OfficeTally to be acquired by NBC Universal

Hi Tallyheads,

I wanted to announce that effective June 1st, OfficeTally will be joining the NBC Universal family.

I have been in discussions with NBC about this ever since going down to Los Angeles to picket with some of The Office writers. The deal was finalized late last week.

What does this mean for OfficeTally? — there will be a few changes to the site:

  • The OfficeTally Chat Room will be integrating two other NBC Thursday night shows — namely, My Name Is Earl and 30 Rock.
  • The Season 4 and Season 5 spoiler posts will no longer be updated as spoilers are against our parent company’s policy.
  • The OfficeTally Calendar will no longer list cast appearances on ‘Letterman’ or other non-NBC vehicles.
  • Consistent with other content, comments about deleted scenes will be geo-filtered so that only U.S. Tallyheads can read them.
  • Lastly, and even though this is something I’ve tried to avoid since OfficeTally started, ads will be incorporated into the OfficeTally page design.

There is a brief announcement about the OfficeTally acquisition at (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Thanks for your patience and support during this time! — Jennie

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  1. 4/5 of those changes sound pretty bad. I come here for all those extras that NBC can’t give us!

  2. Is it just me, or does this incorporation with NBC kind of suck? Stay independent OT!

  3. Jennie-

    I’m excited about the success of Officetally; however, as an avid fan of The Office, I can’t say that I’m too excited about some of the changes. :(

  4. Well Tanster, I am going to go out on a limb here and say you had me going until I followed the link to the Racine April Fool’s Day page. Nice one!

  5. Wow. I totally forgot to today was April Fool’s! I nearly had a heart attack. Well done!

  6. I agree with LIndsey– I’m thrilled for the success of this site, but I REALLY do not like the idea of NBC buying it. The changes sound pretty bad.

  7. April Fools!! You can’t trick me jennie, it’s awesome that you got nbc to go in on it though :D

  8. I love that Officetally has become so successful but as the others pointed out above I come here to check out the extras that I can’t get on I come here to get filled in on all things The Office (including appearances on non-NBC shows) and now with this change I won’t be able to. The only change I like is that the chat room is adding Earl and 30 Rock.
    Still good luck.

  9. We all love you Jennie but aren’t these changes going to make OT completely different? Like everyone else has said, I come here for what NBC can’t give us. I wish I could say that I was happy and support the changes but it just doesn’t seem quite right.

  10. Having met you and learned about how much time and money (out of your own pocket) you’ve been putting into this site, I can hardly blame you. Is it ideal for us? No. But you have been so tremendous for the past few years, and I know you have good reason for making this decision. I will continue to wear my OfficeTally t-shirt with pride!

  11. I think this news will die down by tomorrow, which, if I recall correctly, is April 2nd.

  12. Nothing Gold Can Stay-
    Thanks for working so hard on the site independently for so long. Best of luck with NBC. OfficeTally will be missed by many.

  13. Wow. I can understand why, but I’m very sad about this. I love this site for all of the things that will no longer be. I don’t know if I’ll really have any interest in coming back without the spoilers and the cast updates. And ads? Wow. I mean, geeze, I would have donated to keep it ad-free had I known it was going to go that route. I’m glad on a personal level for you Tanster, but as far as the integrity of the site, I feel it’s gone.

  14. Keep NBC’s greedy little fingers out of the OT cookie jar. I don’t like the changes that will be made.

  15. Wait… this has got to be an April Fool’s joke. The Office’s page is all April-fooled out.

  16. Good for you, Jennie! I wish we could keep the spoilers, but hey, I will probably enjoy the element of surprise. I just can’t resist those spoilers…

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  17. Score another one for the giant networks.

    Too bad. I’ll miss this place.

  18. Heh… nice one, Tanster. If NBC Universal was so blah about everyone’s else networks, they probably wouldn’t have let John, Angela, and Brian promote LTW, a WB film.

  19. Hahaha, good one Tanster. I almost believed it for a second. Guys, don’t forget that the NBC page is April Fool’s themed… :D

  20. Extremely disappointed. Ads? Don’t mention the competition? No spoilers? So, what’s left exactly? Everything I love about this site will be gone. Sad to see the end. Thanks for your efforts up to this point though.

  21. I seriously feel like I am going to cry. OT has always been like the office mothership and now I just feel like it is just a webpage of NBC… I know OT won’t be gone or anything, but it definitely won’t be the same anymore.I don’t mean to hate on you, Tanster, you did what every smart person in your position would do… But it’s just not the same :(

  22. Tanster,
    Good for you personally, congratulations. That was a really savvy business move. David Wallace would have given you Jan’s job for that. :) Will you still be directly involved in the site?
    I do really believe that the appeal of this site lies in the ability to operate outside of the ‘official promotions’ aspect. Please try to stay as independent as possible without putting yourself in jeopardy.
    Good luck.

  23. WOW, That kinda sucks a lot. I didn’t think that you would ever give in to the giant companies that run the world. Oh well, I guess someone else will have to make a site with all the cool stuff that is going to be disallowed by NBC. That sucks. Especially the part about chat. It is Office Tally, not Office Tally, oh yeah and Earl and 30Rock Tally. Well bye.

  24. Oh, stop, everyone! Look at your wall. Is there a calendar there? Good. Now look at what date it is today…. Are you there yet?

    Tanster’s doin’ a little messin’…

  25. I am hoping this is just an April Fools joke, but if it is not, I will go ahead and take Office Tally out of my favorites. If I wanted to go to an NBC website I would just go to Sad day indeed if it is true. Once again the almighty dollar speaks and the big guy wins. RIP OfficeTally

  26. Coincidence that it’s April 1st? Although that notice posting would make it one well co-ordinated April Fools…

  27. I will miss what was OfficeTally, the spoilers and extra stuff. This was our little underground world that no one had infiltrated. This reminds me of when REM sold out to Warner Bros. Best wishes to you Tanster. Thanks for all you’ve done. You definitely have raised the bar.

  28. Uh…any chance this is an elaborate April Fools joke?

    If not, thanks for everything you’ve done with the site, Tanster…but we’ll really really miss the current OT! :(

  29. am i the only one that read this and instantly thought ‘this is an april fools joke????’

    whenever i read something that pisses people off, thats the first indication of april fools. it doesn’t even have to pass the believability test in my opinion. its all about getting the biggest rise out of people.

  30. WHAT???? R U KIDDING ME? is one of my favorite sites. You are totally killing the blog’s atmosphere and effectiveness by incorporating it in Since i am foreigner i am also outraged by this unprecedented action cause this site has been my only source for news and spoilers.
    Shame on you tally…

  31. Oh wait! Is this April fool Tanster?
    This is a really bad joke if it is. Do I get a cookie if I’m right??

  32. Given today’s date, I think I’ll take a “wait and see” attitude towards this development.

  33. Wow…ok.

    What happens to Mosby and me? Do we still get to be mods?

    This makes me feel like I have a hole in my tummy.

  34. is this seriously not an April Fools joke???? This has to be an April Fools joke…

  35. I encourage all OT fans to take a deep breath and relax and be considerate before calling Jennie names or criticizing her decision. This decision was in her best interest. She doesn’t owe you Officetally in its current state.

  36. I think this is wonderful news. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this fool will keep reading OfficeTally.

  37. Okay, I freaked out a little by the thought of all of those changes, but then I saw the announcement on “ now officially absorbed by the sheinhardt wig/GE/NBC/Universal family of companies.” April Fool’s, right? On 30 Rock NBC is a subsidiary of the Sheinhardt Wig Company.

    If I’m just being hopeful, and this isn’t a joke, best of luck and congrats on your success Tanster.

  38. Ummm… I was all ready to get up in arms about this, then I remembered what day it is.

    Please be fooling us!

  39. That’s a pretty big accomplishment to get picked up by a big media site like that, but, well, like most of my fellow commenters, the biggest attractions to this site will be lost.

    Alas, I cannot attack you with the North, but I can say farewell.

  40. This is so sad! This is my favorite site and I am sad to see it go the corporate way. I guess that means the competition will be able to take over and give us what we can’t get here. Good luck to all your other sites, I’ll be keeping an eye on you!

  41. Is it just me or do I smell an April Fool’s Joke? …maybe it’s just my wishful thinking…

  42. This was a good place for information guess its time to start looking for somewhere else.

  43. Okay after going to the Office NBC website, It’s an April Fools joke. I’m 100% positive. Nice one!!!!

  44. Will cast appearances on things other than tv shows (Craig and BJ’s standup and Kate’s Lampshades for example) still go in the calendar?

    Definitely a smart business-move all around and I would have done the same thing, but yeah, fans are going to end up going elsewhere for the stuff they enjoy the most…

  45. Could this possibly be an April Fool’s joke that you and NBC cooked up together? If so, you totally got me. If not…well…I’m sad to see this place go. Don’t like the changes being made at all. :-(

  46. The biggest disappointment is that I live in Canada and already can’t view the deleted scenes. Thanks for nothing. OfficeTally will no longer be on my favourites list.

  47. Sammy Chang,

    Good for tanster but we are the fans that also helped Officetally build the rep that it has become so you have to understand our disapointment that it will just be another NBC “plug the office” site

  48. Wishing you well, Tanster, but I’ll really miss OT in its present form.

  49. Hmmm…these comments are moderated, and I haven’t seen one YET reminding everyone that today’s April Fool’s, so I’m going to attempt to post a reminder, but I suspect it won’t make it through.

    If so, that’s fine by me. Silly people who don’t pay attention to the calendar deserve what they get. :-)

  50. “Our parent company” made me laugh out loud. As a lover of “30 Rock”, I have to say, “Sheinhardt Wig” was a nice touch, but also given today’s date, gave it away for me. Nobody else got it?!?

  51. Um, maybe it’s an April Fools joke?

    Good for you personally, though, Tanster. It just sucks that we’ll all have nowhere to get our news about appearances by our favorite Dunder Mifflinites on non-NBC talk shows. Where will we get videos of appearances? Sad as a fan of the show, but I have to say, if I were you Tanster, I would have done the same. Congrats on your success!

  52. OK like the others I am quite sad to read the changes. I always found OT a very trusted source for spoilers and cast information but, sadly, the most exceptionnal about this side is gone.

    Hey wait a minute, is this an april fools joke????

  53. Good for you, Tanster. That’s a big deal. I’ll miss OT the way it is, but I’ll still stop by!

  54. Oh Jennie, congratulations! I felt like this site was my family dinner table where I can discuss everything about my favorite show. Office Tally as it was will be missed dearly but I understand you had to do what was best for you. In the words of Pam, “don’t forget us when you become famous!”

  55. Lame. So-long Office Tally.

    While I understand from a business perspective (you’re probably getting paid for the site now) It’s lame that you have had to give up everything that made the site good. I hope the volume of comments (so far all negative) will show you this move is not a good thing for the fans.

  56. Is this an April Fool’s joke? I thought I would ask.

    If this is true, I’m a little sad but I respect your decision to do what you want with your website?

  57. At first I thought: This really doesn’t sound like a good idea!!
    But then I thought: Hey, wait a minute it’s April 1…

    ..possibly, maybe this is just a joke?

  58. Well, as I see it, once all these changes are made there will be no reason to come back here anymore. I don’t blame you for selling it, I probably would have done the same thing. However, I’m going to look elsewhere for Office info… if I just wanted what NBC is going to tell me, I’d go to

  59. All I’m trying to do right now is figure out which of you guys really fell for this, and which of you are collaborators!

  60. ok I clicked the link and

    tanster: really great joke
    you really scared me:-)
    I knew it couldnt be true

  61. i would assume this is an April Fools joke since the whole rest of the NBC Office website is April Fools stuff…

  62. While I’ll miss OT as is, and I will definitely miss the spoilers, I think it’s great that you’ve done so well independently Tanster and that you can now be rewarded for that hard work. Congrats on the big merger!

