – I really liked his range of emotions in Branch Closing, the Return and Women Appreciation. But Business School was also great for him.

    Angela could be nominated for the Return or Women Appreciation – just for holding it in when Michael was listing women’s lingerie was priceless!

  18. I totally disagree, The Coup was one of my favorite episodes this season! The whole Krentist thing, Michael making him stand on his desk wearing a liar sign, Dwight meeting with Jan, Call of Duty at the Stamford branch, Hug it out b*tch, the list goes on and on. I think The Coup is a great representation of what The Office is all about. Don’t get me wrong… Back from Vacation, The Return, and The Convention were all good, but I liked The Coup better.

  19. One of my favorites this season was actually Benjamin Franklin, but I have to say — The Return was also fantastic. The Coup? Seriously???

  20. Well, if they get to pick six then problem solved. If I were chosing these six episodes, I would definitely choose “Gay Witch Hunt,” “The Return,” “The Convention,” “Traveling Salesmen,” “Cocktails,” and “The Convict.”
    I know “The Coup” will secure the nomination so what happened to “Lost” last year won’t happen here (they took preliminary submissions very lightly and submitted any-ol’-epiosde and consequently didn’t get the nomination). It’s shaping up to be an exciting Emmys season, though; “Fugly Betty” might try to give “The Office” a run for its money, but I’ve got faith in the Dunder-Mifflinites.

  21. It should also be added that they have until May 31st to change their submission.

    They sent on their submission in different passings, depending on when an episode is aired.
    March 30 was the deadline for episodes aired from June 1, 2006 to March 30, 2007. April 20th was the second deadline for episodes aired from March 31 to May 31, 2007. For a majority of the cast and the show, they all pick episodes in the June to March timeframe. So, since they do have until May 31st to change, they might pick an episode from the later half.

  22. Wow – The Coup, eh? Very strange choice since there are several episodes that seem much more deserving (Cocktails, The Return, Gay Witch Hunt, The Convention, Branch Closing…hmm…almost all of them really). Oh well…I definitely have my fingers crossed for every single nomination related in any way to the show. Go Office.

  23. I think Jenna should have been nominated for The Return – the look on her face when she sees Karen rubbing Jim’s back as they walk into the building is reason alone for her to win an Emmy.

  24. I think some of you are forgetting just how funny The Coup was

    The Call of Duty sequence alone warrants Emmy consideration

  25. yay!! Go Steve Carell!!! The coup was also a good episode, better than some of the recent stuff.

  26. post #30

    I noticed that too…

    I didn’t even think of the other use of that word when I saw that episode.

  27. I agree with thatswhatshesaid07 (#11). Grief Counseling was the best Pam epsiode of the season. I love when she acts as a mother figue for Michael.

  28. wait……do the actors themselves submit their own tapes to the Emmy people?? On the Emmy website there is someone who said on the chat board that Carell should have submitted another episode. Is this true, that they promote themselves?? haha.

  29. Terrible choice of The Coup, one of the worst episodes in the whole series. For Jenna I think she’d have been wiser to go with Back from Vacation or Ben Franklin. I wish Steve had chosen Branch Closing.

  30. hey folks, remember that Paul Lieberstein was nominated for a Writers Guild Award this year for “The Coup” (Steve won for last season’s “Casino Night”). So “The Coup” does have industry support. The Emmys are voted on by the TV industry, so I think this is a wise choice on the part of the producers, to choose an episode that already has a track record of getting a nomination.

    I think the things going for “The Coup” are that almost the entire episode is focused on comedy, it has a great cold open with a pop cultural reference that everyone knows (“Entourage”!!!), and of course, the “Call of Duty” subplot would bring a smile to a lot of voters, I think. Also, I think “The Coup” is a lot funnier than a lot of people give it credit for. I just rewatched the episode and can’t believe how many times I laughed out loud.

    Greg Daniels has won Emmys for “The Simpsons”, “King of the Hill” and “The Office”. I think he knows what to choose :) Let’s all get behind his choice, folks! Go “Office”!!!

  31. The actors usually choose their submissions, sometimes not. Last year, Steve told TheEnvelope he chose “The Injury” because he felt it was his funniest moment. John Krasinski’s chat last summer said he chose his tapes as well.

    There are other cases, such as Will Arnett last year, where their reps choose it.

  32. Branch Closing and The Return would’ve been better choices for the series. I thought The Coup was hilarious, but those other two episodes were x97937628798 better.

  33. I don’t think The Coup should have won anything, ever, but that’s just my thing. Rainn had better episodes, but that one was very centered around him.

    Kate could go for Ben Franklin. Angela, ABC. Ed, Diwali. Mindy, Diwali. BJ, Branch Closing (his “i can’t explain it” moment). Paul, The Convict (“they’re teasing you”).

    Why would JKras choose Business School? I would pick TS or Return. Hmm, curious. :)

  34. Wow, I am not understanding the choice of The Coup for their show submission. And John’s sending Business School?! Why not The Return or Benihana? That’s what Rashida’s sending in, and John was amazing in it too. Everyone else’s picks seem great though. Huh.

  35. oh man, i love the coup. i think it’s one of the funnier episodes.

    why don’t people like it?

  36. I think most of these are wise choices.

    Except I think Steve and John should pick differentlly. Steve was so great in Womens Appreciation. John is great in almost every episode, although The Convention was IMO one of his best this season.

