OfficeTally Tagline Contest, 2008

The quote randomizer is that thing you see at the top right corner of this page. It normally shows random quotes from the current episode.

During these long few months of summer, while we anxiously wait for Season 5 to start, I thought it would be fun to bring back the OfficeTally Tagline Contest. Let’s get the quote randomizer plumped up with your clever sayings!

Submit a tagline and you may win an Office goodie … see rules after the jump!


  • Submit a tagline by adding a comment to this post.
  • Taglines must be, at most, 60 characters. Characters include letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, everything.
  • The tagline must be about OfficeTally. You can think of a tagline this way: if the word “OfficeTally” were on the front of a t-shirt, what would it say on the back?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must provide a valid email address and live in the U.S.

Examples of taglines

  • Devoted to The Office.
  • That’s what she said.
  • All Office, all the time.


Important dates

  • Sat. June 14, 11pm PT: Deadline to submit entries.
  • Sun. June 15: Selected entries start appearing live!
  • Tue. June 17: Prizewinners announced.

So go to it! Be witty. Be pithy. Be one with the quote randomizer.


  1. We offer three different styles of bird funeral caskets talk to our receptionist Pam.

  2. Because we’re just really passionate about The Office. In fact, we’re in love with The Office.

  3. – “Office Tally, it’s where Dwight Schrute buys his Deer urine!”

    – “Office Tally, because sometimes, TV just isn’t enough”

    – “Office Tally, Because Northern Attack Doesn’t update anymore!”

    – “Office Tally, Where else can you engage in serious conversation about Jim’s Hair without getting laughed at?”

  4. Officetally chatrooms have three themes: Americana, Irrigation, and Night-time.

  5. Serving Tally Hos worldwide.

    (I’m actually from Canada, so I can’t win, but this is fun!)

  6. OfficeTally: Please do not put rolls of Stanley Nickels in the drive-thru canister.

  7. The best thing that’s happened to the internet since World War Two.

  8. Really, what do I do here? I should’ve written it down. “Mod” something, uh… mod… mod… modifier, mod…mod-iwabty. Moddity! No. No, no, no, no, but I’m getting close. Crap, Moderator.

  9. OfficeTally an amazingly talented website but we would never tell it to your face.

  10. OfficeTally: “Disadulation. What’s that? Oh, you don’t want to know.”

    OfficeTally: Where something you whittled is giftable.

    OfficeTally: This day is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

    OfficeTally: “There’s so many presents in my car I don’t know which is which.”

    OfficeTally: “Who do you think you are?”

  11. OfficeTally: becuase my life is so great I literally want a second one…

  12. Jenna, is that you? (substitute any of the cast/crew/writers who regularly stop by)

    Great Scott!

    This is an OfficeTally Joint

    Anxiously awaiting The Office Convention ’08

  13. Officetally: Where Office fans can go MACH 5.

    Officetally: Dinkin Flicka

    Officetally: Fleece it out

    Officetally: Where Fluffy Fingers solve all problems

  14. Are you looking for bloopers and spoilers? ‘Cause you’re not gonna find it in that box.

  15. 1) OfficeTally…What’s the scuttlebutt?

    2) If I had to choose between a one-night-stand with some stupid cow I pick-up in a bar, and these people? I’d pick them every time.

    3) OfficeTally…For you babe.

  16. Office Tally: We didn’t see where it started, we just saw where it ended

    Office Tally: It’s always left me satisfied (TWSS)

    Could you just say, “These are due back Thursday”

    Office Tally: Goin’ Mach 5!

    Office Tally: There was definitely less manure. I mean some manure…just less

    Office Tally: Where table making never seemed so possible

  17. Three words to describe OfficeTally:

    Hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable.

  18. Office Tally: Putting the Thunder back in Dunder!
    Office Tally: Putting the Wonder back in Dunder!

    Office Tally: Pippity poppity, give me the zoppity!