  63. Wow. Good job. At least the link goes to the Office April Fools site and you didn’t just rickroll us. :) Happy April 1, Tanster!

  64. It’s dissapointing to hear that the Office Tally I have come to love will no longer be in the same format. I will join others in finding another site for my office fix. You are a very smart business woman, good luck to you.

  65. WOW, OfficeTally has officially went down the tubes, everything that made it worth while is now gone…this sucks. As 24 put it “Office Tally is dead”, its basically become a lame extension of the NBC site. Why would I come back here if there were no spoilers, no appearance updates, 30 rock? Earl?

    This is one good april fools joke!

  66. After all your hard work on this site, and trust me, it is tremendously appreciated, this is a wonderful accomplishment to get recognition on such a high level. Even though I only started actually commenting recently (thanks to Sandy’s encouragement after meeting him at the VW dealer), I have been visiting the site for a long time. I’ll definitely miss the current format, but I cannot blame you for doing what you’re doing. Congratulations and best wishes!

  67. Oh so sad
    So much for this being my homepage….outside of the US I won’t even be able to access a lot of info !
    Good luck Jennie, and thanks for all your hard work over the years…you deserve this reward.
    How about Office Tally 2 ?!

  68. I agree completely with Sprinkles, the whole point I (a canadian) come to Officetally is to get things I cannot get on the NBC website, i understand Jennie’s financial concerns and obligations, but she has lost my patronage from now on, which for me is sad since i come here almost once a day (sometimes many more)

  69. i can’t believe it! how were you talking to nbc executives when you were picketing them?

    i don’t know how you did it, but good luck~

  70. Nice try. April Fools!!! I know a website that did this joke last year. :D

  71. People, I don’t think this is real. It’s April Fool’s Day, after all. The “notice” on NBC’s site says that OT has been absorbed by the Sheinhart Wig/GE/NBC/Universal family of companies (if you watch 30 Rock, you’ll get the joke).

    I’m guessing this comment will get poofed by Tanster, because it’s far too early in the day to spoil the joke. But, Jennie, I have to say, this is brilliant! And I’m sorry people are being so mean to you. Good one!

  72. wow. that totally blows, talk about selling out…i’m really dissapointed. i guess someone else will have to start a “real” fan site with spoilers, no adds, and non-bias…aka listing all cast appearances not just nbc special interest ones!

  73. If it isn’t then this is terrible news. Though now I won’t go into the episodes knowing what they are about which is nice.

  74. yeah i guess everyone understands why you did it. its probably very lucrative for you. but you totally screwed the fans…and we’re not going to go to your site anymore, we are going to go where we can get what we want.

  75. Why do I have a funny feeling this is an April Fools joke. At least I HOPE it’s an April Fools joke!

  76. Way to sell out, Jennie. The whole point of coming to this website is to find all the things about the Office that you can’t easily find out anywhere else, namely What if you had done this before the strike? Imagine how stifled and censored you would have been. Enjoy the money though, and good luck keeping the majority of your audience.

  77. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who sees this change as selling out. I understand that it is probably the best decision for you… but this will be my last visit to the site.

    Good luck to you. It was a lot of fun while it lasted!

  78. I can’t blame you, but it’s an incredibly sad day for the fans. I hope they’re paying you a lot.

  79. I am assuming that I am not the only one crying foul…considering what today is?

  80. Congrats to you on a personal level. I’m guessing when you started this site, it wasn’t with the idea of selling out–but when the opportunity arose, it was too good to turn down. OTOH, I do feel you’ve sold out the OT fans who’ve helped establish your reputation. I guess it’s back to Television Without Pity for the real Office news.

  81. Michael would never have done this. Definitely a Jan thing to do. Sorry to lose such a cool resource.

  82. Wow, I can’t believe how many people are falling for this! You’re hilarious, Tanster.

  83. Yeah… It’s April first. Has that timing been lost on all of you who are posting? GMMR did this last year.

  84. Seeing as the page is decked out for April fools…. I hope this is part of the april fools gag….

    Otherwise, Im kinda sad….

  85. Wow… can’t believe it… 50+ comments and no one considering the fact that this whole thing might just be one big…

    APRIL FOOL!!!!!

    Nice one, tanster… you almost had us!!

  86. All the changes sound terrible. There’s a reason I went here and not The ads are much less worrisome than the other changes, so I’m surprised you singled that one out.

  87. This sure as heck better be an April Fools joke! please tell me it’s not true!!!!!!!

  88. This has to be Fake, why would NBC buy officetally and make it basically the same as their site, it makes no sense.

  89. Great news. except for one small thing … I live for spoilers!

  90. Take it easy, folks. Can you imagine how hard it must be to keep up this site? How time consuming it must be? I’m surprised she was able to do it by herself as long as she did.

    Please take it easy on Jennie. Those of you who are calling her ‘selfish’ need to take a look in the mirror. I don’t think you realize how much work and time goes into this site. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    I’ll be a little sad to see the changes, but I support you, Tanster. We’ve all got to do what we’ve got to do to maintain a happy, balanced life.

  91. Wow….I really almost thought this was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m pretty sure its not. This really is a sad day. I understand you’re doing whats best for you Jennie, but I will miss the site the way it was, particularly spoilers.

  92. The reasons I loved the site were 1. Spoilers 2. no adds. So umm…I guess I’ll go elsewhere.

    Being Canadian, and NBC being anti-Canadian I guess I’ll have to find another site to get my Office updates.

    I am very very very very very sad to read this.

  93. Jon, EXACTLY. The ads would have been the easiest thing on that list to deal with. It’s the internet, we all have to deal with barrages of ads everyday. Jennie, maybe if you had put some ads on this site before now you wouldn’t have had to sell out.

  94. Like most others posting, I’m sad to hear this news. While I’m sure it’s a lucrative move for you, Tanster, it’s unfortunate for those of us who love the site. What’s the point in coming to OfficeTally if it’s not really OfficeTally anymore? I’m not interested in’s content, which is why I come here.

    Sorry to see you sell out. So long.

  95. Wow….. what a crowd of downers. : ( although I must say the first bullet point about the OTCR just about made my heart drop to my feet for a minute.

    Happy Tuesday Tanster :) Well played…

    and go Racine!!

  96. Wait, seriously? No one realizes this is an April Fool’s prank? Or am I being pranked by everyone pretending to take it seriously? :)

  97. I agree with everyone’s sentiment–

    On a personally level for you, what a great business deal. You have done a fantastic job and are really appreciated in the fan community.

    But as a fan it’s disappointing. This site is going to change, and not for the better.

    Best of luck to you, Tanster! :)

  98. How dare each and every one of you! This site has been great, and Jennie deserves all of this success. For you to sit here and blast her for this is disgusting. Yeah I know selling the site to NBC means a change, but in the words of Michael Scott, “Adapt, react, readapt, apt.”

  99. Wow, you definitely have a lot of people fooled, including me. At least you know how many people love this site for the way it is :)

  100. I agree, sell out!

    While it’s nice to rake in some cash from the big company…what about what officetally really is?!

    It is popular for a reason…mostly all the things that are changing. *sigh*

  101. I understand. But this is pretty lame. I hate to say it, but I’m probably going to find another go-to site for my office fix. If I wanted to get NBC’s filtered down version of what’s up with our show, I’d just go to the site they already have.

    Bad news. I understand that you deserve to get paid for what you do, but I’m not interested in a watered down version of the Tally.

  102. wow…lots of rude responses, but i do completely agree. then again you have been so selfless for so long, i’m sure this was purely a business move.

    just want nbc to know that we’ll have to find some other place to go.

  103. I am really sad to hear all this, but…
    It IS April Fool’s Day people: could this all be just a cruel joke?!? I really hope so!!!
    If not, I came here because it was so much better than NBC – more info, great archives, and fun interaction between fans about spoilers. If it is a joke (like I really hope it is) well played, Jennie.

  104. I assume that this comment will not pass moderation, to keep the joke going.. Despite frequently visiting OfficeTally over the past few years, I’ve never commented before, but I must say- brilliant April Fool’s Day joke! My heart sank for the first two lines before I realized it was too sad to be true (this is from someone who got up in the wee hours of the morning to pull a prank). Love the site!

  105. I’m pretty sure this is an April Fool’s Joke.

    But we’re all taking it the way Pam did when Michael told her she was fired in the pilot.

  106. Congratulations, I guess.
    But I also agree with others that you have sold-out on us hardcore fans. The reason we come here is b/c we can’t find this stuff (like spoilers and calendar dates/appearances) on I don’t think you’ll have as many visitors to your (new) site now.
    I hope you enjoy your money.
    p.s. This totally ruined my day.

  107. Today is a sad sad day. I really came to rely on OT during the strike. It’s sad to see this come. I am afraid to see the censorship of content for NBC’s benefit. This website already benefited NBC. It gave us a chance to be closer with the show and its actors. I completely understand why you did this, I would have done the same, but sadly, the time has come. I hope for an OT #2!!! That’s all I can wish for.

  108. This is a joke people, calm down, its April fools day, an elaborate joke considering she got NBC.COM in on it.

  109. Congratulations, tanster! I loved the independent feel of OT, but I think the deal is going to good for the site in the long run. I can’t imagine how expensive it is to run a site like this. Your decision to go under the banner of NBC/Universal makes sense.

    As a moderator on the NBC message boards for The Office, I can say the NBC Universal family is a warm and welcoming one. Welcome to the family! :-)

  110. Jennie Tan, you are a jerk. I’m sorry, but when did it become okay to stop serving a large community of fans and start thinking about yourself? I, for one, will NEVER visit if you make the switch. I hereby declare this post Comment Signature One on the “Keep OfficeTally Legit” petition. People, if we get enough comment signatures, we can totally get Tanster to stay. Let’s use the power of the internet for good! Damn the man! Add your name to my petition list!

    Line one: Jeff Grellman

  111. April fools? What’s sad is that it’s probably serious. Good for jennie for making what is probably fat cash, but it just shows that this site was always one step away from being a tool of The Man. No shocker.

  112. Tallyheads – IT IS A JOKE!!!!!
    Follow the link – it’s all about April Fools!!! (I was really confused about the two additional shows in the chat.) Well played, Jennie! And now you know how much the fans love this site – don’t ever change!!!

  113. Wait a minute… is this just a really good April Fool’s Joke? I really, really hope so!

  114. RELAX GUYS! I am 100% positive this is an April’s Fool joke, follow the link. Oh my gosh Jennie, you might regret this tomorrow. lol.

  115. Am I seriously the only person commenting who realizes that this post is coming out on April 1st? I do believe that this is a quite effective April Fool’s Day joke…

  116. Like others, I have mixed emotions about this. But I know how much you love this show and this site, so I know you have the best of reasons for making this decision. I’ll still be visiting daily.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for all Tallyheads. Congratulations on all your well-deserved success! :)

  117. I can’t believe how huge this is.

    Michael: “That’s what she said”

    People, remember that is a website about a comedy tv show.



  118. dude, guys.


    why would “officetally” be a chatroom of the other NBC shows?

    NBC wouldnt acquire a fansite like this. It doesn’t make sense.

  119. Aaaaahhhh!
    Please tell me this isn’t true.
    I can’t believe you
    Let this happen.

    Fine, I hope you enjoy your money.
    Only don’t wonder why no one visits
    Office Tally anymore.

  120. jesus, people, chill out.

    1) If Jennie were able to make some significant money off a deal like this, then more power to her. You are not entitled to a The Office fan site from her

    2) It’s a damn joke

  121. I’m calling April Fools. I mean, the announcement on The Office site mentions Sheinhardt Wig, which is the fictional parent company of GE on 30 Rock. And, well, just look at the Office page in general.