  37. Okay, I rewatched the Coup, and it was pretty awesome. I still stand behind The Return as my personal favorite, but Coup is still awesome! If they win again — I WILL BE SO EXCITED!!! Yay Office!

  38. So glad they picked The Coup. It is still one of my favorite season 3 episodes!

  39. I agree, The Coup was far from the best… The Merger, Branch Closing or The Return would have been great… I also really, really enjoyed Traveling Salesmen.

    I think Pam’s best moment was Grief Counseling.
    She stole that episode.

    For Dwight and Michael, either Branch Closing or Cocktails. Or for Dwight, Initiation — or The Return. For Ryan Howard, definitely Initiation.

    I think Halpert’s best was Diwali. Drunk biking. Genius. That, or The Return.

    Kelly’s would definitely be for Diwali. That was entirely her episode.

  40. “The Coup” is not my absolute favorite of the season, but it is definitely a strong choice. That particular episode balances the Stamford/Scranton branch scenes well. I would have been more upset to see “The Initiation” -that was probably the weakest of the season.

  41. Wow, I had forgotten about Wayne Wilderson as Martin in “The Convict”. Excellent choice. He was great in that episode.

    But he’ll probably lose to some stunt casting guest star like Liz Taylor as Jack Bauer’s mother.

  42. For Comedy submissions, The Coup is only one of six that will be considered, and for supporting categories, each actor can submit two episodes, so this is not it.

  43. Some weird choices. I think Jenna was perfect in Back From Vacation and am shocked to see she didn’t include tha performance. She went from funny to heartbreaking in seconds in that episode.

    And The Coup. Not the best episode of the season, not even close.

    But once they get nominated, it doesnt matter the episode right…I think the show will get nominated just because its the show and Steve will get nominated too. Popularity votes, well deserved!

    I’m just worried about Jenna and John. I guess John picked a good episode, but I feel Jenna was soo much better in like the art show episode or Back To Vacation. She should win either way, since she’s amazing in episode, but when she cried, my heart broke. When of the best moments of this season because Jenna played it so damn well. But then again…thats dramatic and Jenna was hysterical in Grief Counseling, I’m just worried cause of those damn hour long dramaeys which have both!

  44. Am I understanding this correctly: what’s listed is what the actors are choosing for themselves? I would have picked ABC for Angela. She outbitched herself in that episode and yet we still felt sorry for her in the end. Not as much as we felt sorry for Phyllis, but you know.
    As for the show as a whole, I probably like Initiation and Travelling Salesmen the best, but I could live with The Coup.

  45. Why wouldn’t Creed be submitted for Guest actor, considering he’s still a guest star?

    I wish Jenna had submitted for A Benihana Christmas. It was an hour show and she got to show a wide range of emotions. Excitement with the party planning committe, rejection from Jim, empathy with Angela, and that final shot of her when Jim accepts her present. Or the Merger for the cold open with Dwight alone. “Am I being too mean to Dwight? I don’t know…” Hee.

    I’m re-watching Grief Counseling now, and I forgot about the Million Dollar Baby scene lol – maybe its an okay choice.

  46. I wonder, for episodes like Traveling Salesmen, if they get to submit the supersized version, or the regular old version that gets played on NBC. Hmmmm…

  47. Can I just ask, why isn’t Creed a full cast member yet?
    It’s kinda weird considering his character is pretty much one of the most beloved for non-sequiters and general kookiness

  48. Interesting episode choices. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the cast submits.

  49. I’m so glad Wayne Wilderson is being offered up for The Convict – I thought he was just wonderful and was sorry he didn’t stay around The Office longer.

    P.S. I think Toby’s best this season was The Negotiation. I wish there was a way to nominate him for the whole “HR Nightmares” night though!

  50. I also think Creed should be submitted as guest star, though even though he’s credited as a guest star, has he been in too many episodes? If he is eligible, he’d definitely win!

    I’ve also always wondered why he isn’t listed as a regular, either? Is that his choice or the show’s?

  51. I just re-watched the coup, and wow… I have no idea why people have been dogging on it so much. With the exception of Dwight’s drool at the end, nobody does anything that strains believability, it’s hilarious, and it’s paced extremely well. Seriously, if it had come later in the season, they would’ve made it supersized, but cutting what was a fairly major ark in the British version down to 22 minutes was a master stroke in restraint.

    There are individual scenes in other episodes that are much better than The Coup, but as far as balancing everything The Office is known for that episode takes it.

    But John, The Joss Whedon episode? He had some of the slimmest screen time of the entire season! Plus, where’s Creed? The guy could just sit still and make me laugh (come to think of it, that’s exactly what he did in the same show).

  52. Not sure if this has been said but I think Mindy will be nominated for Product Recall, that was her best episode so far.

  53. I am also glad they picked “The Coup” and I’m glad to hear they look at more than one episode to decide this. If they based Emmy’s on just one episode of a show’s series, I’d be a little on edge… that’s kind of stupid.

    I don’t think the episode for John is that good, but I don’t think he’s that great of an actor anyways (OMG BLASPHEMOUS). The only person I care about getting nominated is Rainn Wilson, with Angela Kinsey following. I think those two are probably the best actors on the show. Steve is okay, but Rainn deserves it the most. That’s just my personal opinion.