  19. OfficeTally: It made everything all right.

    OfficeTally: With extra zing and pep!

    We’re worth using the good peanut butter.

    I want to form an alliance with OfficeTally.

    Bibbity bobbity, give me the OfficeTally.

  20. OfficeTally: Indubitably devoted

    OfficeTally: Trying to raise awareness for georgeformanly grilled appendages

  21. OfficeTally: World’s Best Blog

    OfficeTally: I should probably get back to work.

    OfficeTally: In Well?

  22. Office Tally; it’s like we’re in high school and we’re at the cool table.

  23. OfficeTally: Basically Anything That is Awesome
    OfficeTally: How a Put-Put Golf Company Operates

  24. Office Tally Addicted since Feburary 2006.

    Office Tally: Over 2.8 Million Served.

  25. Got Office?

    Where Office fans make great lovers: JAM, Dwangela, Micholly

    Where everybody but Creed knows your name.

    Where everyone wonders why Creed needs three chairs.

  26. Officetally. It would energize me greatly and make me the happiest man in the world.

    Note: I don’t want to win a prize. But this contest is so much fun!

  27. OfficeTally: Because Lostpedia’s too complicated

    OfficeTally: Even better than beet salad

  28. I’m not *F5* obsessed, but *F5* I am *F5* a little-sessed.

    (In the original version I used addicted. That did not work well.)

  29. Office Tally: We’ll have the grilled chicken breast hold the chicken. – Just became self-aware. So much to figure out.

  30. Office Tally: Check-in time in now, check-out time is never.

    Office Tally: Multiple Dundie-award-winner for Best Fan Site.

    Office Tally: Giving us news from the Electric City.

  31. OfficeTally: Like an online Star Trek convention, same kind of obsession, but with more normal-ish kind of people.

  32. 1)We’re wise and have worms.
    2)We want people to be afraid of how much they love us.
    3)Guys, the Afghanistanannis.
    4)The groin of the internet.

    haha I’m actually in Canada too so I can’t win but just thought I’d enter for fun.

  33. OfficeTally: Where everyday is Pretzel Day.
    OfficeTally: Keep It Simple Stupid.
    OfficeTally: We have nifty gifties.. They are nifty!

    btw this contest is hilarious. all of these ideas are brilliant.

  34. Office Tally: It’s kick you in the crotch and spit in your face fantastic!

  35. Office tally: the first place I go in the morning after I turn on my Foreman grill

  36. I absolutely need to throw my full and total support behind #184 (jkfan9989) for this absolute gem:

    “Where Everybody But Creed Knows Your Name”

  37. Office Tally. Does it need to be liked? Absolutely not. It likes to be liked. It enjoys being liked. It have to be liked. But it’s not like this compulsive need to be liked, like it’s need to be praised.

    Office Tally, a support group for those who have dated Michael Scott publicly and collasped into themselves like a dying star.

    Office Tally, it’s nothing compared to how Michael looks at you.

    Everyone deserves prizes, these tag lines are AMAZING, everyone should be very proud!

  38. OfficeTally: An safe alternative to throwing yourself in front of a train.

    OfficeTally: How I Spent My Summer Hiatus

    OfficeTally: There’s a finale and a premiere-for everything in between, there’s OfficeTally.

    OfficeTally: We won’t leave you at a minor league hockey game.

    OfficeTally: Still safe from sexual predators

    OfficeTally: That has a nice ring to it!

    OfficeTally: For JAMaholics anonymous.

  39. grr. my last entry was too long. can i enter another? besides, this is fun! love it! (well here it is!)

    OfficeTally:Lovers of the childish, meek, and “jackhammer.”

    oh, dwight. (it was between insatiable and jackhammer.)

  40. Office Tally: Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

    Office Tally: So the big fella pulls out a sock filled with nickels, then Schrute grabs a can of hair spray and a lighter…

    Office Tally: Sometimes a guy’s gotta ride ride the Bull, am I right?