    Good one Jennie/NBC.

  122. This is a very sad day. It sounds just like what has now, nothing interesting. I doubt I’ll still visit the site if these changes happen.

  123. Wait, have we established whether this news is real or not? I was under the impression this was an April Fool’s Joke. If this is real, I find this incredibly disappointing, but I guess this is just how it goes…. Corporate America strikes again!

    If this is real, then congratulations Jennie. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this site, and I hope you have been rewarded handsomely by NBC. I wish you well.

    But really, I hope this is just a joke. A cruel cruel joke!

  124. My heart is broken. Living in the UK we’ve got nothing about The Office over here and this site was my only connection to what was going on! The geo-filters only add to our frustration. We’re only just getting Season 3 over here and miss out on so much. Not getting to know about where the actors are going to be appearing is also a real downer. All you Tallyheads – don’t forget us poor UK fans.

  125. I take it back. I fell hook, line, and sinker. :D

    Check the link, people… apparently OT was bought out by the Sheinhardt Wig Company.

    Well played, Tanster.

  126. This is a sad day. I just deleted OfficeTally from my favorites and unsubscribed from the RSS feed. This will be my last visit, thanks for all the good times :(

  127. Ok tanster I am standing in for you, because I trust you:
    Obviously you dont know which day it is


    aka its fake!

  128. If this is April Fool’s, then congratulations, you got all of us. But this is highly elaborate if it is. Also, pretty mean.

    If not, good luck. We’ll miss the site.

  129. Geez, if this really is an April Fools prank, Jim Halpert would be proud….and, alot of people will be hanging their heads in shame that they spouted off without waiting. Personally, it would be bad for me as I’m Canadian but I definitely can see how much work this would take and don’t blame her. C’mon people, try to be a little less mean. No name calling ok?

  130. As long as Sheinhardt Wigs is a sponsor, it’s all good. Do you get to sponsor an Office Tally little league team too?

  131. This is hilarious that people think it’s real. Doesn’t anyone here belong to DMI? Or own a calendar? Good one, though, Jennie!

    Hope people really don’t delete you from their favorites; this site is the best!

  132. Yeech. Goodbye, OT. It was nice knowing you. No hard feelings. I get the need for money, so congrats. Anybody know of another good Office site like this that I can switch to?

  133. It was nice knowin’ ya, Office Tally. Corporate websites suck.

  134. Well, it was a nice run while it lasts. I’ve deleted OfficeTally from my favorites. No use for it now. Enjoy your money.

  135. As always, OT is a great site.
    Please try and keep independent!
    Regardless, great work on the site
    I’ll still visit daily.
    Listen not to these people who say mean things.

    For once I’m ashamed of my fellow Office watchers.
    Only a Two & A Half Men site could be worse now!
    Okay, so seriously!
    Look people, some of you should grow up!
    So, good luck, tanster!

  136. I’m guessing this is a big April Fool’s prank (the NBC site says OT was bought by the “Sheinhardt wig company,” a big joke on “30 Rock.”

    If it’s a joke, well played, tanster.
    If not, I’m gonna need Pam to come in here and film one of my apology videos as I say sorry that I won’t be stopping by very often anymore.

  137. Okay, guys – this is just a joke!

    On the NBC page it says that OfficeTally has been absorbed by The Sheinhardt Wig/GE/NBC family of companies. Sheinhardt Wig is a fictional company from 30 Rock! We can relax – NBC is just in on the joke with Jennie.

    Boy you guys are gonna feel bad for all the mean things you said to her! :)

  138. Oh, another thing to point out. You started talking about this deal when the writers were on strike (aka when NBC wasn’t supporting the writers)?!?! Well, if you did picket with the writers, this cancelled it out. Couldn’t you have at least waited to talk to NBC until after the strike was over? So much for respecting the writers.

  139. So basically the website is going to be office site number 2. I think you need to explain what will be there and the differences between the two websites b/c I’m not seeing anything.

    You don’t know how much information I get from the site (appearances) that won’t be there anymore.

    Have fun spending all your money.

  140. WOW. The gullibility (it’s a word; I looked it up) abounds!

    Nice work on a well-conceived and well-executed AF day joke, Tanster!

  141. Yes, Tanster, you’ve sold out! Good for you, bad for us. Hopefully someone else will step up and create an Office-Tally-like site that doesn’t serve the corporate interests and isn’t constrained about giving us the real scoop and allowing us to express our true opinions.

  142. I guess everybody has a price! Running a fan site should be for the fans, it should not be about the bottom dollar.

  143. Yeah, i think everyone that is all worked up should go visit the link provided in the article.

  144. Guess I can take this site off my RSS Feed. You had something good, then got greedy. Thanks for the info while it lasted.

  145. Maybe this IS a joke. I forgot about April Fool’s Day.

    Surely that’s what it is…

  146. i’m keeping my fingers crossed this is a very well played april fool’s joke.

  147. Kosh: No kidding! I’ve been saying since the beginning that this was an APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE but I guess everyone’s tears are blinding them from reading the other comments.

  148. Guys, are you serious?


    Of course this isn’t real. Ha.

  149. Hahaha APRIL FOOL’S! Wow Tanster, you sure got some of these guys… they’re really upset! :) You even had me going for a minute.

  150. seriously tanster, they should hire you as a writer. absolutely brilliant april fool’s joke!

  151. Since I know what day it is today I think I can remain calm until tomorrow and I suggest that everyone else does as well. If this “news” is still here tomorrow, then I’ll worry. ;-)

  152. Agreed, 201. Ye of little faith should have…more faith. (I was kidding about my apology video–I’m stuck with OT like Ryan’s stuck with Kelly. Heh)

  153. I can no longer go on living. This is the single most devastating news I have ever heard in my whole life. My whole world has been destroyed.

  154. If this is true, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. But thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

    But seriously, guys, look carefully at the whole page. Please say this is an April fools joke Tanster!!!!!

  155. Oh wait. It is real. Terrible timing to announce this Officetally.

    Sucks that you sold out.

  156. Yikes!

    Some of you guys need a time out, I think. Or maybe all of the negative comments are April Fools jokes themselves?

    You know, like this story? :-p

    Yeah… that must be it.

  157. Wow… that about sums is up. I will miss the establishment-free environment that this site provided for me. I glad that you, Tanster, had enough consideration to inform us that the changes would take place. I hope that the site finds support anyway, although, I can’t say it will come from me.

    I am a fan of 30 Rock as well… but for it to disturb the community we have here is an outrage! I always respected you for not contaminating this site with advertisements. It was one solace from the Corporate big wigs who are throwing “BUY US NOW” ads down our throats.

    Lastly, I will still frequent the site until said changes occur. After that, who knows. It’s nebuloes.

    So long,


  158. This kinda sucks.
    But, hey, it’s your site and you can do everything you want with it.

    Oh, wait.
    You won’t now.

  159. This would be a fantastic April Fool’s joke. However, I don’t think it is, and I am sad. Thanks for everything you did and I hope they (NBC) made it worth your while to sell.

  160. I really hope this is a April fools’ thing… if not then waggy from sweden thank you for a great fansite while it lasted, take care! bye

  161. I’m sorry, but has no one considered what day it is? Or looked at how the Sheinhardt Wig Company has absorbed OT? Come on.

  162. This is either the most genius April Fools prank ever, or the saddest day of my life…

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first one…

  163. You know, I can’t help but notice what day this info was leaked on…

  164. I’m so confused. Is this a joke? Tanster please set the record straight! You can’t play games with us!

  165. From the comments left am I to believe that nobody has checked their calendar? If not the sarcasm-radar Jim sent me must be broken.

  166. Hmmm…
    I’m fairly new to this site, but I’m not thrilled over this news. Can’t guarantee that this will continue to be a site I frequent.

    However, congrats to you. This is probably great for your livelihood.

  167. Ok, guys, time for everyone to chill. Do a little exploring through the link and you’ll come to a happy conclusion…

  168. Nice. Time to find a new Office site I guess. I just deleted this from my favorites, see ya – or not I guess.

  169. How many of you have clicked on the link to NBC that Tanster posted and seen that it say’s Office Tally has been merged with the Sheinhardt Wig Company? This is a joke from 3D Rock:

    “Geiss is the CEO of The Sheinhardt Wig Company which owns GE which in turn owns NBC. Of course that is only in the absurd reality of the 30 Rock universe”.

    This whole thing seems to be a April Fools joke so take a chill pill and stop being so panic stricken. Wow.

  170. Yo fellow Tallyheads,

    Doesn’t tanster moderate each comment before posting?

    If that were the case, why would she let all the negative comments/press about her site go through?

    Had me for a microsecond, though. Good one!

  171. Great prank made very convincing by the “announcement” on the actual NBC site.

    Had me going for about a minute until I read the Sheinhardt Wig reference.

    Nice one!

  172. Is it just me, or does no one on this comment board have a sense of humor? OfficeTally just happens to make an announcement that seems UNBELIEVABLE and PISSES EVERYONE OFF, and the day just HAPPENS to be April 1st, a date traditionally attributed to tomfoolery and trickery?


  173. So, is this an April Fool’s thing or what? When I click on the link, it says “Racine rules, April Fools” and there’s nothing about Office Tally on there.

  174. I am disappointed, because I find NBC Universal’s web content to be completely mediocre. Office Tally will be completely ruined.

    I loved this website because it was fan-run and fan-supported. I know that Tanster incurs a lot of time and costs in running this website, so appreciate her need sell it. However, I don’t think I’ll be visiting much anymore. This place will be soulless.

  175. Don’t turn your backs just yet, we do have until June. It is what it is, anyone in Jennie’s shoes would have done the same thing, so I’m happy for her. Congrats, you’ve worked very hard and I hope you get great benefits from joining NBC Universal!

  176. Hey Tanster! Welcome aboard the NBC gravy train :)

    Your welcome packet will be on your desk tomorrow morning :D

  177. Ok, I totally love how all the April Fool’s day comments were held for awhile so everybody had time to panic. Jeez people, ye of little faith! A true fan of this site would know that that would never happen!

  178. Umm, guys…did you follow the link to nbc’s site or realize that today is April fools day?! As Dwight said – take a chill pill. It’s just a joke!

  179. Time to admit this was a April Fool’s prank! I think people are deleting their bookmarks, for reals.

  180. Just a few tidbits for y’all…

    From the Office main page:
    “ now officially absorbed by the Sheinhardt Wig/GE/NBC/Universal family of companies.”

    Sheinhardt Wig is a fake company used in “30 Rock.” Its president is Jon Stewart’s brother, and the whole enterprise (including NBC/Universal and GE) can be bought for $4 million.

    Also DMI people can recognize the Office home page if they’ve loggged in recently, including the OT acquisition message.

    Let’s not be too fast to judge tanster. ;)

  181. Thanks for ruining my April Fool’s Day.

    I seriously hope this an April Fool’s Joke, You better email everyone who said they deleted the site.

  182. It’s an April Fools Joke! Go to and check out that page. It says officetally was absorbed by the sheinhardt wig/GE/NBC/Universal family. The whole page is different for April Fools Day. It’s a joke. That’s not how you announce a merger. You don’t say absorbed and since when do they add sheinhardt wig in there (this isn’t 30 rock). And a Sprinkles bobblehead? Come on people.

  183. Wow. I’m stunned to see so many Office fans berate an individual who has done so much for the show. It’s disenheartening to say the least. :-( Sometimes change is beyond anyone’s control.