    Secretly I hope 30 Rock wins best comedy.

    My god, I’m rooting against John (well not against, I just don’t care either way about him) AND The Office? Somebody is going to shoot me.

  54. Oh and let me ask… if Ugly Betty wins best comedy, who thinks they’ll be seeing red?

  55. If John didn’t get nominated for Casino Night, he’ll never get nominated.

  56. How RIDICULOUS is it that they submitted THE COUP!!!! That was the worst episode of the year- hand’s down. Terrible!

  57. The Coup is one of my favorite episodes, and it’s mainly because of the acting by Steve and Rainn. The best moment…

    Dwight: “That’s what she said.”
    Michael: “Don’t you dare.”

  58. I feel like the Office has one disadvantage for it’s supporting actors in that it’s one show where they really ARE supporting characters. If you look at past Emmy winners(David Hyde Pierce for “Frasier,” Lisa Kudrow on “Friends,” Doris Roberts on “Raymond”), you see they had consistent recurring roles on their respective shows, whereas we can go weeks without a peep from Angela before *BAM* she has a great episode. I think that works against the cast, because in many ways, their roles are quite different than those supporting roles on other shows. Seriously, who doesn’t feel like Stanley and Meredith seem like guest stars these days?

  59. Re: 69–Carly, I will be seeing red if “Fugly Betty” wins. That show drives me nuts.

  60. So many to choose from but how is Benhana Christmas not their submission? That was a pure masterpiece with Harold Ramis to boot.

  61. 72 Drew – I’m 99% sure [/dwight] those lines you quoted were from Traveling Salesman.

  62. Really? They submitted the Coup for best comedy series? I like the episode, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nowhere near the strongest episode this year…

  63. Please tell me that Harvey the computer will be submitting his episode for Emmy consideration.

  64. If I had to pick, my favorite Carell episode would be “Back From Vacation”.
    One of my favorite scenes ever: When Michael takes the “stairs of doom” up to confront Jan – head down – with a feeling that he is going to be fired.
    One of Steve Carell’s finest moments.

    My favorite episode of the year was “The Negotiation”. Just about everything about that one is funny. Lady clothes. Toby. Driving to NY. And of course, Darryl.
    “Pippity poppity, give me the zoppity.”

  65. somebody needs to print up some “Where’s Creed?” t-shirts. to paraphrase John Krasinski, “Creed Bratton is the second coming of Brando.”

  66. I hope Ed Helms chose “The Return.” He could probably pull off a surprise nomination with that one.

  67. Mindy, pick Diwali already! Like Pink the person, pink the color, and hot dogs, it was awesome.

  68. Why didn’t Jenna pick Beach Games for her Emmy consideration? The acting through Pam’s speech was amazing and much more of a noticeable Emmy role than Grief Counseling.

  69. The Emmys submissions were updated (link):

    The only changes are:
    Jenna Fischer – “The Job”
    Mindy Kaling – “Product Recall”
    Leslie David Baker – “Traveling Salesmen”
    Ed Helms – “The Return”
    Creed Bratton – “Product Recall”
    Chip Esten – “The Convention”

    Now if John would change his…

  70. Here are some more (link):

    Directing: Joss Whedon – “Business School”
    Directing: Greg Daniels – “Traveling Salesmen”
    Directing: Ken Kwapis – “Gay Witch Hunt”
    Directing: Harold Ramis – “A Benihana Christmas”
    Writing: Mindy Kaling – “Diwali”
    Writing: Justin Spitzer – “Back from Vacation”
    Writing: Jen Celotta – “A Benihana Christmas”
    Writing: Greg Daniels – “Gay Witch Hunt”
    Writing: Michael Schur/Lee Eisenberg/Gene Stupnitsky – “Traveling Salesmen”
    Writing: Caroline Williams – “Phyllis’ Wedding”
    Writing: Paul Lieberstein – “C0cktails”
    Writing: Brent Forrester – “Business School”
    Writing: Michael Schur – “The Negotiation”

  71. I’m glad Jenna’s submission was changed. She really deserves to win. :)

  72. I’m so glad Jenna changed her submission to “The Job.” Not that she isn’t amazing in every episode, but she was absolutely astounding in “The Job.” She flat-out owns that Emmy.

    I’m a little surprised BJ isn’t submitting anything for writing.

  73. I totally agree that Ed Helms could get nominated for The Return. That one was SOOO awesome. Probably my fav episode of the series.

  74. Leslie David Baker changed his. It used to be Beach Games. Personally, I think BG was a better Stanley episode than Traveling Salesman.

  75. The Coup is the best episode of the season. For me, nothing has come close to the interaction between Dwight and Michael regarding his dentist visit. So good.

  76. I’m really suprised they’ve stayed with The Coup. In my view The Coup is one of the most “anti-office” episodes there is. Dwight being disloyal, Jim not being at Scanton, and Michael acting a bit too Machiavellian…it’s not a BAD episode, per se, I just don’t think it captures the spirit of what makes The Office so great, and there are at least a dozen episodes that do in a better way. I’m just not sure it will convert those voters that are on the fence between The Office and Ugly Betty.