  41. OfficeTally: Won’t ruin 8th Grade for you

    OfficeTally: Somehow our pants became wet

    OfficeTally: We have such a solid foundation

    OfficeTally: Kate Flannery can’t feel pain

  42. Can I trust OfficeTally… I don’t know. Do I have a choice? — no, frankly, I don’t. Will I trust OfficeTally, yes. Should I trust OfficeTally … you tell me.

  43. OfficeTally: For people who throw garbage and get garbage thrown at them.

  44. Office Tally: It wants you to have all the urine you need.

  45. Officetally: Because Schrute Farms was Unavailible.

    Officetally: An Environment of Welcoming, but Don’t Get the Hell Out of Here

    Office Tally: Where it’s okay to be a nerd

    Office Tally: It Sucks…Reverse Psychology!!

    Office Tally: Because we’re AWESOME!

    Office Tally: A-W-E…S-O-M-E! Awesome, Awesome is whatt we are, we’re “The Office” super stars!

  46. Oh, sorry Tanster! The ONE tagline I would like to enter is:

    Officetally: It sucks…REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

    (sorry, i didn’t read the rules that carefully…)

  47. OfficeTally: All you can handle and no annoying sugar-high crash!

    OfficeTally: We’ll be back in two weeks. Off to Sandals Jamaica!

    OfficeTally: “No…it’s the summer, not another writer’s strike.”

    OfficeTally: Where McDreamy, Hiro and Jack Bauer get their Office fix.

    OfficeTally: Where Mose’s homepage would be if he had the intranetz.

    OfficeTally: We’re changing our image, so we’re growing a beard.

  48. OfficeTally:

    We love The Office more than a homemade oven mitt’s-worth.

  49. Office Tally: More Bears, Beets and Battlestar Galactica than you can shake a bobblehead at.

  50. T otally awesome website
    A wesome website
    L atest Office news
    L engthy interviews
    Y ou. Me. Beers. NAILED IT.

  51. OfficeTally: Because no one else understands.

    Since I don’t have a butler, I have OfficeTally.

  52. I have to save my one submission…still thinking. But I really like Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. and Absolutely I do. Nice.

  53. OfficeTally: Unavailable, fictional, and overqualified.

    OfficeTally: Actually… there is no counting.

    OfficeTally: Worth more than all the Shrute bucks and Stanley nickels in the world.

  54. Office Tally: Because fooling around on the web is much more fun than actually working at our jobs.

  55. I think it has to be a Jim quote. Or Dwight. Or Pam. Could be Michael. Or Kevin.

  56. Office Tally: It’s utterly Jam-tastic!

    Office Tally: Do you think Jenna’s on this site right now?

    Office Tally: Where Tanster is the Regional Manager.

  57. Oops…thanks for the reminder #245!

    I guess my ONE would be:

    Office Tally: Bringing news from the Electric City.

  58. Officetally: addition by subtraction.

    Officetally: I’m the lion. You’re dead.

    Officetally: where loyalty is valued the most.

  59. Office Tally: Because you shouldn’t have to wait for Thursday night.

  60. Office Tally: Because I love inside jokes and someday I want to be a part of one

    Office Tally: Can you imagine if we were deranged?

    Office Tally: Because nothing says, “I love you” like a teapot filled with inside jokes

    I don’t know which one to submit yet, but #240 and #223 are awesome!

  61. Dunder Mifflin- Where you trusted not to be trusting

    Dunder Mifflin- the home of the cool guys

    Dunder Mifflin- where being honest is over rated

    Dunder Mifflin- where an adult is a kid

  62. Office Tally: We trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Ever heard of it? It’s in New York.

  63. Office Tally: Supporting the theory that Ben Franklin was one of the sexiest presidents ever – 99% sure.

  64. Office Tally: Better than Tally of The Office.
    Office Tally: Providing viewers gift baskets, no cash.
    Office Tally: Where paper is still the future.
    Office Tally: Office Tally Infinity coming soon!