  184. Does everyone realize that it’s April 1st? April fools to the 50 of you who fell for it.

  185. Candicane150- try scrolling down. As Tanster mentioned there is an announcement box at the bottom of the screen.

  186. No idea if this is a joke or not; if so, pretty funny, if not, good for you Tanster; congrats. And shame on all you others for slamming Tanster. Seriously, it’s her site, it’s her life. I’m still going to visit officetally daily.

  187. Wow, let’s see. Work at my crappy job and post things to at night? or quit my crappy job, have NBC pay me to update the site ( which i was going to be doing anyways) and piss a few loyal tallyheads off in the process.
    I wouldn’t care, but the only reason I go to this site is because you let us know when the cast members will be on Letterman, and you update the spoilers so we can get excited about upcoming shows. Ohh well, someone please post another office site i can go to.

  188. On the NBC link that Jennie provided there is a note in the middle of the page that says “ now officially absorbed by the Sheinhardt Wig/GE/NBC/Universal family of companies.” But this note is surrounded by all the April fools stuff by Racine…

    Joke or no joke??

  189. Oh wait – it’s April Fool’s Day! To quote Pam: “I cannot believe I fell for that!”

    Wow, Jennie – nice work! I feel like such a moron. LOL

  190. Um, unless OfficeTally is really getting incorporated into a company that Jack made up on 30 Rock (Sheinhardt Wigs), I’m with the folks calling April Fool’s.

  191. I had a heart attack for a moment until I clicked on the link!

    Well done April Fool’s!

  192. WHAT?? This is outrageous! To make this announcement on April 1 of all days! :) Oh well…hope you at least hire some help with some of that corporate cash you’re getting for this. I’d feel like an April fool if I didn’t get my two cents in.

  193. Yea this sucks. Basically anything this site was ever really good for will no longer be part of the site. I must say I strongly dissapprove, but I’m sure Tanster will be making a pretty little penny off this, so I don’t blame her.

  194. Jeanie,

    Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off. You have run a great site, and deserve the financial payoff.

    That being said, I will not visit this site anymore. I come here for the spoilers. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

  195. Whoah.. I’m kind of ashamed for all of you posting rude comments. You are going to hate yourself tomorrow! April Fools people, yeesh!

  196. If there was a contest for the BEST practical joke on April Fool’s Day…. Tanster, you would HANDS DOWN get in a heartbeat for this masterpiece that you created. I have no words. You completely fooled me. If I hadn’t read the comments prior to posting I would’ve believed it was true.
    One thing that I realized throughtout probably the three minutes that I was fooled is that I didn’t know how attached I am to this site. My heart just broke thinking that it wasn’t going to be the same because it was going to be more restricted. {{bowing down to you Tanster}} Good job! In all aspects.

  197. Just looked on the NBC site – PLEEEEEEEEEASE TELL ME THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!! I really don’t mind being made to look a jerk – just let us know for God’s sake!

  198. Happy April Fools Day, Tanster. Happy “Can’t Take a Joke Day” to many of you.

  199. Wow – way to turn on a webmaster that’s given us years of hard work and great info.

    I smell April Fool’s, but if this is true, it’s too bad the content has to change, but thanks Tanster for all you do.

  200. Hmmm…now that I think about it, this smacks of the reaction you got when you announced that David Spade Office spinoff that CBS was doing. Deja vu. Freaky.

  201. You all don’t understand that if you do your research… tanster is part of the Racine branch which manipulated the main office page on…

    ITS A JOKE!!!!!

  202. This is an April Fools joke, yes? Right? Dear god, please?

    I honestly think that it IS a joke, because I first saw the news on Racine’s entry for the April Fools page on DMI (see: the link above) a few days ago. But it brings up an important point – tanster, don’t ever, ever, ever sell out! We need our OT just the way it is!

  203. I am highly suspicious of any “announcements” made on April Fools’ Day. I have a feeling those who have over-reacted will be wishing they hadn’t done so publicly. :-) But, hey, it’s good for getting people’s attention, at least. I’m sure Tanster is getting a good giggle out of this today. Nice one. It looks like you did fool the majority.

  204. Cannot believe how many people are falling for this. Some of the posts seem so unbelievable, I can’t tell if those are April Fools jokes too or not. Either way, good prank Tanster. Apparently some Office fans aren’t as smart as I would’ve thought.

  205. I’m happy for you, Tanster, but I’m a little sad for myself. I live for juicy spoilers!

    Oh well. I’m having a baby in August so by next season, I won’t have a lot of free time to be spoiled. I’ll just watch the show on my DVR like a normal person! :-)

  206. Happy April Fools Day! Looks like many people fell for it! (If this isn’t a prank I am going to be so disappointed)

  207. Btw, if this is an April Fool’s joke. . . .

    Good one.

    Jim Halpert would be proud. :-)

    If not, I’ll always be a Tallyhead, no matter what.

  208. People – calm down! It is just a joke for April Fools! You are as gullible as Dwight! Tanster would never sellout – you know that, right? Well played, Tanster! All this just shows how many people love your site! Keep up all the great work! ;)

  209. Why would this announcement be up two months in advance, i.e. on APRIL 1? Why would Tanster refer to negotiations with NBC during a strike where she joined picketers against NBC? These counterintuitive facts are here because the post is a joke. Fools indeed.

    And even if it weren’t a joke (which it most certainly is), the readers here who have long benefitted from Tanster’s volunteer work on this site have some nerve criticizing her for “selling out.” If you’re casting stones, why don’t you try giving up hours of your life every day to entertain ungrateful websurfers. Jeez.

  210. I’m so confused is this an april fools joke or not? If it isn’t I gotta say I’m really disappointed. It doesn’t sound like anyone will be benefiting from this new deal besides the website owner. I found this site from when the strike was going on and kept coming back because I love the show and I loved the dedication to the writers that this site showed. But now… I’m done, there’s really no point anymore. :(

  211. Well, no more visiting this site for me. What were the benefits of this acquisition?

  212. The minute I read the headline I though ‘April Fools!’ Are Office viewers so easily tricked?

  213. Tanster, thank you so much for this wonderful site. I’ve checked it daily, and loved it for a long time now. I’m glad that after working so hard you’ll be getting this reward.

    Unfortunately for me, it means that I won’t be coming here anymore once the site goes over to NBC Universal. If I wanted to see a site about The Office under the domain of NBC, I would just visit the official Office website. I loved how this site was all about enjoying the show and not profiting off of it. Good luck and thanks so much again for all the diligent work.

    I hope this is an April Fools joke. =(

  214. Its a joke guys. Look at the page they are selling a Sprinkles bobblehead (to benefit the Feline Fungus Fund! haha) underneath the announcement about This was the best April Fools joke of the day.

  215. congratulations jenny
    however that will the end for me and office tally
    l visit your site because it has all these great infos spoilers/ deleted scenes / tv shows appearances
    and l m in europe right now

    l m sad but l wish you the best you created a great site for the office fans

    GOOOD BYE Office Tally

  216. APRIL FOOLS?!
    Tanster! You can’t do this to us! I literally cried for like 20 minutes when I heard this.

  217. OH WOW. I totally forgot it was April Fools Day! Oh, please let this be an April Fools joke!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  218. I hope Jennie forgives us all after she reveals this is an April Fool’s prank and that Racine’s Task 23 win over at Dunder Mifflin Infinity doesn’t wind up hurting OfficeTally.

  219. OKAY…. April’s fools! Right? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?!!!

  220. Way to go, TANSTER! Congratulations and best of luck. Say hi to the Office peeps as you make your way to your corner suite. Oh, and are you hiring an assistant (to the) manager? I’m available!

  221. I’m slightly confused but pretty certain this is an April Fools as well, although the NBC website that’s been set up is pretty convincing!

    If true – then good luck, and I’m very sad as I live in the UK where there’s next to no content about this wonderful show

    If an April Fool – then well done!

  222. Wow.. the over reaction to this news can only be compared to a guy jumping off a “booze cruise” when a certain boss is badly trying to attempt an analogy. I say again, wow, what’s with you guys?! Again, well played Jennie, I only hope you still have most of your fans tomorrow, when it’s NOT April 1st. “wink.”

  223. Sheinhardt Wig company. HA. That’s great Tanster. I’m not sure which I find funnier- the fact that most people are buying this or the fact that you have a great connection to the web developer over at NBC.

  224. I can’t decide.
    Is this a great April Fool’s joke because so many people believe it is real.
    Or is it great because so many people are in on it and the rest of us are wondering why everyone is falling for it?

  225. Everyone: This is an April Fool’s joke.

    If you check out the link , it says that the Sheinhardt Wig company/GE/NBC has acquired OT. Sheinhardt Wig Company is a 30 Rock reference.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  226. Congrats Tanster on the sale. But I’m with what seems like most of the people on here and this will be the end of me visiting this site once NBC takes control (and I’ve been a continuous visitor since the site started). I hope this is an April Fool’s Joke. When will corporations like NBC learn that what makes sites like this great is the absence of corporate influences. I like not being bombarded by ads, no content censorship, etc. Now we won’t get to find out spoilers and/or any info on cast appearences on non-NBC channels? Lame. NBC should help the site out but not own/control it. Maybe fund/compensate as appropriate but don’t put it under the corp umbrella. So who out there is making the successor to this site? Anyone? Let me know.

  227. Wow… I kept telling my friends about how much I love this website, how it’s great and there are no ads like on NBC sites, blahblahblah…
    I really can’t say that anymore. Yeah, it’s your site, but I’m not going to lie- this is a HUGE bummer and really upsetting

  228. ouch, some people are being really harsh. I am about 90% sure this is a joke, but even if it’s not, people need to cool down before they post.

  229. I just read the title and thats all I needed to know for an April fools joke there have been too many today

  230. with the risk of being very wrong, i’m gonna say this is an april fools for sure, there’s not a serious word on the nbc office website, would this announcement really be the exception? i think not :)
    but maybe my face will be red with shame in a couple of days…

  231. I know this is big for you tanster… but I think this is kind of bad. But CONGRATS!!!
    Question :
    Will there still be posts about cast appearances in Scranton, comedy shows, and the like? Because that is one of the reasons I visit.

    Also, will you be in charge or will they “let you go”? I like you rather than a computer or another person.

  232. Hahaha Tanster! I have to admit – I fell for it for a second. Happy April Fool’s Day. The only sad thing is all the silly people who are claiming they will leave the site. Oh well – buh-bye suckas. :P

  233. This is one of the better April Fool’s jokes I’ve seen today.
    Nice going. You had me until I saw the NBC page.

  234. I thought a Snow storm was the biggest and most elaborate practical joke of the day (I say as I look outside at the blizzard)… but this is good. Good one, Tanster!

  235. OMG everyone! It is April 1st, which means it is APRIL FOOL’S DAY, when you click on the link did you read the top of the page?

  236. I almost hope this ISN’T a joke, because you guys are gonna feel like real jerks if it is! Nothing like April Fool’s to show you who your real friends are, huh?

    That being said, it will be a sad day if this blog is taken over by NBC Universal, but you can’t really blame Tanster. She’s going to be getting paid for doing something she loves, and isn’t that the American dream in a nutshell?

  237. To Tanster: Sorry..I was typing on my Blackberry and have a severe case of Hot Dog Fingers and misspelled “Jim” (BLASPHEMY!!). Please replace my last post with this..if you see it fit for your approval. =) :

    Why isn’t anyone looking @ the first few pages of comments?? It’s APRIL FOOLS DAY, PEOPLE. :) We are the Dwights and Tanster pulled a ‘Jim’ on us and put our precious Officetally in jell-o. Good one, tanster. :)

  238. If it wasn’t for the link on I’d also say this was an april fools.

    Good luck Tanster, and congrats.

    Tallyheads… we had a good run.