  77. Yay for Jenna… She **should** have compete for the win with “The Job.”

    JK needs to change his submission or may not even be nominated. It’s a shame because last year was his strong year, whereas season three was all about Pam. Compared to last year, JK really doesn’t have a strong submission, and now when the show is finally on Emmy’s radar (after the win last year)…

    His vampire scenes are funny, but it’s not enough to win an Emmy. He needs to switch to “The Convention” or “The Job.”

  78. Why is Creed still a guest actor? I’m sorry if this has been addressed before but I was curious.

  79. No way! I think JK needs to be submitted for “The Job” and JF should absolutely be submitted for “Beach Games.”

  80. Good to see Jenna selected The Job, let’s hope The Coup does well too.

  81. I agree JK needs to do “The Convention” instead of “Business School;” if Jenna doesn’t win for “The Job,” the Emmys will be meaningless since I’ll know they’re not awarding quality. She OWNED that episode.

  82. I don’t know if anyone else has said anything about this, but personally I am thrilled that they submitted Joss Whedon for direction on “Business School.” I’ve never seen an episode of “Buffy” (I know … shocking), but he truly did a stellar job here. His love of the show truly shone through, it was a stellar episode. Hilarious and heartbreaking. I have never felt more anguish for a character than watching Pam at the art show. Brilliant stuff.

  83. I’m glad Jenna chose The Job. The series entry should also have been that episode. If I were Rainn I’d have chosen Traveling Salesmen or The Return, not The Coup.

    A little surprising to me that Kwapis went with the mixed-reception Gay Witch Hunt instead of the widely acclaimed finale.

  84. Totally agree GMMR…what is with the love for The Coup? And Jenna’s choice is much better now. I know this is awful to say, but I kind of don’t think that John’s choice matters, because Rainn’s gonna get a nomination and (hopefully) win. He had a much better over all season than John did. If John didn’t get a nomination for Casino Night or whatever he submitted last year, he’s certainly not going to this time.

  85. So glad to see they’ve got Jenna with “The Job” now…she DEFINITELY deserves the Emmy!

  86. Jenna totally deserves the Emmy for Beach Games, and The Job. She was so good in both episodes!

  87. Jenna Fischer – “Grief Counseling” “The Job”

    Seriously! She was so great in that last scene.

  88. So glad Jenna switched her entry to THE JOB. Now if John Krasinski would only do the same. I don’t understand BUSINESS SCHOOL. He was great in that episode, but THE JOB better showed his overall range. And I guess I missed something because THE COUP was one of my least favorite episodes of the year, but everyone else seemed to think it was strong.

  89. Gosh. It looks no one agrees with me that Jenna’s performance in “Beach Games” was more Emmy-worthy than “The Job.” I think she did a wonderful last scene in the finale…but that speech in “Beach Games” was spectacular. And, I think that all her responses to the Jim-Karen beach playfulness were great too.

  90. Where, oh where, is BJ’s writting submission? :(
    He wrote The Initiation and Safety Training this season…

  91. I am so glad that Jenna changed hers to The Job. Both in that and Beach Games she was AMAZING. She MADE those episodes great (that and my sheer delight over JAM)… but, as someone said in a forum
    “If the look of pure joy on Pam’s face at the end didn’t melt your heart, I don’t even wanna know you.”
    (really sorry because I can’t remember that persons SN)

  92. I really hope The Office dominates the comedy categories – there really is no other comedy that comes close to The Office in terms of its cast, writing, directing – everything. I think the show and Steve are pretty close to sure things. Jenna has a chance as well, esp. with her switch to The Job. The supporting actor category could be tough, though, because it seems to have a lot of competition from other shows – I would love to see at least one nomination from the cast in that category – Rainn and John might have a fair chance and I do agree that Ed would be great surprise nomination.

  93. oooh cool.. if jenna is nominated for the job, she should win hands down.
    the job or beach day were her best episodes of the series by far.

  94. I like The Job as a choice, but I thought the best was Beach Games. But still good choices! I can’t wait!

  95. JK did submit Casino Night last year, but there are two problems with assuming that his chances last year are the same this year.

    First of all, THE OFFICE had its breakthrough last year. It won the Emmy, but it had no nominations for its supporting cast. Their names just weren’t familiar to Emmy voters. Now, all of the Emmy voters will have watched this season and be very familiar with Krasinski, Fischer, and Wilson.

    Second, the rules changed. Last year, it was simply a popular vote for supporting actors. So likely, very few actually watched JK’s tape. This year the Top Ten get to have their tapes reviewed by a panel. So if he makes the top ten (likely), a panel will be forced to watch his tape and rank him. That’s why the submission is so important.

  96. No comedy has won consecutive Best Comedy Emmies since Frasier rolled off 5 in a row during the 90’s. The Office has the near universal critical acclaim to buck the trend and couple that with a very weak comedy landscape on TV, they should win their second in a row. I wouldn’t be surprised though if 30 Rock won though

    Its also time for some non-Steve Carrel nominations for acting (Steve will of course get a nod but its doubtful he will beat out Alec Baldwin) now the show has become more mainstream and so has its supporting cast. Season 3 was the season of Pam and Jenna knocked it out of the park and should win. Also wouldnt be shocked to see Rainn Wilson and Melora Hardin get nominations

  97. I don’t get it. Why do they keep submitting “The Coup” as the main episode representative of the show.
    You’d think that they’d submit beach day, traveling salesmen, or The Job, or even the Christmas episode. I thought that The Coup was one of the most unimportant episodes of the season.

