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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending June 15.


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Shy Puppet, Cute Photo

B.J. Novak Shy Puppet

Shy Puppet and friend at Caroline’s, New York.


  1. oh my gosh, the Office meets Dark Knight thing is great! For once, the Office seems scary ;) then i thought about it and i just ended up cracking up at it.

  2. Cute picture! I was at the Caroline’s show, but my pictures came out blurry.

    Caroline’s has a strict no-photography rule, but at the end of B.J.’s “Shy Puppet” bit, he announced that the rule was temporarily lifted. He wanted everyone to take pictures and post them on the internet so that when people search “B.J. Novak” they get pictures of him and the puppet. So funny!

  3. Are we placing bets for how many different outfits Steve wears in these appearances? Will we see a return of the legendary jacket from the last round?

  4. Jenna said she’s going to be on the show for one more year. Is that when her contract expires or is she only planning on being on for another year?

  5. Anchorman sequel??? Yes, please! I love lamp… I mean, Brick. It’s that movie’s fault I fell in love with Mr. Carell and started watching The Office in the first place. A sequel with lots of Office cast member cameos would be amazing!

  6. I think things are decided one season at a time since there is no way to tell until probably toward the end of each season whether or not it would be successful for another season. And I believe Jenna said, like Steve and John, that she would be on until the very end despite any rises in her film star status.

    Speaking of which, I know she starts filming season five next month, I believe, but I wonder if she has been approached to be in any movies, since, looking at imdb, there isn’t anything else on her plate besides the show. I know she hated traveling back and forth between Chicago and Los Angeles to do both The Office and The Promotion simultaneously, but what if she was offered a part in a movie that was going to be filmed in Los Angeles? Maybe, Tanster, you could figure this out for us. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Rainn will be presenting at the Much Music Video Awards on Sunday June 15th. But since it’s usually repeated, check your local listings!

  8. “Compared to people who educate our kids and turn them into responsible adults, I know that I am so overpaid.”

    Argh! This has always been a reason I don’t respect show business too much and am careful to praise actors too much. Art is priceless and we need it, but if you know you’re grossly overpaid, you can always refuse the money and take only what you think is an appropriate amount. Donate the rest. If you realize the backwards-ness of it, do something about it!

    Stepping off my soapbox now…


  9. Beets-

    Angela said they did a photoshoot with Isabel. It’ll be out June 30th. I can’t remember what magazine but I’m assuming People.

  10. I must say, after emailing my fan report in, I definitely thought it would never be used because I decided to unleash every bad word in my excitement.. and then I tried to clean it up but it’s still NSFW, haha. WIN.

    And I freaked out when I saw my name on here. Just a little ;-)

    [from tanster: your report was very funny, profanity and all! :) ]

  11. Great Creed Thoughts this week. And congrats to Tanster – this is one of the largest Weekend Tallys ever (TWSS) and it’s the off-season – way to go!

  12. Steve was on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday…while I thought Anne Hathaway’s description of Steve as “just the most wonderful, squishy, muffiny, pumpkin, rock star, amazing person you’ll ever meet” was a bit weird, it was a good interview. I’m looking forward to “Get Smart”!


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