  239. Jennie, one of the main reasons that I visit this site is because everything is available to everywhere, not just U.S. residents. I’m in Canada, and I loved that I could post and read anything. I also loved the spoilers, the lack of ads, basically everything that wasn’t. Now, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think I’ll be visiting here as much anymore. Congratulations on officially becoming part of the NBC crowd though, and I hope you still have fun!

  240. April Fools! I think the “Sheinhardt Wig” is a give away. I’m not a 30 Rock fan so I googled Sheinhardt Wig. This prank has occupied my whole day. Good one, Jennie. Who put you up to this? George Clooney? Please confess and tell us this joke is over!

  241. You must have really thick skin, Jennie. After the first few “You’re a sellout” “You’re a jerk” comments, I would’ve been crying and wondering if this incredible joke was worth it!

    I guess you have found out just how passionate people are for your site . . . WOW!

  242. haha I panicked at first.. and then realized it was April 1st.

    GAH! You got me, Tanster! haha Niiiiice.

  243. I sincerely hope this is an April fool’s joke but if isn’t:

    Sell Out.

    Hopefully you got paid at least. This site lost every bit of small-time charm it had. It is now just NBC official office website version 2.0.

  244. Congrats, Tanster! I will miss the spoilers.

    Ya’ll being a little harsh, aren’t you?

  245. Oh my goodness, I honestly can’t believe how many people are quick to berate and judge Tanster for this decision (even though it’s clearly an April Fool’s joke)…after all she’s done for us! I guess you can’t say Tallyheads aren’t passionate!

    I suggest an apology post for tomorrow morning so people can come back and redact all of the ill-conceived criticism they so rashly contributed today.

  246. Please tell me this is an April Fool’s joke. I’m sorry, I won’t be coming here any longer if this is website is owned by NBC. I always loved this website because of it’s little Office community and it always seemed so personal. Now, well now it will be just mainstream.

  247. I’m pretty sure that since all these scathing comments are being moderated and being let through, this is most certainly an April Fool’s gag. Nice one Jennie, you got me for a while. ;)

  248. Well Tanster I must first congratulate you because I’m sure this financially is going to be great for you. However I think I am going to join with the other readers and post my concerns on the effect that this is going to have on the content of your site. We all love to come here and read and discuss things with other fans. We all know NBC won’t allow that to happen in the way that it has previously. I wish you all the best, and congratulate you again on your success!

  249. It’s almost as if none of you have ever been on the internet during April Fools before…

  250. Wow, after my first post a couple of hours ago I left the house. I was sure that when I got back, everyone (not just some) would have figured out the April Fool’s joke! Come on, the NBC page mentions the Sheinhart Wig Company!

    I’m actually quite shocked at how mean some people have been to Tanster. I guess pranks reveal people’s true colors. Anybody got aspirin for all the fussy people? ; )

    And, for what it’s worth, I’m part of the community at the NBC Office message boards. I can assure you, there are spoilers galore over there, so this isn’t the only place to get spoiled. But fret not, nothing’s going to change here anyway.

    Tanster, hope you haven’t been taking the crankiness seriously. You should be proud of yourself!

  251. Is it April Fools? If so, Tanster, they need to recruit you for Dunder Mifflin so you can be in “cahoots” with Jim. Excellently played.

  252. One of the most elaborate April Fools jokes ever. I love how it even includes the 30 Rock joke about Sheinhardt Wigs. Genius.

  253. I’m pretty sure this is part of the Dunder-Mifflin Infinity task for April fool’s. Looks like Racine’s branch won (isn’t that the branch Jennie’s in anyway?)

  254. Wait a second–that little box says “Sheinhardt Wig.” Isn’t that a 30 Rock reference? I missed that the first time.
    I’m confused–will someone tell if this is an April Fool’s joke or not? (Either way, it’s cruel!)

  255. I think it’s an april fools day joke, guys! But even if it wasn’t, Tanster has been working long and hard to provide a great website, doing it without pay and often without thanks. The Office USED to be the show that NO ONE was watching, and we were all a close-knit group. Now EVERYONE is watching it, and it’s not just an inside joke anymore.

  256. This just HAS to be an April Fool’s Day post. It HAS to be. I refuse to believe that this is really going to happen.

    Very funny, Tanster. I love AFD too!

  257. In case this isn’t an April Fools joke, congratulations.

    In case it is. . .hehe.

  258. Seriously, people, look at today’s date! With someone with so much passion for a show join herself with corporate mediocrity and separate herself from the independant freedom & creativity that she has created? It is a practical joke, people!

  259. Congratulations, I don’t like that idea of having to go without all the info we got before (I don’t really care about the advertisements), but I’ll still be coming back to the site. I think you may the best move for yourself in this situation and I don’t blame you, I would have done the same thing.

  260. The bright side of this joke is – at least now NBC knows that if tbey ever DID want to absorb OfficeTally, it would be a very, very bad idea. :)

    Tanster, you should take all of this anger and sadness as a sign of just how much everyone loves OT. People don’t get upset about things they don’t care about. So, well played. I hope the people who have already dumped you from their favorites and RSS feeds will come back to find out it was only a joke!

  261. This changes things. I’m sure you’re happy but it just won’t be the same.

  262. You rock! That is excellent! I love how NBC joined in…this is my first time visiting your site and it won’t be the last!!! Now that you’ll be owned by NBC can we get some discounts on the Sprinkles bobblehead?

  263. Good April Fool’s joke…though a risky one. I almost was never going to come back to this site.

  264. lol, i read this first thing after waking up and was so confused until i realized what day it is…nice one tanster!

  265. Did Sheinhardt make the wig that John donned for a portion of season 3? Or is that now classified information?

  266. Oh no, Jennie. Does this mean no more “Women of OfficeTally” calendar? I’m still open to making one…

    PS: This is a good one…

  267. Congratulations! You’ve worked harder than any fan site creator I’ve ever known, and this site truly reflects the class and quality of your vision. I just pray that the vibe doesn’t change. Still, this is your site after all, and you should be allowed to reap the benefits of all your work. No matter what happens, all the best to you!

  268. Wow what a great April Fools joke. I think some of these people really believe it. I was going to relocate my bosses desk to the restroom ala Jim and Dwight. But he hasn’t left the office yet. It’s OK he’s also my Dad. Happy April Fools everybody!

  269. haha! i get it now! sheinhardt wig/ge/nbc/universal family. don’t you guys watch 30 rock?

  270. Sorry, but this sucks. I really don’t feel like Officetally will be a remain a true fansite being owned by NBC.

    But congrats tanster, I’m sure this will be very lucrative for you.

  271. This is definitely an April Fool’s joke. Sheinhardt Wig are the fictional owners of NBC, created by the writers of 30 Rock. Keep up the good work, Jennie!

  272. This is an April Fool’s joke, right??

    I’ll play along and say: Wow, I was not expecting that. Congrats. ;)

  273. Congrats, Tanster! I’ll miss the spoilers, though. And dammit, I knew someday ads were going to pollute the lovely gray sides of the page design. But NBC! This is a BIG DEAL! :)

  274. Ha ha, very funny Tanster. You had me (and it seems about 300 others) fooled. Happy April Fools Day!

  275. First, I agree this is probably an April’s Fool joke.
    For NBC to “acquire” this site, the advertising revenue stream would have to be pretty lucrative to justify paying for the free advertising Tanster has been doing for 2 years.

    If it’s not a joke, congratulations to Tanster.

    For all of you who love spoilers, there are 2 sites to visit – – go to the Office forum and they usually have lots of spoilers. Also, there are spoilers right on the Office website itself – in the community message boards – the water cooler section.

  276. Nice April Fool’s prank, Tanster.
    Everyone’s going to say they knew it wasn’t real.

  277. Well I love the site the way it is, and don’t like any of the changes you mentioned above. But I guess you got to do what you got to do. Thanks for all you’ve done for The Office and its fans and congratulations on the sale…

    I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but it’s your site and your choice, and I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

  278. I can’t wait for the “My Office Name is 30 Earl” chat room. Whoo-hoo! Though I heard that they just announced that they decided to go back on strike because it was so fun and everyone wanted time off to catch up on AI and DWTS. Even though the next episode of The Office had special guest appearances by Amy Adams and Rashida Jones. RAWR! Cat-fight with Pam…MEOW!

  279. I’m glad for your financial boon, but disappointed in your ethics. The Sheinhardt Wig Co. is simply the worst conglomerate around. Their global policies are atrocious.

  280. WOW that hurt me in ways I had never been hurt. I am very very glad this is just a prank.
    Tanster, you’re a regular Jim Halpert, you are.

  281. Not to flog a dead horse but I have to say that I’m with the mainstream. If it’s an April Fools joke, then you got most of us, but otherwise, I’d have to say that this pretty much means the end…

    I have no future here

  282. I imagine this is how I would have felt if the Scranton branch had been absorbed by the Stamford branch.

    I love Officetally just as it is and the little Officetally family it’s created. Not sure this new deal will improve it…but I’m willing to give it a try.

  283. Its a joke which is going to make most of you look very rude…but if it for some reason isn’t then it isn’t that big of a deal, we’ll go into the episodes fresh which is something I haven’t done since I found out about the site at the start of season 2.

  284. Oh wow. . . I totally fell for it, Tanster!
    Jim would be so proud!

  285. April Fools, kiddos! If it wasn’t an April Fools joke I’m pretty sure there would have been some kind of disclaimer like “I know this must seem like April Fools but it’s really not!”

  286. Congratulations Tanster. You must be thrilled. I’m not so much since I’m non US fan and I’ll be deprived of some content but c’est la vie.

  287. Bravo (owned by NBC) bought TwoP and is able to incorporate spoilers and recaps for all shows. Hopefully NBC realizes that a lot of the content you’re going to stop posting is what draws a lot of people to OfficeTally. I can go to the NBC Office website anytime I want. But I don’t, I come here.

  288. Yay corporations! :) Happy 4/1. It’s too bad the shows don’t resume until next week; I’m sure Michael would have been a total pain in an April Fool’s episode!

  289. P.S. For those who are reading the comments before visiting, the entire Office page has been “hacked” as a gag by the Racine branch. Thus adding even more to my suspicions that this must SURELY be an April Fools gag.

    If it is not, then I guess I’d just have to say congrats! And hope that the site will not lose any of the amazing quality it has now.

  290. Haha, in talks with NBC when you went down to the WRITER’S picket lines? Nice. Are they paying you in 3 Musketeers bars? Jello? Mixed Berry Yoghurt? BEETS?

  291. OK Jennie. you got me good. (and apparently a lot of others as well). Best.AprilFoolsJoke.Ever.

  292. Is there any good news for us? You made money but all you did well sell the whole purpose to the site! I come here for spoilers and pictures of new episodes.. So other than you, who does this benefit?

  293. Okay guys, go to the link. Go to the link. Trust me on this one – go to the link!(P.S. Tanster, you’re the best – I will be laughing forever!)

  294. This is great for you, tanster, and the site has been a daily read of mine. I agree with many of the previous posts, however, that having NBC involved is a bad idea. The independent nature of the site is what made it so enjoyable. I’ll be looking for my Office content at Officetally still, but I’ll stop if I see the changes I fear are inevitable.
    Good luck and I hope you don’t regret this decision.

    p.s. NBC sucks- The Office is the only show they have that is remotely worth watching.

  295. If it weren’t April 1st, I would have had a small heart attack there. ;)

  296. I think it’s just striking a sour note with so many people because it’s reminiscent of why we were without our favorite show for almost 4 months now…sweet, stinky cash. The writers wanted theirs and Jennie does too (and probably deserves it for running such a great site). However, I am going to hold out on the hopes that this is just a disgusting April Fool’s joke.

  297. well done jen, well done. i bought it for about 3 minutes. i completely forgot the date for a little while. congrats on a brilliant scheme. PB&J would be proud. ;].