  98. Nominees:

    Best Comedy
    Best Actor
    Best Supporting Actor–John Krasinski
    Best Supporting Actor–Rainn Wilson
    Best Supporting Actress–Jenna Fischer
    Best Director–Joss Whedon
    Best Director–Harold Ramis
    Best Writing–Jennifer Celotta (Benihana Christmas)
    Best Writing–Schur/Eisenberg/Stupnisky (Traveling Salemen)

    I think Jenna, Harold and Jennifer bring home trophies.

  99. I think the funniest episode of the year were Product Recall and Woman’s Appreciation — one thing about Jenna and the Job while her performance was amazing the submission was for best actress in Comedy – just wondering if they are looking for great performance or great comedic performance?

    It will be interesting this year – because on one hand Ugly Betty has the buzz and ratings so it might not be a surprise if it rolls this year — Much like Desperate Housewives did a couple of years ago.

    On the other hand I think insider people in show biz probably realize that the Office is one of the best shows on all TV now (this is why it is attracting a list directors) and the stunning fact is 4 of the leads are breaking out in movies. It could sweep everything.

  100. Hi! Just like to say that I think “The Job” is a great choice for Jenna to submit. “Grief Counseling”, “Back From Vacation”, “Business School”, “Beach Games” and “The Job” are all very good choices for Jenna, but of those, “Grief Counseling” and “The Job” are stronger submissions because they allow Jenna to show the comedic side of Pam as well, which is important for comedy categories, in addition to Pam’s sweet nature and emotional side.

    Especially for “The Job”, Jenna let us in on Pam’s very personal odyssey during the episode, i.e. taking her first steps as FNB post-“Beach Games” speech, looking out for Michael, staying so bubbly and optimistic even in the face of devastating loss, and of course, that last TH when Pam’s emotions overwhelmed her and she shed those tears of joy. Jenna made us laugh with Pam, feel for Pam, and cry together with Pam, all through the episode. It’s a stellar, all-rounded, heartfelt performance that I sincerely hope would be given the awards recognition it so richly deserves.

  101. Really, John, “Business School”? Come on… why not “The Job”? He’s not really in it to win, is he? And “The Coup” was funny, but honestly, I’m thinking “Beach Games” is a better sampling.

  102. Jenna made me laugh several times in The Job – her “I’m not gay” talking head, wishing Karen good luck, her little bow to the camera talking head, the salute to Dwight, among others. I think she’s got the comedy portion covered by picking the finale.

  103. If Jenna doesn’t win for the job, there is something wrong with the Emmys. Still wondering about John’s choice, and the choice for overall comedy.

  104. tanster – Any idea why B.J. doesn’t have a writing submission up?? I hope that he does submit something because both Initiation and Safety Training could be great contenders!

  105. I’m glad to see Melora submitted Cocktails for consideration. I thought she was great it that episode, especially in the car scene after the party. I stated when the ep first aired that she should get an Emmy for that–I hope she gets a nomination, at least!

  106. Jenna was wonderful in The Job and I really hope she wins. One small moment that cracks me up is her “Dwight, hello” and salute toward the end.

    John had some great moments in Traveling Salesmen with Dwight and with Karen. Much better choice than Business School.

  107. Baldwin’s chances were good before he put in a request to be taken off of his own show. The industry rallies behind people who embody the performance/process, and Steve really immerses himself in “The Office” (writing, acting, producing) while Baldwin had a personal blowout this season and tried to wiggle out of contractual obligation.

  108. I am soooo relieved that Jenna changed to “The Job”. Now, just rethink “The Coup”. Great episode, just not they’re best. My personal favorite of this season: “The Return”

  109. Hey guys, Kari, the awesome recapper of “The Office” episodes over at Booze Cruise recaps has just posted a link to a very cool “For Your Consideration” ad of “The Office” for the Emmys . Check it out.

    Nice pose, Steve :)

  110. I really think that Mindy should have been nominated for writing “Ben Franklin” and not “Diwali.” “Ben Franklin” is so much funnier! “The Coup” for Comedy Series nomination was not what I would have picked either.

  111. Yeah! Im pretty shocked that BJ doesn’t have anything submitted for writing. That’s pretty remarkable to me, to be honest. The Initiation was absolutely hilarious (although, not Emmy consideration worthy…even though it is one of my favorite episodes), but Safety Training was brilliant. I mean, come on. The one liners were incredible.

    And if Rainn Wilson doesn’t win Best Supporting Actor this year, the academy is so screwed

  112. I’ve already commented on this thread, but I’ve just realized that my favorite writer is Mindy. She wrote my two favorite episodes, “The Dundies” and “The Injury.” I would say that “The Injury” is most popular episode among Office fans, with “The Dundies” in the top five for most. She also wrote Ben Franklin, another one of my favorites.

  113. I have to agree. Ben Franklin was one of the best episodes of the season and Mindy is an amazing writer. Most of my very favorite eps are hers, including The Dundies and Ben Franklin. Diwali is also good, just not Ben Franklin good. I had more laugh out loud moments in that episode than in any other.