  65. Office Tally: It’s what’s for dinner.

    Office Tally: Ya done good kid, ya done good.

    Office Tally: This place is like sexy pre-school.

  66. OfficeTally: Where more people use cocaine than read a book to their children.

  67. I kinda like what you wrote up there…

    but here’s my version

    New Updates Coming. That’s what she said.

  68. I have to avoid reading any before I come up with them. I don’t want to repeat anything!

    OfficeTally: What the heck are you looking at? Oh right, the website.

    OfficeTally: If it’s good for Chuck Norris, it’s good for me!

    OfficeTally: It’s the least misspelled blog on the internet, and that’s saying something.

    I can’t think of anything else right now. I’m at work so I better get back. I hope one of these will help me to defend my crown!

  69. I totally skipped over the one entry per person thing. I’ll go with the following because it sucks up to website admin.

    OfficeTally: It’s the least misspelled blog on the internet, and that’s saying something.

  70. Where disliking The Office is considered a personality disorder.

  71. OfficeTally: Everything awesome about The Office – Is that braggy? I don’t mean it to be braggy.

  72. Office Tally: Where everyone is welcome to kill the “That’s what she said” joke.

  73. OfficeTally: Somewhere between Dedication and Obsession, you have OfficeTally.

  74. Office Tally: We know there’s no Hooters or Chilis in Scranton and that’s the way we like it

    Office Tally: Where we try to figure out who started first? Jim or Pam?

    Office Tally: We’ve never been protested by the Shoah Foundation

    I’m loving the pretzel day ones guys!!!!!

  75. We can only enter one, right? Because I see in the rules ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Just a heads up, and good luck, fellow Dunderheads!

  76. Office Tally: Works on two levels. “Welcome to Scranton” and “I love you.”

  77. I am sorry about entering too many guys!! I was too busy reading all of these great posts to read the rules – very naughty

  78. OfficeTally: Winner of 2 (or however many) Dundies for hottest website.


    OfficeTally: The Dundie-award winning website for all things Office.

  79. OfficeTally: “I’ve sat down next to Phylis’ stinky perfume for years.”

  80. OfficeTally: “I’m so scared when people don’t label their personal food.”

  81. These are SO awesome! They are extra awesome! I laughed out loud at “meet my eyeline jim”…also the one about the universe winning is great, too.

  82. Sorry, I didn’t read the rules closely enough and submitted too many in comment #184…so my one tagline submission is:

    Where everybody but Creed knows your name.

    These have all been so much fun to read–great contest!

  83. OfficeTally:
    Not affliated with the Ungrateful Bee-yotch Hotline.


    Where Dwight Shrute Happens…

  84. OfficeTally: #1 fansite for 13 of the last 12 months. You heard me right.

  85. #137 your entry made me spit coffee out of my mouth! lol

    Great contest Tanster!

  86. See you at space camp.

    Swaying is dancing after all.

    I guess I forgot to give you a donut.

    ***Don’t forget us when you’re famous***!!!

    Tanster, there is no way some of us can submit just one. It’s too fun. Also, I’m curious to know your favorites, at least the ones that make some kind of cut .

  87. These are freaking awesome.

    #365 is amazing. But I love the ungrateful byotch hotline reference and the homemade oven mitt one. Really nice.

  88. Office Tally: where coming in one extra saturday won’t prevent down sizing

  89. Seriously, these are so awesome. Tallyheads are a funny bunch! Great contest idea!

  90. After careful consideration, this is my final submission:

    Office Tally: Can you imagine if we were deranged?

  91. My favorite is tuna3’s: “If Tanster is dead, we’ve been dead for weeks.” But I can’t help trying to think of more.

    OfficeTally: Locked in the conference room, virtually.

    p.s. my other one should have been Magic Camp, not space camp. got it confused with Stranger Than Fiction. sorry!