  298. For those of you still thinking it’s real, the website design was part of a DMI task and clearly it’s april fools c’mon people.

  299. While I am happy for the fortune of Tanster, and I know she puts a lot of time into the site and I want to see her rewarded for this, I simply don’t like the changes that will be happening to the site. I’ve visited this site since the beginning, and it’s an invaluable resource, but I just don’t think it’s going to be the same source of Office news that it was (or is now).

  300. DEFINITELY an april fool’s joke. ive been fooled twice today. wont be again.

    …i hope im not just wishfully thinking.

    good luck no matter what jennie tan.

  301. i am so sad that so many people are turning on you!
    it’s also sad that most seem to think this is real.

  302. Hi Tanster!

    Big O here from the NBC Boards. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to facilitate The Merger. I’ll get our party planning committee working on the Integration Celebration immediately. ;)

  303. I’m hoping this is some sort of sick and twisted April Fools joke.

    If not, in the words of George Oscar Bluth, you’ve “made a terrible mistake.”

  304. Tanster! Are you being Fool’s Day-ie like Google, announcing CustomTime? I hope so!

  305. I am 99% sure that this is not the real ben franklin…in other words, it’s april 1st, folks ;)

  306. Wow. The comments have been quite entertaining this afternoon. I thought Office fans would realize what day today is…. LOL

  307. OMG, over 300 comments later and people STILL aren’t getting it? Congrats, Tanster, this is the most successful April Fool’s joke I’ve seen all day.

    And for those of you showing your true colors: way to be really nasty to someone who’s worked hard to provide you with an amazing (not to mention free) service for years at her own expense.

  308. This is unfortunate news–and even more unfortunate that I Will no longer view this website. It’s disgusting to think NBC will be acquiring this–I LOVE it! I won’t deal with ads or no spoilers.

  309. This MUST be an April Fools joke. PLEASE tell me that’s what it is. Tanster is the last person that would ever sellout.

  310. This has got to be an april fools joke… but only its not funny. I, like many others it appears, only visit this site for the spoilers interviews and such. When I see that Rainn we be on Letterman, I go right to my DVR and record the show. It sorta makes me angry to hear that I wont know what star will be on a talk show, unless it is an NBC show.

    And spoilers are what help me get from thursday to thursday.

    If this is true, then I will no longer be visiting the site, as it will basically be the same as the NBC Office site.


  311. It’s funny how you got the vast majority. All it takes is one look at the Office page to show this is a clear April Fools Joke.

    Sorry it backfired so bad. Damn, I did not know Tallyheads had this sort of venom.

  312. This is an April Fools, none of the other DMI April Fools site mention anything about Officetally. Plus the little announcement at the bottom of the page is making a reference to a joke on 30 Rock.


  313. Congratulations, you’ve done great work and you totally deserve this!

    On the user side, though…this is kind of sad. Particularly for the reason of you not being able to promote non-NBC TV appearances. That’s one of my favorite things about the site, because I know that I can look here and find out exactly where to see my favorite cast members.

    Then again, it IS April 1st…and I’m going to hold out hope.

  314. Ihave to say, I’m really disappointed, Tanster.I read officetally every day and I will miss the spoilers as well as the general atmosphere of the site as it exists now.I am especially shocked that this deal was arranged on a visit to LA, in which you said you stood by the writing staff but arranged this deal with NBC on the side.I have loved visiting the site but I think I will stop once NBC takes over.I wish you the best and hope that you do not regret this decision.Thanks for all the info you have provided up until this point, I hope someone else will take charge and provide the info that we know and love in another ad-free, content un-censored environment.

  315. This is either an elaborate April Fools joke (that NBC is in on) or…

    Sigh. I guess congratulations but I have to agree with the general outcry and say – WHAT?

    NBC is against youtube clips regarding their material – is all of that disappearing too? You can no longer announce when a cast member is going to be on another network?!

    Why should I come to this site when it’s going to be exactly like NBC’s official site?

    Good luck.

  316. That is exciting news! All of you who are upset need to chill out… This is a great website that a lot of time has been put into, and the upgrade is well deserved.

    Can’t wait for April 10th!!! YAY!

  317. This is definitely an April Fools joke, people. =)
    But if it isn’t …
    It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears.

  318. I’m hoping that this is an April Fools joke, and by tomorrow this will all be fixed.

    If it’s all for real, then……….wow. Never coming here again.

    Also, someone is just going to start another independent site, or all the traffic is going to go to some of the other sites to get the scoops.

    But I’ve never heard of this before. A corporation buying out a tiny fansite to fully integrate and eliminate spoilers while boosting ad revenue.

    Sad day, really.

  319. I think the funniest part is 20+ pages later after many people have pointed out that it’s April 1st, there continue to be outraged “sellout” posts. lol

  320. (sorry if this has already been posted)
    On the NBC website, it says “Click here to see all the hacked Office homepages” And if you click it, the thing at the bottom is gone. So I think it’s an April Fools Trick. But if it is not an April Fools trick, I’m very happy for you Tanster, you’ve done a great job with this site and I hope you continue to do so! :)

  321. Am I the only one who doesn’t find April fool’s jokes even remotely funny? Sorry Tanster but just don’t think it’s cool to fool and upset people who really love your site.

  322. Jim and Pam are together, Ryan is visiting, and OfficeTally is going corporate.

    The only thing that would make this April Fool’s Joke better is ice cream.

  323. Oh boy…I hope this is an April Fool’s Day joke…otherwise best wishes and stuff…

  324. Hahahahahha This is totally an April Fool’s joke!

    But if it’s not, then congrats I suppose. Although I will miss the old, unbiased OfficeTally.

  325. BRILLIANT April Fool’s joke!!!! The best I’ve seen in a long while. Totally got me. :)

  326. Haha! I’m amazed at how many people still seem to think this is serious, considering there are “April Fools” posts starting on the first page. Obviously, this was a pretty effective joke ;) – although I was 98% convinced it was an AF thing just from the title (that 2% of me was kinda worried!)

  327. great for the owner. not so great for the readers.

    probably won’t come here as much…

  328. Oh my god, I am so sad. This is the end of an era. I am an American living in Switzerland. This site helped me less homesick. This sucks. Was this necessary?

  329. I’m hoping this is and April Fools joke……and if not bye bye officetally…….

  330. They must be paying you some kind of money for you to do this. I will stop visiting the site after season 4 is over.

  331. It’s a joke.
    April Fools!
    I’m serious, it’s a joke.


  332. I REALLY hope everyone here is being facetious in their postings. APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. Tanster – I don’t get it? Are you excited…or…not? Your message was almost as if you had no part in it and weren’t happy about it. I am happy for you, it seems like a great thing to be recognized by NBC as the best Office blog for them to take over! Of course it wont be the same, but I’ll still visit. Yours is the #1 all things Office for me…so I’ll just visit another one for spoilers etc.

    But wont you also get lots of extra awesome stuff – like more set tours, and interviews and stuff? This is GOOD NEWS!

  334. Have any of you even seen the NBC website?!
    It’s so obviously an April Fools joke it’s not even funny.
    Good lord.

  335. Oh, this is hilarious! This was REALLY good, Tanster!

    The Sheinhardt Wig Company made a good move snatching you up before anyone else.


  336. Did they pay you in Stanley nickels or Schrute bucks ? ;P . . . what’s the exchange rate anyway?

  337. The best features of this site are its easy navigation and the absence of ads. Under NBC, it will become much more difficult to navigate and the bombardment of ads will be too much. I don’t think I will be returning after “the merger”.

  338. Hahaha! I just noticed the Sheinhardt Wig mention at the bottom of the “announcement” that NBC acquired Office Tally. (It’s a 30 Rock reference, and a good one at that!)

    Anyways good April Fools!

    Why is everyone freaking out though? If you’re not from the US (I don’t know where else they celebrate April fools?) basically on April 1st you play pranks on each other. It’s sort of a Jim Halpert holiday.

  339. I think this is a HORRIBLE idea! All the features we are losing are the ONLY reason that I frequent this site daily. Please please please don’t do it! NBC has enough of a following. This site was special for those of us who worship The Office and come here for all the spoilers and videos.

  340. Congratulations everyone.
    Awesome news.
    Too bad for Canadians though. Oh well.

  341. I almost stopped breathing!

    That was NOT funny Office gang.

    Okay, it was pretty funny. I can’t believe I fell for that. Racine drools!

  342. Probably great for Tanster, I’m sure there will be some money exchanging hands, but it seems like the site will just be getting worse! :-/ Not excited!

  343. Hmmmm. I’m going to miss the spoilers-my favourite part! Not looking forward to the ads either.

  344. lol. I can’t believe there are still people throwing hissy fits! How could you not realize this is a joke for April Fool’s Day?? Come on people. I expect so much more from “The Office” fans!!!

    Keep up the great work Tanster! :) We love you!

  345. I live in Europe and in our timezone April Fools Day is offcially over.
    I think it is time to reveal the truth ;-)

    Happy 2nd April everyone!

  346. I hope this is an April Fool’s joke!!! I LOVE this site. NBC is going to remove many of the sections I come on for and will ruin the rest. SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

  347. Genius. Brilliant.

    I love it.

    One question, isn’t it the Sheinhardt Wig/GE/NBC/Universal/K-Mart family?

  348. I sincerely hope all these people who left comments have their tongue planted firmly in cheek…or Office fans are the most gullible bunch of people around.

  349. One of the more elaborate April Fools pranks I’ve read today. I was almost fooled. I felt as if my stapler was placed inside a plate full of jello. And Officetally, you were that jello.

  350. Tanster — any way to back out of this or reconsider? I’d gladly contribute or pay you to keep this going. I am sure there are others out there who would also donate to the cause!

    #427 perfect!

  351. Does anyone else think this is just an April Fool’s joke or am I the only one?


  352. Brilliant, Tanster! Jim Halpert would be proud. I’m guessing this is a joke that you and some of the writers cooked up to pass time while picketing..if not, then congratulations. You deserve any good fortune that comes your way.

  353. I too hope this is a joke.!! April Fools anyone? I come here for spoiler vids & pictures, tidbits, appearances on ALL shows, not just NBC, like everyone else. Aside from The Office, I hate NBC. This is an independent site. People come here to get AWAY from the ads. The fanbase would be almost non-existent.

    Besides – think about it. Meeting with a bigwig corporate yahoo over the course of a strike that is preventing the show you love dearly, and have to cross the picket lines anyway, would be like throwing your gullets to the wind. Doesn’t make sense for a little bit of cash when they’ll screw you in the end anyway. Just like the writers and crew. Barnone, this site is more popular than NBC’s will ever be.

  354. APRIL FOOLS! Right? I seriously hope it is, because if it’s a coincidence that you posted this on April 1 i don’t think i’ll be using the site anymore.

  355. People… THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! I realized this when I read it this morning and 400+ comments later people are still going nuts. It is April 1st… Why would a stand alone blog “sell out” to NBC Universal. I just wish tanster would let everyone know this was a joke before people decide to never read the blog anymore…

  356. Well I guess I won’t visit this site daily anymore due to the changes. I mostly come here for spoilers and pictures of the new episodes.

  357. I think it’s time to reveal the joke now. People are going so far as to offer money! Hello people…it’s April 1st!!!

  358. There’s A LOT of gullible people here today. A full-on riot is about to start!

  359. Tanster – I remember asking you about this at the Office convention Bloggers Breakfast and whether you’d consider charging a small fee for access to this site. I still would be willing to pay a fee ($20 per year, maybe a little more) to access it. You mentioned that you would keep the site ad-free, which received a great deal of applause.

