The Office Emmy news

Update: Congratulations to David Rogers and Dean Holland for winning the Emmy for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series! WOO! The episode submitted was ‘The Job.’

Link: 59th Creative Arts Emmy Awards

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September 1

The Academy of TV Arts & Sciences has reinstated Mindy Kaling’s producer credit for The Office’s Outstanding Comedy Series nomination.

Link: TV Academy softens on caps

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August 22

Steve Carell is one of the confirmed presenters for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. The show will air live Sunday, September 16, on FOX. Source

August 21

We now know the six episodes submitted to Emmy voters — Gay Witch Hunt, A Benihana Christmas (parts 1 and 2), Traveling Salesmen, Business School, and The Negotiation. Source

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July 19

The Office has received the following Primetime Emmy nominations:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office
    Ben Silverman, Executive Producer
    Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
    Ricky Gervais, Executive Producer
    Stephen Merchant, Executive Producer
    Howard Klein, Executive Producer
    Paul Lieberstein, Co-Executive Producer
    Jennifer Celotta, Co-Executive Producer
    Michael Schur, Co-Executive Producer
    Kent Zbornak, Co-Executive Producer
    Teri Weinberg, Co-Executive Producer
    B.J. Novak, Supervising Producer
    Mindy Kaling, Producer
    Episodes: Gay Witch Hunt, A Benihana Christmas, Traveling Salesmen, Business School, and The Negotiation
  • Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series: Steve Carell
    Episode: Business School
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series: Rainn Wilson
    Episode: The Coup
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series: Jenna Fischer
    Episode: The Job
  • Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series: Ken Kwapis
    Episode: Gay Witch Hunt
  • WINNER! Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Greg Daniels
    Episode: Gay Witch Hunt
  • Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series: Michael Schur
    Episode: The Negotiation
  • WINNER! Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series:
    Dean Holland, Dave Rogers
    Episode: The Job
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (half-hour) And Animation: John Cook, Peter J. Nusbaum, Benjamin Patrick
    Episode: The Coup

YAY! — congratulations to all!

The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air Sunday, September 16, on FOX.

Link: Complete 2007 nominations


  1. I’m so glad it was Rainn over John, this was definitely more Rainn’s season. Of course congratulations to Steve as well. Definitely expecting to hear Jenna’s name later!

  2. –Best Directing–
    The Office • Gay Witch Hunt • NBC • Deedle-Dee Productions, Reveille, LLC, in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
    Ken Kwapis, Director


  3. 9 nominations for “The Office”:
    Best Comedy Series
    Best Actor for Steve
    Best Supporting Actor for Rainn
    Best Supporting Actress for Jenna (yay!)
    Best Directing for Ken
    Best Writing for Greg
    Best Writing for Mike
    Best Editing for Dean and Dave
    Best Sound Mixing

    Congratulations to all!

  4. Jenna!

    Writing noms for Greg AND Mike!

    Incredible. I can’t wait for the show.

  5. Office got 9 total

    Negociation -Michael Schur, – also got best writing nod

  6. Anyway, CONGRATS to Jenna! and the whole cast and crew. This is oddly exciting this early in the morning…

  7. I am absolutely beyond thrilled that Jenna got nominated. If there was a single Emmy nomination that I wanted to have happen, it was that one. Season three was her season. I’m so happy for her!

    Congratulations to everyone, of course. And also because of Jenna. :-D

  8. Congratulations to Steve, Rainn, Jenna, and everybody else! I was hoping they’d get all 5 of the main nominations we knew they were in the top 10 for, but I guess 4/5 isn’t bad, and there’s always next year for John.

  9. Nine nominations is just awesome!!!!!! I am so happy for Jenna and Rainn. It’s nice to see someone other than Steve get nominated in the acting categories. Also, Michael Schur’s writing nomination for The Negotiation is well deserved. This definitely has to go down as one to the best days ever for The Office.