    Also, JK, why Business School? I do not get it. Jenna was amazing in Beach Games, but I can see your point that it is not a comedy performance as much as just a moving an incredible job on her part. The Job is probably a better choice. I really hope she wins this year!

  114. hey everyone! Thought you guys might like to know the news, courtesy of Tom O’Neil over at The Envelope, that “The Office” made the top ten list of Comedy Series that will be judged by a screening panel this weekend, i.e. based on the popular vote of the Academy, our little show was one of ten who received the most votes. Results from the screening panel will be weighted against the popular vote to glean the final five nominees for Best Comedy Series. Best of wishes to “The Office”!

  115. I agree with Dorky Dancer that Steve in the Christmas episode was stellar.

    I’m bewildered by the lack of enthusiasm for “The Coup”! That was absolutely one of my favorite episodes this year (besides the JAM-packed ones, I am a girl after all). Especially for Rainn – Dr. Crentist, the dentist…in the parking lot, “This is DwIGHT SchRUTE”…”Hug it out, bitch”…the LIAR sign. If he doesn’t win, it will be a major, well…coup.

  116. The Office
    Two and a half men
    Ugly Betty

    Are the shows I think will be picked for the final 5.

    The Office
    30 Rock

    Would be my personal picks for Emmy Consideration.
    If The Office were to lose, the only show that I wouldnt be mad if it loss to would be Extras.

  117. i liked “The Coup” but I didn’t think it was the funniest/strongest episode to be representing the show. i personally would’ve chosen “A Benihana Christmas”, “Ben Franklin”, or “Women’s Appreciation”

  118. Tom O’Neil’s Envelope blog has quotes from one panelist judge that absolutely hated The Coup and doesn’t include The Office in his predix for the Top 5

  119. I saw that too, Gobias, and that worries me. I wonder how representative the views of that particular judge is. Hopefully our little show makes the final five nominations list. The Emmys can be a cruel awards, so let’s all hope for the best, but not take anything for granted. All the best to “The Office”!

  120. The good thing is nominees will be determined by 50% panel & 50% popular vote, so The Office should be safe.

    After all, popular vote pushed them to a win last year. Plus, The Office will probably have a lot of #1 rankings on the ballots.

    However, the poor reaction to Scrubs’ brilliant submission is disgusting.

  121. I love Extras too, I think it’s hilarious and I would be very happy to see it get a nom but I won’t hold my breath. I’m also disheartened to hear how negative a review Scrubs got, I thought that episode was very well done, and I typically hate musicals! My personal top 5 would be The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Extras, and Entourage

  122. 30 Rock, The Office & Extras are the only TV shows I watch(ed) in the past year. I couldn’t pick a favorite.

  123. hi folks! Just thought you might like to know that Steve has been confirmed by the Gold Derby forums as one of those (along with Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen) on the Top Ten list for Best Comedy Actor. All the best to Steve!

  124. Go Steve, the Office, 30 Rock, Eddie Izzard, The Riches, and the Sopranos.

  125. I know I cannot really say anything because I’ve never seen Two & a Half men (and really don’t ever care to), but I wonder why it seems their episode got such a good reaction but Scrubs and The Office just got so-so or bad reactions from the judges? The Office’s worst episode is really better than most any other show on the air right now, of course just in my opinion – and I really didn’t think The Coup was a bad episode at all.

  126. Goldderby has just listed John Krasinski as one of the top 10 finalists in the Supporting Actor – Comedy category! So far he’s the only one they have confirmed in that category.

  127. mg714: word! I really felt that “The Coup” was a good submission…it’s well-plotted and has some great moments, and works as a standalone comedic episode…it received a nomination from the Writer’s Guild this year so obviously it did something right from the writing point of view (and isn’t this the most crucial element?)

    I think with traditional three-camera sitcoms like “Two and a Half Men”, they are set up precisely to elicit belly laughs from a “live” viewing audience, which might explain why their episode reportedly played so well with the judging panel (effectively a “live” audience in this case).

    Though the “30 Rock” episode also reportedly played well with the panel, I think that with most single-cam comedies, the sense of humor is often more sly and understated. One might not get explicit laugh-out-loud moments so much as perhaps a smile and appreciation of how well-crafted the joke is. Plus the fact that “The Coup” probably also shares some of the “make-you-grimace” humor of the UK “Office”.

    I sincerely hope the views of this particular judge aren’t mirrored by his peers.

  128. Yay for John and Steve! Both of those noms are well deserved…i really hope that john wins…he’s just consistently funny same with steve. I agree that Rainn should’ve been nominated…the best thing about the office is that the cast works so well together and plays off each other so well.

  129. directly from the link:

    Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock”
    Steve Carell, “The Office”
    Charlie Sheen, “Two and a Half Men”

    that made me laugh…

  130. – Desperate Housewives
    – Entourage
    – Extras
    – My Name is Earl
    – The Office
    – Scrubs
    – Thirty Rock
    – Two and a Half Men
    – Ugly Betty
    – Weeds

    Everything deserves to be on that list except for Desperate Housewives (NOT a comedy) and Two and a Half Men (NOT funny….at all). Of course The Office is my favorite and I’ll be rooting for that, but I’d also be happy if Weeds, Entourage, 30 Rock, or Scrubs won.

  131. steve, rainn, and john are the three members of the cast this year who so deserve nominations!

  132. _bales…..