    I absolutely support your right to manage the site as you see fit. It has been your passion for over 2 years and we all appreciate everything you’ve done. It is ultimately your site and I think we have to respect your decision. However, I am disappointed in this agreement, especially because I come here to get information about all cast appearances, even on non-NBC shows. I’m even more disappointed about the “no more spoilers” policy because that’s one of the main reasons why I visit the site.

    Thank you for the work you’ve done. Really, we all appreciate the quality and consistency of your updates and site content. I just hope that it doesn’t all go away after this agreement takes effect.

  360. Well…congratulations for you I suppose. Though for us its not that great. Spoilers and cast appearances were my favorite part.

  361. Ok.. still waiting for that April fools announcment Tanster.. way to make us sweat this out!!! :)

  362. Interesting, I’ll miss the simplicity of OfficeTally, and I am proud to have been a fan for 2 years…it will be interesting to see NBC popping up….

    Jennie we love the work you have done, and this is big recognition of that!

    congrats! :/ right? hehe

  363. You = Jim
    80% of these comments = Dwight
    10% of these comments = Andy

    I stand in awe of your prank abilities. They are incalculcable.

  364. Holy mother of pearl! I left for a few more hours and came back to find some people still don’t get it’s a JOKE! Are they not reading the other posts? Are they not looking at their calendar? Are they not reading the “announcement” at NBC? My level of disbelief is incalcucable.

    I’m starting to think all of the “you suck, Tanster, you’re a sell-out, I’m done with this site” posts are part of the prank as well. Please tell me that’s the case! Tell me you’ve got two bored people posting under lots of assumed names and pretending to believe this genius April fool! Because that’s the only thing that would make sense!

    Can’t wait for you to tell us how you and NBC pulled this off!

  365. I agree with a lot of the comments I read. If the deal happens I probably won’t visit here anymore. The main reason I come here is for upcoming events and spoilers. Its like ruining a good thing. :(

  366. Sounds like you sacrificed a lot for the money. I have to say I’m disappointed.

  367. My first thought was…April Fools! My second thought was…no more spoilers????

  368. This is not real! Relax. It is April 1, in case you haven’t noticed. Good one, though, I believed this for a little while. Ha ha.

  369. Dudes. It’s an April Fool’s joke. And an awesome one at that! Great job!

    Seriously, I hope those of you who said you were going to delete OT from your favorites are exaggerating.

  370. I can’t believe people bought this!! LOL
    Reading everyone’s comments is way more hilarious than these actual “news”
    Hey guys, it’s APRIL FOOLS haha

    A good one though, great job Jennie ;)

  371. All it takes is for an announcement like this to bring all kinds of lurking fans out of the woodwork… Very cool!

  372. Well it was a good run. I probably won’t be coming anymore since the spoilers were my favorite.

  373. April Fools Day? Does this just happen to have any connection with this story being posted on April 1st….

  374. This isn’t really good news. I like what the site is now. It will be different in a mostly bad way. I know Tanster spends a lot of effort for this site, but that effort and originality is appreciated. Now I fear that it is all going to be gone. This is hard to take (that’s what she said!).

  375. This is an April Fools joke, right?

    I mean, I won’t believe this until I see it posted after April 1st.

    Especially because of the part about not posting appearances that aren’t on NBC. That’s one of my biggest reasons for coming.

  376. If you have been ultimately concerned with the fans throughout the run of this independent website, then you would have denied NBC Universal this type of control. To think that this space will soon be over run by adverts and NBC promotions pains me, because I have valued how this site as operated in the free market. I can only hope that the committed members of this forum chose to express their thoughts and fanaticism elsewhere.

  377. Wow….wonder how many people believe this just because they don’t realized today’s The Office page on is from a DMI challenge…

  378. i find it funny that because only so many comments are shown on a page that there have been groups of people who haven’t figured out the joke…very nice!!

  379. Great gag Tanster! I caught on after wondering WTH the *comments* to videos would be filtered for Canadians. ;-)

    Congrats to the Racine branch for winning the latest DMI challenge! Props to y’all.

  380. Wow, interesting to see how entitled and fickle readers can be. If this is for real, congrats, Tanster. Your hard work is appreciated and you deserve all the good fortune to come your way.

  381. Just got the 30 Rock references…

    Can’t believe we all fell for it. Nice one, Jennie!

  382. Can I have a free wig? Because there’s nothing better than a Sheindhart wig on top of your head. Are any Tracey Jordan meat sandwich makers available for purchase? Can we get a good deal through OfficeTally?

  383. I sure hope this is an April Fool’s joke. If it is, it was definitely a good way to see the love of Tallyheads for how great the current site is.

  384. If this is a April Fool’s joke — haha, you got us!

    If not, then congratulations. I know I may not enjoy the ads and lack of spoilers, but I’ll still visit officetally regularly. :)

  385. Wow, you guys are harsh! If this truly happened it wouldn’t be the greatest thing in the world, but I wouldn’t rip Tanster to shreds.

    But if people would pay attention to what today’s date is, I would most likely go with this being a huge April Fool’s Day joke. Great job Tanster, you sure fooled a lot of people!

  386. I’m a big fan of the site, and if this is real, congratulations! And if it’s a prank, also congratulations! It is a good one! :)

  387. [palm slap on forehead] I thought Office fans would be a sharper bunch. I love you, Tanster! Thanks for the laugh!

  388. Someone should start a new website exactly like this one, but with a new name. We want our spoilers. NBC control will suck.

  389. I can’t believe people are still taking this seriously. Today’s April Fools’ Day, guys! This would never actually happen!

    “…deleted scenes will be geo-filtered so that only U.S. Tallyheads can read them…” Hahaha.

  390. So this really is a joke??? Oh yea, I hope so! It’s just that the announcement sounds so…so…real…It’s just like the memos I get at work that announce totally horrible, crappy news in a calm, serene way. But exactly.

  391. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Good One Jennie!

    Ya got me good!

    Speaking of spoilers,….should I mention what your announcement really is?

    What is today’s date?

    And BTW,
    I hope some of your hateful comment posters are merely April Fools gags on their part as well.

    Good one Jennie!
    (Love the 30 Rock Reference.)

    Take care!

    ~ Bobblehead Gary!

    If it helps any,
    Last year I played an Office related April Fool’s prank on my myspacers and wound up getting deleted by many longtime “Friends”. Ouch!

  392. @post 705-
    people are freaking out so much because it is a distinct possibility that something like this could happen. Yeah; people might be a bit gullible (as am I) but this isn’t something like “THE OFFICE IS CANCELED” or “THE SITE IS CLOSED,” it’s something that a lot of people are “buying,” (unlike NBC buying the site.)

    This just goes to show that visitors of this site can’t handle a joke going THAT far.

  393. Thats a shame about the advertisements. I would pay everytime i visit Where can i donate????

  394. This is genius…pure genius. Letting us freak out ALL DAY. Tanster’s probably on her laptop right now cracking up at our comments and enjoying her successful prank. Just…wow. Good job.

  395. The NBC page has JOKE written all over it! Ha. That was a good one Tanster! [If it isn’t shame on you]

  396. Wow, people are just getting WAY TOO HARSH, here. Even if it’s not a joke, tell me you wouldn’t turn down getting paid to do something you love? And to people who say they “hate” Tanster – are you crazy people? This is the woman, who for 4 years now, has brought us an ENDLESS amount of information and lovely tidbits about The Office and the people who a part of making it. We should pretty much be on our knees praising her for all the things she’s done for us Office fans. And if this whole thing is real (which I’m thinking it’s not), then we should thank her for her time and just find our spoilers and whatever elsewhere. This would still be a good site.

  397. Holy cow, I can’t believe so many people fell for this …;) Happy April Fool’s Day, Tanster. :D

  398. Tanster, you rock. This is the best prank I’ve seen in a long time – right up there with the Spaghetti tree of 1957! Although the idea or a merged 30 Rock and The Office site would have made my day :) Michael Scott and Jack Donaghy – now there’s a management team.

  399. #740

    Yay! I’ve never had a post of mine called out before. It’s very exciting! ; ) Seriously! I feel honored!

    Anyway, yes people are freaking out because something like this COULD happen. It’s just that this particular thing isn’t happening. I can understand how the first people reading the announcement this morning would fall for it–maybe forgetting what day it is, which can happen early in the morning. But as the day wore on and the “hey, it’s an April Fool’s joke” posts took over, I was surprised some still seemed to think it was true. That’s all.

    Personally, I’ve loved it and am kind of sad I didn’t fall for it. Tanster, you win a Dundie for Best April Fool’s Prank!

  400. Very original, Tanster ;) I was seriously freakin’ out!!! Have a great April Fools!

  401. Is everyone assuming that this was an April Fool’s joke or was it officially announced in a post?

  402. You down with Tanster’s joke?
    Yeah you know me
    She gets a Dundie
    For being so funny

  403. Thank goodness this is fake! Totally fell hook, line and sinker!! Wow, but Tanster I’m still serious about paying, if it ever comes to that :)

  404. Oh my Lord, my heart stopped and sunk to the pit of my stomach…I guess I had AMNESIA–forgetting the date & all. This is the best April Fool’s prank of all time. Way to go! I fell for it 100%. Now I am laughing my head off!

  405. Okay, I’ve pranked 2 people today and I still fell for this one!

    I had gasped reading the headline and yelled “NO!” after reading the “story”.

    My family already thinks I’m nuts about this show, and now that has been confirmed! HA HA Tanster must be laughing her head off–what a great prank! Almost 800 comments–WOW!

    Thanks for all your hard work on the site; I am addicted to it. Just counting down 9 more days to April 10th now………… :>

  406. Tanster,

    I feel it’s important for me to stress that if you were really merging with fake-30-Rock-company and NBC, I’d still think you were cool. I wouldn’t tell you I hate you and am never visiting the site again.

    Thanks for this awesome April Fools Day Joke. It’s been really … interesting … to see everyone’s responses!

    Peace out!

  407. Got me too! However, can someone call Wheel of Fortune and buy a clue from Vanna for all the people that posted harsh comments? It got me until I read the comments.

  408. Wow! I seriously believed you for a moment! That was really scary… but a good one. Happy 04/01/08!!

  409. This means I can keep my moderator job right? WOO!!

    Happy April Fool’s, Tallyheads!

  410. Can we still donate to help you run the site?

    [from tanster: tina, you are so sweet to offer! i may take you up on that in the near future … :) ]

  411. Wow-I totally believed it! Had a bad day at work and when I came home and saw the post, my heart sank. Could my day get any worse??? And then I realized it was the best April Fools prank I have fallen for in a long, long time!. Thanks Tanster for making a rough day end so great!!! A scary day at is still better than any day at work!!!

  412. Yay! Well, I just hope that all the people who said really nasty things learn from this and have the decency to apologize. Tanster now knows who her friends are.

  413. Wow, my heart really started pumping there for a second. So glad I read the update before I started ranting and raving! Quite the prankster, Tanster! Very happy that OfficeTally is staying put. You’re the best!

  414. OMG!!!!! I normally do not fall for these things, but you totally had me!

    I’ve been complaining to my husband all day…..

    to quote my two year old


  415. You totally got me, Tanster. Reading that was the only time I really wanted to punch you in the tooth. J/K jeez i hate this day.

  416. OH MY GOD.

    why do i always forget when it’s april fool’s day?!

    nice work, you got me. you worded everything so precisely and it sounded legit. i freaked out when the idea of no more spoilers hit me. ahh!

  417. LOL…I’ve been waiting all day to see how you would tell people what was going on…I love that everyone freaked because they didn’t click on the link to NBC’s page and see what was actually going on…you’re pretty good, Tanster!

  418. oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god i would have been so disappointed. i was really thinking to myself “how could tanster stoop this low?” i knew you wouldnt though!