  10. OH. MY. GOSH. I am so proud of them!! Congrats to everyone who was nominated! This just made my day… and I’m leaving for vacation today. What does that tell you? :D

  11. Ugly Betty got 11 Nominations
    30 Rock got 10 Nominations
    The Office 9 Nominations
    Entourage 7 Nominations

  12. So glad Steve, Rainn, and Jenna were nominated! I hope the show wins Emmy #2! However, I am a little disturbed that Ugly Betty got 11 nominations.

  13. so glad Jenna and Rainn were nominated. I was pretty sure Steve and the show would get in. It’s too bad J.Kras wasn’t also included but I won’t complain too much. OT- I am so upset at Friday Night Lights and Lost not being in the drama series category! But the Office’s 9 noms helps with the disappointment!

  14. On the bright side, The Office has a better chance of winning the Supporting Actor award now…Rainn won’t be splitting any votes with John.

  15. It has got to be weird though that Office creator Ricky Gervais is going up against the Office in many of the categories with his show “extras” But I am so happy the Office got a lot of nominations! I wish Krasinski would have got nominated for Supporting actor though. I hope Jenna wins Supporting Actress because she was the better actress out of the nominees this season, and I hope her role in “Blades of Glory” will have generated positive buzz for her.

  16. I have to echo Melody – I’m so happy for everyone at The Office, and especially for Jenna Fischer. I’m glad that the voters have recognized her really exceptional performances all year. I’m sad that not everyone at The Office can get a nomination (in a perfect world!!) but I guess that’s what the SAG Awards are for – they really are the best ensemble on television.

  17. Okay I don’t think I’ve run downstairs any faster in my life (that includes Christmas morning) Was anyone else freaking out that they didn’t announce Jenna’s category on TV?! We were loving when Rainn and Steve’s names were announced and then in a very “Sopranos-finale” ending we were all waiting and for nothing.

    Ohhh soo excited for everyone!
    (also I downloaded the entire list and actually laughed outloud at the fact that Battlestar Galactica” was nominated for best directing in a drama series. Dwight must be elated. haha

  18. so glad about ‘the office’ and ’30 rock’. two of the funniest shows in years.

  19. Wow, I’m sooo proud of the cast and crew!!!! Congratulations everyone!!!! I’m so thrilled to see Jenna nominated she’s beyond deserving. Can’t wait until Emmy Night!!!!

  20. Steve Carrel Vs. Ricky Gervais. The Smackdown to end all Smackdowns! Which will probably end by Tony Shalhoub running down and giving them both chair-shots and claiming the Emmy for himself. Again.

  21. I agree w/Scott (#30). It’s probably a good thing John K didn’t get nominated, as it would likely split the votes between him and Rainn and decrease the chance of either winning.

  22. YES!! Congratulations to everyone on The Office! They all deserve it!

    Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

  23. Re Joanna: I LOL’ed at your Sopranos reference! (Slightly OT, but “The Sopranos” is so walking away with that Best Drama trophy now…and yay for Best Directing and Writing noms for “Battlestar Galactica”!). I was definitely freaking out because I thought they would announce the supporting categories too! I’m really thrilled for everyone, and at the same time, more than a little relieved too, especially after all that doomsday scenario painted by that one Emmy screening panel judge during the preceding weeks. You never know with the Emmys and one can only hope for the best.

    By the way, Alan Sepinwall had some initial reactions to the Emmys on his blog, and he included this shout-out to Jenna:

    “Jenna Fischer gets in! I have no doubt she submitted the season finale, and anyone who watches that final talking head interview and doesn’t vote for her is a moron.”

    Thanks, Alan :)

  24. I’m moving to a new place today and both Jenna AND Rainn get nominated…I couldn’t ask for anything more! Well, maybe for JKras to come and help move furniture…but it’s still a good day!

  25. Also…. really quick kudos to Tanster. This is the only Office site I can find any info on so far! You’re always so on top of everything and it is greatly appreciated if I can speak on behalf of my fellow office fanatics.