  92. OfficeTally: the opposite of safety

    OfficeTally: because your condo is in America

    OfficeTally: which we realize is crass, but it’s our favorite lunch

    OfficeTally: here comes treble

  93. OfficeTally: it’s really incalculable (how would you spell how Michael says that?)

  94. Flooding the market with Schrutebucks.

    I bet you wish you were like this all the time.

    OfficeTally: their bread is VEry good

  95. not including the Office Tally: part..?

    Office Tally: We have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.

  96. OfficeTally: Two queens on casino night… And we’re going to drop a deuce on everybody.

  97. OfficeTally: Because we’re a friend first and a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.

  98. I’m still playing around with ideas… but I must say… these are hilarious! Here’s a few favorites:

    257 (by far the one that made laugh the hardest)

    Good luck picking out of this lot Tanster!

  99. I think my first may have been too long. Here’s a re-submission, if it’s allowed.

    OfficeTally: Yeah, oh.

  100. OfficeTally:
    I’m telling Michael.
    Laugh when you see me coming and applaud when I leave.

  101. Officetally: Where our favorite yogurt flavor is always mixed berries

  102. OfficeTally.Com- Because Scranton isn’t just a random town in Pennsylvania and Dunder-Mifflin doesn’t just make paper, it makes laughter too.

  103. OfficeTally- Underestimate us and you must face Dwight, or even worse. Dwight’s cousin.

  104. These are so great, I really like a lot of them but my favorites are:
    200 your 1st one, 197 your 2nd one and 119 your second one.
    I have a lot of favorites!

  105. I think someone might have submitted a similar one to me so if that one doesn’t count here is a back up:

    OfficeTally: Its somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther.

  106. correction… I put the wrong word

    OfficeTally: The cure for your elbow protuberance.

  107. OfficeTally: Like a beautiful day at the beach, filled with sun, surf, and diligent note-taking.

  108. Officetally: Because we don’t have to mark it’s arm with a marker to tell it apart from the other Office websites

  109. Office Tally: Numerous health benefits: strengthens your back, better performance at sports, more enjoyable sex.

  110. OfficeTally: Blood alone moves the wheels of history!

    OfficeTally: Life is so great, you literally want a second one.

    OfficeTally: Nothing fancy or foreign, no bars, no patios, no vegetables, and no seafood.

  111. Office Tally: We need to be updating you as much as we’re updating you.

  112. Hey Tanster! I entered comment 47. I, however, realized that I would like to word it a little differently. Here is my new phrasing:

    Officetally: Where we’re all Little Kid Lovers at the OTCR.

  113. OfficeTally.Com- We’re in double jepordy so we’re fine. Sorry, What is we’re fine?

  114. I too would like to reword my original entry (#192), to this:

    No, I’m *F5* not obsessed. *F5* Uh, yeah *F5* I’m obsessed.

  115. whoops, that should’ve been “won’t that just shed more light ‘ON’ The office.”


  116. OfficeTally: We’re best friends. We hang out a ton, mostly online.

  117. Office Tally: Warning – may cause pretendinitis and spontaneous dental hydroplosion.

    Office Tally: Goes well with grape soda and PB&J

    Office Tally: We’re really into moms

    Office Tally: Jim gives it five ‘wow’s

  118. hey thanks Tanster for letting us post more than one, even if it will disqualify us. Some of the ones I’ve been suggesting are not even contenders, but it is so fun to try to come up with more.

    Officetally: We must deceive them, so as not to hurt them, and it that way, we honor them.

  119. Pam claims she saw it one day when she was alone in the conference room. “OK.”

  120. OfficeTally: Dunder-Mifflin’s BFF

    OfficeTally: A Dunder-Heads/Tan Monster joint

  121. Office Tally: for middle-aged black men with sass

    I know it disqualifies me – but:

    Office Tally: for people who can drive their own car

    Office Tally: for nine-toed mungbean growing kleptomaniacs

    Office Tally: for the cat-lovers who wear a kids’ size 10

    Office Tally: for Wonderkids with beards

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