  419. I was reserving judgement until there was more info about it, and I’m glad I did. Well played Tanster, well played my friend :-)

  420. you got me, tanster! my heart stopped for a second… hope this doesn’t give nbc any ideas, hehe… i didn’t like what i was reading. happy april fool’s day. :)

  421. Wow…I got through half of that and thought, wait a minute, this can’t be real.

    Well played, tanster. Well played.

  422. Great prank! I hope that some of the people who didn’t see the NBC page come back. I read how many of them wanted to leave because of it. But it was still a great prank!

  423. I saw the NBC website first and thought, “Nice shout-out for Tanster and OfficeTally!” Then I came here and read the announcement and thought, “Hmm. Really? I hope it’s not true!” I clicked the “Read more” button but missed the part about it being an April Fool’s joke at first, so I really started to believe it. Arg, I have fallen for at least three pranks today! Nicely done. :-) (And I’m glad it’s a joke.)

  424. OH! To all those poor souls who already deleted their bookmarks and RSS feeds: Way to jump the ship!! Haha, well played Tanster, but sorry you didn’t fool me for more than a second. :)

  425. hehe, you’re so clever Tanster!!! You really had me sweating for a minute there! Thanks for doing such a good job with Officetally! Once again you’ve made me laugh and brightened my day =)

  426. Ok, I was totally about to freak there. Dang holiday! Jim would be proud of you! LoL! Good one!

  427. Tanster, great April Fools joke! We are going to officially change your name to Prankster.

  428. I was actually okay until I got to no more spoilers. And then I was like WHAT THE CRAP!!

    but harhar, april fools! I got honey all over my housemate and still forgot ;)

  429. Gladly, I had a little insight being part of the DMI Racine task. Or else I may have freaked out too! That was an excellent worded post though tanster. Just proves how great this show is. And my ugly mug has been up on their site the whole day. ha!

    It’s almost back!

  430. #767 I agree. I understand people got upset and all, but that has to be one of the most hilarious pranks I’ve seen in a while. And for me, the upset comments made it all that much more hilarious.

    That wasn’t just magnificent. It was so great I have to make up a word. That was scrumtrilescent.

  431. WOW…ok, I am officially the most gullible person on the face of the planet. I have fallen for several pranks today.

    As I read this I just sat here with an open mouth going…”what?”…”WHAT?”

  432. Love your prank! I’m glad I clicked on to read your update; I was about to feel very sad about having no spoilers or cast appearance announcements. Then again, I’m also very gullible. This just makes me LOVE your site THAT MUCH more.

  433. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Never, ever go away. I really don’t know what I’d do without this site. Hope some of the tallyhead comments weren’t too hurtful to you – but you know we’re a passionate bunch. Luv ya loads. x

  434. Wow, I think I almost cried…
    Darn, I got April Fooled on not-April Fools Day >_

  435. it’d probably be better for you if you made a whole new post about this, because not everyone is going to come back and re-read this post…

  436. Oh man, another reason to love this show. Even the fan sites get in on the pranks. :D I love you tanster!

  437. And of course it’s my first comment that gets quoted in that article…


    Hi, I’m Mose, and I’m a sucker, apparently. :D

  438. Tanster — I think this serves to let you know how much we appreciate you. And I was serious about paying to keep the site going; I think there are others who would definitely also contribute.

    Well played…

  439. THANK GOD!!! I posted a comment, pleading that it was. I’m so glad and just sayin… it was a cruel joke. Messing with my emotions like that! In the words of Stanley Hudson, “What is wrong with you?” LOL. Nice job! Way to fool us all!

  440. Bravo, tanster, that was brilliant. Your e-mail is probably going to be overflowing with Tallyhead apologies today!

  441. I had an overreaction…
    I’m glad this was a prank but you scared the beejesus out of me!

  442. Phew! First thing I did when I got to work was check Officetally in hopes of finding out it was an April Fools joke and I’m so glad it was!! Maybe you should begin writing some of those Jim vs. Dwight cold open pranks…

  443. I can’t believe everyone fell for it. I was the first person to suggest it was April Fools joke…but no one took notice. Great prank though, you obviously fooled more people than these things usually do!

  444. I can’t believe there were so many gullible (and mean!) posters when the first 20 or so posters knew it was an April Fools Day joke.

    Also, do people really read the spoilers?! Doesn’t that ruin the show for you??? Such a large percentage of you guys were mad about that…I can’t imagine.

  445. Jennie – great prank! That’s so funny that some of the cast was a bit worried as well. And congrats to my DMI Racine co-workers for a great webpage!

  446. Here’s the thing, though – in the early minutes of the prank, the oh-so-clever Tanster held back the comments that brought up April Fool’s Day. When I first saw the post, there were only 10 or 15 comments – none of them mentioning the date. So I hadn’t yet realized what day it was, I (foolishly) didn’t click the link, and I fell for it for a while. I got totally taken for a ride. ;)

    #819, Cousin Mose – I feel your pain. I had to laugh when I saw that my FIRST “fooled” comment had been quoted in that article. LOL It’s okay, though – it was one heck of a prank, and I humbly bow at Tanster’s feet. :)

    [from tanster: kenna, that is correct — for most of the day, I only let through comments from people who believed the announcement was true. thanks for being a good sport! :) ]

  447. Best April Fools prank I saw all day! You really had me going and I was on the look out for pranks too…

  448. Whoa you got me! I read that and my heart plummeted. I rely on Officetally for so many things; news, spoilers, late show appearances. SO glad this isn’t true. Great prank!

  449. Very nice work! I totally bought it until my sister came home and asked if I had seen any internet practical jokes, then it all came together. Well played! Jim would be jealous =P

  450. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first, I thought “Eh, whatever” but as the day went along, I thought it was a big April Fools Day prank. Although, I didn’t read the front page at first, I just went into the chatroom and they were talking about it. You got a good one on a lot of people Ms Tan. I’m just glad I’m not the kinda guy who takes that stuff seriously lol.


  451. Hah! Okay, you got me, Tanster :) I’m glad the site will stay the same and entirely in your hands for the foreseeable future. This is a truly wonderful, sweet site, and one of the few without any kind of snark or nastiness of others. Thanks for making this a site that the cast, crew, and fans of The Office can all visit and enjoy on a daily basis. I honestly hope that you eventually reap the rewards for all of your hard, loving work keeping this site going!

  452. Wait…so I’m not going to get a Sheindhart wig? This blows. (I’m so kidding. Commercial free, spoiler filled “Office” love all day long. Thanks, Tanster. Your site is untouchable, and your April Fools jokes amazing. If you can fool fans and cast alike, you’ve done your April 1st duty well.)

  453. I really believed that this was true. You got me Tanster! That was a good one..

  454. I seriously just went through all the comments, and there are at least 200 Dwights on this site who got seriously upset. The most remarkable thing being that they all seemed to post without reading a single one of the other comments. The shame is not in the being pranked (it was good, Jennie. Rock on.) The shame is in the immediate emotional posting without reading a single other comment that would have tipped you off to it being a joke. The good news is, the Pam and Jims of this board who got the joke and were able to laugh about it out numbered the Dwights 3 to 1. And that my friends, gives me hope :)

    [from tanster: to be fair, i intentionally did not allow any of the “happy april fool’s day” comments to go through until the very end of the day, in order to keep the prank going longer.]

  455. i couldn’t get onto the site at all yesterday (probably too many fans posting comments!) so when i read this today i was totally taken for a ride. great april fools and i am so glad that it was just a joke. i have to say i found it very hard to believe that you where wheeling and dealing with nbc while you were down in la supporting the writers, that seemed fishy…

  456. You actually got me! Since today’s not April 1st, I believed it, but if I would have read this on the 1st, I wouldn’t have. Great prank!! LOL

  457. Like many people have been saying, I would also like to help out financially with the site. I know that the purpose of the prank wasn’t to bring attention to the fact that running the site is, at times, hard financially but it did make me think that you do a lot for this site that we all love so much so I would like to help you.

  458. Oh, god bless America. I had a near heart attack when I read it. Tanster, you sly dog, you.

  459. Tanster, you know you did a good prank when the CAST MEMBERS thought it was real.

    Good job. Didnt have me fooled, but still, that was genius!

  460. Good one, Jennie. You not only pulled off a clever and elaborate prank, but the overwhelming response to it has validated your purpose in life.

  461. LMAO! You got me there :). I seriously believed it! And I take back my happy comment. I was pretty pissed. Thank GOD our spoilers are still intact.

  462. OHMYGOD. I was writing my angry post about never visiting the site again in my head as I read it.


  463. Brilliant. I didn’t see this until today, and I totally got suckered in for a second or two.

    The “geo-filtered” comments is hilarious. Well done.

  464. OMG!!I thought you were serious tanster!! you should probably make a post saying that this was false.

  465. ok wow. i was about to be furious! like i JUST read that spin off post and NOW THIS??!!! NBC is an ANGRY, HUNGRY MONSTER!

    but thank god. i can now rest in peace.

    I was sitting there reading this going, “NO! Not the BEST SITE in the enitre world! NBC SUCKS!”
    Lol that was the meanest April Fools joke ever ;)
    Haha NBC doesn’t suck anymore!
    OfficeTally rules.

  467. I didn’t even think that it was in fact April 1st.

    Nice one Jennie, but now you know how’d we’d all feel if this ever were to happen….

  468. that might have been the meanest and most brilliantly pulled April Fools’ prank ever. Congratz and please never, ever, ever, pull something like that again. i nearly cried.

  469. So mean! I was like please tell me this is NOT true! Is she doing this for money? Why would she do this to us? :)

  470. damn i’m so gullible! i was wondering how in the HELL you decided to join forces with nbc!!! haha good work!!

  471. This was bigger than a stapler in jell-o.
    This was like my soul falling into the sewer.
    This was the most awesome prank ever!

  472. hahahahahah oh my god.

    you-.. best april fools joke ever. ESPECIALLY the “geo-filtered” thing for all us foreign office lovers.. ohhhh tanster!

  473. You got me. O boy did you get me!
    I thought it was true because I saw it on the NBC website.

    That was good Tanster, but once is enough.

    It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature… or Vampire Bats.

  474. Jennie, you’ll probably filter this comment and that’s okay. It’s really just meant for you. But what was so sad is that so many people were immediately so furious and downright mean. Rather than thanking you for the hours and hours of *personal* time you’ve dedicated to this site, they immediately picked up their pitchforks and torches and went after you. I, for one, am grateful that you’ve continued running this site despite seeing just how unforgiving people can be. You’re a better woman than I.

    [from tanster: awww, thank you, lisa! it was quite a reaction, wasn’t it? :) ]

  475. Two weeks ago I fell and managed to break my kneecap, seriously, and I am on some fairly heavy meds. So I just managed to stagger to my computer, using my walker of course, to catch up on the important news of the day. Your announcement nearly finished me off! I’m not too quick under normal conditions, but in my drug induced haze I believed the whole thing!
    Thank God it’s not true!

  476. I got so upset reading this and am so happy you were joking!!!

    I’m a reader living in Japan, and since we don’t have NBC here and it’s not shown on AFN (Armed Forces Network) and I can’t watch any NBC shows online (only available in the U.S.), I read this website anxiously awaiting for the seasons to come out on DVD!

    If anyone knows a way for me to watch online please share!!!

  477. Oh my goodness, it’s April 8 and you’re STILL “getting” people with this. I am your latest “victim!” I was stunned until I kept reading… Hilarious! Clever! Brilliant! Untrue! Thank goodness! ;o)

  478. well apparently I had not checked office tally the week of april first, I think I was on vacation without a computer and I JUST NOW fell for this. I feel so stupid, but this is one jim halpert would be proud of! nice work tanster

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