    (Dwight must be jumping around cause at last count Battlestar Galactica has 4 nominations)

  26. Re #31 Its a Date — Ricky Gervais, Steve Carrell and The Office getting nominated = Win, Win, Win

  27. YAY! I’m so glad that Jenna and Rainn were nominated. Hopefully, this show can finally take home at least one of its many well-deserved acting emmys this year. Thanks tanster for being so on top of things because I’ve been itching to find out what The Office would be nominated for all week.

    See you all September 16!

  28. I understand about not wanting a vote split with Rainn and John. But it still stinks. =P I think Krasinski was very much deserving this year.

    And the thing is, on the nominee list it showed 6 nominations in several acting categories but only 5 for S. Actor. What’s with that? If they could have six, then uhh, John definitely should have been included.

    Oh well, maybe the fourth season will be John’s. =)

  29. I was flipping out when I heard.

    Wish John was up there too, but I’m not complaining!

  30. Tanster…what would we do without you!!! You are truly the best!

    When I go online for the first time every day, instead of going to cnn like I used to, I go to Office Tally. What can i say..i’m addicted! I need my office news!

    Thanks for doing such a great job!

  31. im so glad rainn got it! he totally deserves it; i don’t think anybody could do a better job at dwight than he!

  32. Congratulations to everyone who got nominations on the show…esp Jenna, Steve, and Rainn! Can’t wait for the show!

  33. YAY!! I couldn’t be happier for everyone!! They all deserve it! I agree with CrazyGringa…SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!!

  34. I just read on Jennas blog that she came here to OT to find out the nominations!!! Good job Tanster!!
    Congrats to Jenna and Rainn!!!!Woo Hoo!!!

  35. I’m really excited for everyone! I was so happy when I saw Jenna on the list. She deserves the nomination.

  36. Congrats to The Office and especially Jenna and Rainn! I just wish John would have made the cut, he deserves to be there too. 9 Emmy nominations, that is great. I know some where disappointed with this season but I think it was right on par with Season 2.

  37. Yay for Tina Fey! I loved her reaction. “This is an outrage!”

    And The Office got some nominations. That’s cool, I guess.

  38. AWESOME!!!! I was on the site early this morning & didn’t see Jenna’s name but just checked back now & WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    I was so depressed all morning…..

  39. The Office made big strides with today’s Emmy nominations. While JAMers are probably complaining about John Krasinski being left off the list (he was on the initial list of top 10 nominees for Supporting Actor), if you look at the actual nominees it’s not like Krasinski was robbed. While I don’t watch Jon Cryer’s Two and a Half Men, I can say with certainty that the nominations for Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillion, and Neil Patrick Harris are most deserved. Certainly Rainn Wilson did a better job this season than Krasinski who’s Emmy chances were likely doomed to his character’s required sleepwalking through the entire season. The fact that Wilson scored one of the slots should be viewed a big step forward for the show and actor, considering how competitive this category is.

    Besides, The Office employee most deserving of a nomination was Jenna Fischer anyway. She was the focal point of the entire third season and continues to be the emotional center of the show. The show could have swept the Supporting Actor cateogory including Creed Bratton and Brian Baumgartner but if Fischer had been snubbed it would have been a dark day. So, let’s celebrate Fischer’s recognition, along with Steve Carell, the producers, the writers, and directors. Krasinski will have plenty of time next season to show a range of emotions. Or so I hope.

  40. So excited for Steve, Rainn, and especially Jenna!!! I love every one of the cast, but if any single one of them deserves a win, it’s Jennna, hands down. Yeah, I’m a little bummed that John didn’t get the nom, but truthfully, I’m not too surprised, what with the episode he submitted and his overall character this season (with the exception of The Job, of course). Anyways, with Leatherheads coming out in December, I’m sure we won’t have to wait long for him to start collecting shiny little statues.

  41. Congrats to all. I don’t think Krasinski should have been nominated, as much as I love Jim and the show. He didn’t, honestly, have much to do this year except act dead inside. Last year was the year he should have been recognized, but you can’t nominate based on what should have happened in a previous awards season.

    They definitely did the right thing in letting Rainn have the glory on this one. Dwight was awesome this year.

  42. AH! So many nominations! But no John…oh well. If it was gonna be John or Rainn I would have to go with Rainn too. I hope there Emmy’s are a Office sweep!