    I couldnt have said it any better. I also forgot that they won the WGA for the Coup. I also enjoy that episode and agree with it being a good pick. It shows the depth the show has, you feel so uncomfortable waiting for the other shoe to drop while Michael is playing Dwight like a fiddle.

  133. Wait a minute, I think I made a mistake….did Casino Night win or The Coup?

  134. kayla,

    i agree about steve and rainn, but i’m not so sure about john. i get the feeling he kind of played himself this past season (smooth, charming, semi-cocky bloke). i, personally, feel jenna deserves a nomination mainly because of “Grief Counseling”, “Cocktails”, “Women’s Appreciation”, “Beach Games”, and “The Job”. I think it’s because this season has been focused on Pam’s development and I think Jenna’s portrayed that very nicely.

  135. here are what the emmy judges for the envelope have said:

    “I don’t understand what the hell ‘The Office’ and ‘Earl’ were thinking.”

    “I would be shocked if ‘Earl’ and ‘Office’ made it…They still might make it considering how bad ‘Earl,’ ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Office,’ ‘Entourage’ and ‘Weeds’ did picking their tapes.”

    i liked the coup, but i don’t think the emmy judges were fans…i mean, these are only the opinions of two judges, though they are reflecting the general feel of the viewing room.

  136. Kayla I don’t know where you are getting your info from, but TV has reported that the Office, Scrubs, and Earl are sure things for the final five, along with 30 Rock.

  137. B.J. Novak deserves on the writing list for writing the funniest episode of the season: Safety Training.

    JK deserved an emmy for season 2 but for season 3, Rainn Wilson was more the standout.

    I still can’t believe they submitted The Coup. Even if one thinks it was funny, it was more of an inside-joke, dry humor episode rather than one easily accessible to people new to the show.

  138. I really hope Jenna gets a nom for best supporting actress. I think she displayed the most maturity and talent of any character on the show.

    And, I hope to God that Two and a Half Men doesn’t win the Emmy. It’s so lame and Charlie Sheen is stupid.

  139. YAY for Steve and John! I am so proud of them (listen to me – I’m like a mother, and I don’t even know them. ha ha.)!! I really hope that some other noms come out for some other cast members. I would love to see an Office sweep for every nomination category! Chrarlie Sheen is not funny in Two and a Half Men, so hopefully he won’t win.

  140. wow, i’m very happy for steve AND john!! i hope there are more nominations to come for our favourite workers at DM! =D

  141. That’s so dawesome they’re both nominated!! :) I hope at least one of them wins! I also hope Jenna’s nominated for best female actress! She deserves it!

  142. I thought ‘Business School’ was really a great choice for John and Steve, they were both amazing in it! I don’t understand why everyone was hating on it. I thought John really got into his character, and Steve was simply hilarious.
    Anyway, I think that the only submission they didn’t nail was ‘The Coup’. Too bad that’s the most important one. All the others in my view are dead on.

  143. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Jenna gets the nod. I love Krasinski with all my heart, but Jenna was the one who had some intense moments throughout season three. John was great, but I feel that his character wasn’t seen as much because Jim was more private, more removed from most of the action in the second half of this past season. Nice that he’s a finalist, but I think Jenna deserves it more. I hope she’ll be on the next list we see.

  144. Find me twelve people that actually watch and follow “Two and a Half Men” and I’ll tattoo Charlie Sheen on my backside. What the heeeeellllllll?

    Jenna deserves a nod. I really hope she gets one. I’m also obviously pulling for John but where’s the love for Rainn?

  145. It’s been really interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on the best episode this past year – I actually think it’s wonderful how everyone has such different ideas on The Coup and the other episodes – just shows how difficult it must have been for The Office guys to pick which one to submit for nomination. I really do hope The Office wins, but I think it’s not the kind of show anyone can judge based on one episode – in fact, if you can judge a show based on one episode, there is probably something wrong with it.

  146. more from The Envelope…this makes me sad :(

    “‘The Office’ definitely has a shot of making it based on popularity, but I can honestly say, ‘Chop of my head and feed it to the dogs’ if ‘Earl’ and ‘The Office’ BOTH get in. Based on those submissions, they should get a big fat snub. I watch both shows and know that there was better to choose from than what they chose. You could have heard a pin drop during those two and ‘Scrubs.’ I would still not count ‘The Office’ as any sort of lock for a nomination. I personally feel like, based on the popular vote, you will have about five or six shows where the numbers will be very, very close, making the actual panel’s outcome more important. If ‘2.5 Men,’ ‘Ugly Betty,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Entourage’ and ‘My Name is Earl’ all scored pretty high and similar in the popular vote, it would be safe to assume that ‘Office’ and ‘Earl’ would be at the bottom of that list. There is no way ‘The Office’ has a popular vote that is leaps and bounds higher than the other shows.”

  147. YAY!!! Rainn is awesome, I heart him! I doubt both will get a nom though. I know one will (hopefully). Hmm.

  148. Woohoo for Rainn Wilson being nominated!!
    Now that I’ve read the judges’ thoughts on the other shows, I am a bit concerned. It’s like they are looking for traditional comedy – one-liners and slapstick – rather than the unique shows I like (The Office, Earl, Weeds). Specifically, I really liked the Earl episode that’s been submitted – I thought it was hilarious and really daring (the use of claymation, etc.) And any episode of Weeds is a good bet in my books (even if it’s not as great as The Office, of course!).

