The Weekend Tally

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  1. Juno does seem like a good movie.

    Also I bet they might show new footage for “Fun Run” at the Tonight show with Jay Leno.

  2. I agree, The Oggmonster. last time the castmates were on they were just promoting their movies. there was no real office talk ): but there will be soon!

  3. Juno looks fantastic! It doesn’t look like Rainn has a huge part, but it looks like his character’s hilarious. “It’s not an Etch-a-Sketch.” Haha! I’m so excited for that movie now! It’s definitely on my must-see list, along with Dan in Real Life. Yay!

    I can’t wait to see all the Office girls dressed up tonight. Seeing the dresses is the only other reason I watch the Emmys (the first being for The Office noms, of course). Jenna’s sounds cute. Can’t wait to see it!!!

  4. Someone needs to refresh my memory. What was Jenna wearing last year at the Emmy’s that made her sweat so bad?

  5. That’s very impressive for the DVD to be #1 in the country. I’m thrilled for them :)

    Can’t wait to see them all clean up for the Emmy’s tonight!

  6. I think Darryl would definitely survive a monster attack on Dunder-Mifflin – he has access to the deadly baler.

    Dwight would be in trouble now that Toby’s confiscated his mace and throwing star.

  7. That article about Jenna and the sweaty dress doesn’t make sense. First of all, she wasn’t nominated for an individual award last year, so how could her category have been “up first”? Unless she presented last year?? Also, she wasn’t wearing Carolina Herrera this year. She mentioned some other designer in her E! interview.

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