  43. This is emotionally magnificent!
    9 nominations! I’m so thrilled for everyone involved in The Office!
    I’m really excited that not only is Steve being recognized, but Rainn and Jenna, too! Jenna’s response was so sweet and heartfelt.
    It’s great that both Greg Daniels and Michael Schur were nominated for writing, but I’m really hoping Michael wins it!!!
    Congrats all around! This is fantastic! Man, Emmy nods for The Office cast AND Harry Potter this week! I think I might just explode from all the excitement!

  44. P.S. – I just now noticed that Dean and Dave, the Editing Wonder Duo, are nominated! Good for them! After hearing about them in Michael Schur’s interview, they most definitely deserve to win, too!
    Also, didn’t mean to make it sound like HP’s up for an emmy in my last post-I meant Book 7. Just to clarify! I’ve gone all flighty with joy!

  45. 59-Kevin Crossman

    Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon were not deserving of nominations, this past season especially. Entourage was very snooze button this season, and I hope “Medillon” gets done and over with on the show becuase it is the lamest story arc in a show…EVER. But I’m glad both are nominated because they will split the vote in the end and hopefully Rainn will win(since Krasinski isn’t nominated :( and would possibly cause the same Nader effect).

    If Jenna doesn’t come out on top (“That’s what she said!”)I will be very surprised because her performance in “The Job” (the episode I believe was submitted) is far superior to the work done by the others in her category. Rainn and Steve (if he loses out to Baldwin like at the Globes I’ll be annoyed) will have a bigger challenge in their respective categories.

    Let’s get a repeat win though for the show it self, YEAH The Office!

    And don’t forget to win one for writing, YEAH Schur and Daniels!

  46. 71 – Gobias

    Just had to say, LOVE THE NAME! “Gobias, as in Go By Us some coffee!”

  47. Hi everyone! Hope it’s not too premature, but I understand that nominated series get to submit 6 episodes for consideration. Which episodes do you guys think our little show should send to the Academy? My personal choices are:

    1. Gay Witch Hunt (Directing and Writing noms mean this episode is probably a given)

    2. The Coup (Despite the rants of the Emmy screening panel judge, its WGA nomination earlier this year shows it has industry support)

    3. Traveling Salesmen – Best ensemble episode of the season

    4. The Negotiation (Emmy nod for Best Writing, plus its many pop cultural references will sit well with voters, considering how “Heroes” is also nominated, and “24” is so well known amongst the Academy…plus, it’s hilarious on its own merits!)

    5&6. The Job. Awesome finale. Both heart and humor in generous doses, plus who can forget that Ryan twist which came right out of nowhere at the end. Priceless!

    Congratulations again to “The Office” for its richly-deserved 9 Emmy nominations!

  48. i strangely feel like a proud mother… while i agree with most that it’s sad not to see jkras up there, i think that we should be more outraged that he wasn’t nominated LAST season –that was “jim’s” season. on that note, i’m so happy that jenna is getting recognized (along with rainn and steve, of course) for “her” season. i still do believe, though, that emmy noms are kind of arbitrary and filled with more politics than we realize. i won’t even get started on any of the DRAMA shows noms… here’s to an office SWEEP!!!!!!!

  49. _bales: your list is fantastic. I didn’t know they got to submit so much material for consideration; that’s great! *sigh* What an exciting day for The Office!

  50. I just got home and was so happy to click on here and see the nominations. Yay Office!!! I’m super excited for everyone, especially Jenna. Hopefully, they’ll sweep all the categories. :)

  51. Hi tanster, DVDs for creative arts Emmys (like Editing) are mailed to voters on July 30, while those for telecast Emmys (like Series, Actor, Writing) are mailed on August 6, so I think the various shows have to submit their DVD screeners to the Academy before those mailing deadlines. However, Tom O’Neil reports that the respective dates for mailing DVDs to voters have actually been extended to Aug 6 and Aug 13 respectively, according to the link below. Hope this helps!