  149. I am so glad Rainn is there. He deserves it the most in my opinion. “Those are the money beets” is my favourite line of this season! HAHA!

  150. That’s great Rainn made the shortlist. I think both Rainn and John deserve to be nominated, but if I had to vote for one I’d have to go with Rainn. If they’re both nominated, I wonder what tends to happen when a category has multiple nominees from the same show. Does it split the vote, hurting both of their chances of winning, or does it lead voters to pick one or the other, improving the chances of one of them winning?

  151. Despite what those two stupid judges said about the Office previously here is what experts from The Gold Derby pick for 5 noms for Best Comedy. (This took place in a chat room.

    Boomer: Based on this Top 10, what do each of you have for 5 nominees Comedy Series?
    742: and even then you’d have eight CSI spin-offs making the cut first
    BuffyMars: those networks just don’t exist on the emmy radar.
    Tom O’Neil: That’s the BIG QUESTION — Can FNL now be nommed? It was probably in the bottom 7, 8, 9 or 10 ranking, right? That means it needs to be ranked high by judges CONSISTENTLY
    Kams: Desperate Housewives, Entourage, My Name is Earl, The Office, Ugly Betty
    TommyCastro: Office, Scrubs, Betty, 30 Rock, 2.5 Men, easy
    MicheBel: 1. The Office 2. Ugly Betty 3. Weeds 4. 30 Rock 5. Entourage
    Rob L: Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, 2.5 Men, Ugly Betty]
    742: My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty
    BuffyMars: Top 5 comedy, in order: Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Office, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty
    Boomer: COMEDY SERIES: Entourage, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty (MY PICKS)
    Atypical: I’me going with “The Office”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Ugly Betty”, “Entourage”, and “Scrubs”
    Noble: Office, Scrubs, Thirty Rock, Ugly Betty, Entourage
    Rob L: So, I dont have Entourage or My Name is Earl.

  152. Congrats to all! But, I also gotta say… What about Jenna??! She totally deserves to be on this list….

  153. ok wow if you read this chat

    according to these judges the Office is the front runner for Emmy for Best Comedy

    Boomer: The Office will truly be hard to beat. They have about 15 or 16 episodes that could easily be chosen for the final 6. In sports terminology, that is called real team depth.
    2007-06-30 17:15:58.0
    Kams: Weeds and Extras has no chance.
    2007-06-30 17:16:01.0
    MicheBel: I’m still predicting Weeds for a nom
    2007-06-30 17:16:06.0
    Rob L: Office cant lose. That’s my final thought on comedy.

  154. Susan, she still might be–these are just a few of the names that have leaked out.

  155. It is not fully decided that Jenna isn’t on the list. Elizabeth Perkins, Jamie Pressley, and Vanessa Williams are the only three on the Best Supporting Comedy Actress list so far. Just be patient, it has to take them a long time to decide these things.

  156. hi guys, Tom O’Neil and the Gold Derby forum conducted a live chat with Masi Oka (Hiro from “Heroes”) this week. The transcript has been posted (link below). During the chat, Masi mentioned he’s a big “Office” geek (yay!!!) and that he got to work with Jenna (“Jenna is simply an amazing person”), during his cameo on “Quebec”. Thanks to Masi for his very kind words on “The Office” and Jenna. I wonder if he checks OfficeTally 1000000 times per day like the rest of us :)

    An earlier chat was also conducted with Jack Coleman (who did such a wonderful job as Mr. Bennet) where he also mentioned “The Office” as one of his favorite shows :)

  157. Not sure whether this news belongs under this thread, but in TVWeek’s summer Critics Poll of the nation’s critics for the best television program, our little show finished 4th, behind “The Sopranos”, “Lost” and “Friday Night Lights”. “The Office” was the highest ranked comedy. Yay! Some relevant comments from the article follows:

    “More than a copy of the brilliant, cringe-worthy original, it’s evolved into something so uniquely American,” wrote Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Daily News. “I’m no longer embarrassed to admit I get happy just hearing the theme music.”

    Ms. Gray is not alone. Mr. (Rick) Kushman (of the Sacramento Bee) wrote, “When the music starts playing, it just makes me happy.”

    Wow…the “Office” theme music must be one of the best modern examples of Pavlovian conditioning…I’m happy when I hear it too :)

    Link to full list:

  158. If Jenna does not win the Emmy for her work this past season it will be a true shame. This was her best work so for IMO and one of the finest performances in all of television last season.

  159. Glad to see Jenna Fischer on that list. However, Jaime Pressley is so frickin’ hilarious on ‘Earl’ that I think it might be hard for her to win. On the other hand, Rainn Wilson may win it going away (Jeremy Piven is sort of a darling in Hollywood so, who knows).

  160. Jenna better get nominated for Supporting Actress, she was fantastic this season. If she does not get the nod for her acting in “The Job” then the Emmy people are out of their mind.

  161. Yes!! I REALLY hope Jenna gets a nomination. That is really great to hear she’s being considered, as she should. Just her reaction that last scene as Pam’s being asked out is reason enough to nominate her.

  162. I really want Steve to win but I have a feeling the academy is going to give it to Baldwin.

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