  52. YAY OFFICE! There is one thing that deeply saddens me though, no guest acting noms. I would have really loved to see Ed Helms or Rashida Jones up there. Oh well, there is always next year, who knows maybe Rashida will snag a nomination for her role in her new show. Congrats and best wishes to all!


    But, especially to Jenna! I was crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, etc for her to get a nom. She was absolutely wonderful this season.

  54. Is it worth noting that Extras (the Rick Gervais and Steve Merchant comedy) is nominated for four Emmys, three of them in the same categories as the Office. Old boss against new boss – exciting.

    Personally I hope Extras wins in their categories and the Office rocks the rest of them.

    Exciting Emmy day!

  55. that’s so exciting!!! it is sad taht john was nominated but next year will be his year…also ed helms deserves something for his amazing performances every week.

  56. The Office deserved every one of its nominations, but should have gotten a few more. I cannot understand the thinking behind any nominations for Two and a Half Men. I used to watch that show but it was the same thing week after week and the acting wasn’t nearly as great as The Office. Jon Cryer over John Krasinski? There is no way that makes any sense to me. And My Name is Earl should have been nominated instead of Two and a Half Men.

  57. EW mentions Krasinski’s Emmy snub in the “Boo Emmys! Yay Emmys!” feature. I guess they let readers submit their thoughts…

    “BOO, EMMYS!
    John Krasinski (The Office) misses out on a Best Supporting Actor nod

    Definitely disappointed that John Krasinski didn’t get nominated; his facial expressions alone earned him a nod. —Clem”

    Amen, Clem. ;P

    I was SO happy to hear this–and they truly all deserve to WIN…i mean, what cast is more talented than that of the Office?!!

  59. Hey tanster, thought you might like to know Tom O’Neil just posted on the Gold Derby forum that he heard from the Academy and that series contenders have up till this Friday (July 27) to submit their six episodes for consideration, not August 13 that I mentioned earlier (apologies!). In addition, Emmy acting contenders are no longer able to change their episode submissions (the prior rules are that they can if they wish to). T he link is below.

    I think Steve, Rainn and Jenna all chose very good tapes for their Emmy submission already. And I’m sure Greg Daniels (if he hasn’t done so yet) would choose wisely what six episodes to submit for the show (they cannot change “The Coup”, I think, but it’s a great choice). I wouldn’t give much thought to the article about the perceived view that our little show might be one of the so-called “favorites”. It counts for absolutely nothing in a quality field like this. Like I’ve said earlier, the Emmys can be a cruel awards, so let’s hope for the best and take nothing for granted. Best wishes to all the nominees from our little show!


  60. “The Office”
    Benihana Christmas Part 1
    Benihana Christmas Part 2
    Gay Witch Hunt
    The Negotiation
    Business School
    Traveling Salesmen

    The six episodes submitted for Emmy consideration. Sincere apologies to my fellow OT posters. I thought “The Coup” had to be one of them.


  61. i wish the return was up there instead of GWH

    i didn’t laugh harder at any other episode this year than the return

  62. It makes sense that they would submit GWH and The Negotiation since they were the episodes nominated for best writing.

  63. Fine choices all around, in my opinion. Compared to other shows in the running, The Office had such depth of good episodes that they really couldn’t make a bad choice. I think their only competition is 30 Rock, which also submitted a great set of episodes.

  64. I agree with Matt. It’s a good set of episodes that give “The Office” a fighting chance in a very competitive category.

  65. That is a really great set of episodes that was submitted. Its between The Office and 30 Rock now

  66. “The Return” should really be up there. Oh well.

    Great set of episodes anyway. Shows a great range of everything this show has to offer.

  67. I really really hope Michael Schur wins for writing. The Negotiation is one of my all time favorite episodes! I can’t wait for the Emmys! (Except I just heard Ryan Seacrest is hosting – ugh.)

  68. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of surprised that they submitted all of Benihana istead of two separate episodes. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why they did that? I love the episode, but I’m still curious.

  69. Just saw commercial stating The Office will be running on TBS starting Sept 11…wonder why it’s in syndication with less than 100 eps??

  70. I think the choices are very good and show a good range. I think they are also good episodes for someone who doesn’t watch the show every week (i.e. you can watch them without having to know a lot of back story). Strange that the hour-long episode counts as two – does this mean a show like Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty only gets to submit three hour-long episodes rather then six half-hours?

  71. It will be interesting to see where these come in on our survivor poll. Except for traveling salemen and the negotiation, I didn’t think the others were exceptionally funny. Does anyone know what they submitted last year?

  72. I think this is a good set. Although I didn’t find “Business School” overly funny, it shows the emotional depth “The Office” has compared to other comedies (thinking of Michael’s defensiveness and how happy/emotional he is when he sees Pam’s DM painting after taking such a beating, followed by the sweet hug at the end). “Traveling Salesman” and “Benihana Christmas ” were both very funny (IMO) and demonstrate how strong the entire ensemble is (versus episodes that are almost entirely Michael/Jim/Pam/Dwight-centric). While submitting the full hour of “BC” may seem a little weird, it also shows that it can pull off an hour without dragging or losing the humor (IMO). GWH and Negotiation also got writing noms, so they make sense to submit. All these episodes can really be enjoyed without being a consistent viewer but also have gems that reward faithful fans (thinking of what Jim says to Michael on the couch in “BC” about rebounds; Pam’s laughter followed by that sad look at the very end of “GWH”). I think that’s a huge strength of “The Office”: it rewards regular viewers with allusions to multi-episode story arcs and jokes that are funnier with/require knowledge of earlier episodes.

  73. Wow, really? I agree with 2 of the choices: “The Negotiation” and “Traveling Salesmen”. I think “Traveling Salesmen” will be the one that wins them the Emmy.

    You gotta look at them compared to the other shows. I definitely don’t think EITHER of the “Benihana Christmas” half hours could win the Emmy compared to a great Entourage or Ugly Betty ep.

    Go “Traveling Salesmen”!

  74. Ryan Seacrest hosting is indeed a tragedy. But at least we’ll have Steve Carrell to look forward to. Hopefully he’ll present after he is triumphant in the Best Actor category.

  75. Speaking as a wannabe webmaster for SeacrestTally, FiggyNewton’s and Ashley’s comments really upset me :(

  76. aw i don’t mind seacrest that much. as long as he doesn’t take a stab at comedy, which knowing him he’ll probably try to crack a joke or two, i don’t think he’ll be THAT bad. maybe he will.

  77. I’m sorry bales but I have to say Ryan Seacrest is a BIG step down form Conan O’ Brien, but knowing I’ll get an extra dose of Steve makes me even more excited!

  78. I have to agree with some of the other commenters. I find Ryan Seacrest really annoying. I was sad to find out he’s hosting. If there weren’t so much Office goodness involved, I wouldn’t watch the Emmy’s.

  79. Since irony doesn’t translate well in the printed word, I’d just like to state that I was kidding when I said I was a fan of Ryan Seacrest :)

    But I’m really glad that Steve is one of the presenters. He’s always so funny and strikes up a great rapport with his co-presenters.

  80. First 9 noms and now Steve Carell is hosting… what more could I aks for. Oh… I know!

    (Just a little kickback to Kelly’s “fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch.”)

  81. I can’t wait to find out who Steve’s co-presenter is – hoping it’s someone really funny (maybe Colbert??? In my dreams).

    P.S. Sure, Bales, try to back out of the “I love Ryan Seacrest Club” now – don’t bow to peer pressure, man!

    …yes, I’m kidding too…

  82. Lol, Tobyfan!

    But yea, I’m totally with you on Colbert co-presenting with Steve. *chants* “Even Stevphen” reunion! “Even Stevphen” reunion!

  83. hi tanster, this was the original list of “The Office” producers nominated, with the relevant link below. Hope this helps.

    The Office
    Ben Silverman, Executive Producer
    Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
    Ricky Gervais, Executive Producer
    Stephen Merchant, Executive Producer
    Howard Klein, Executive Producer
    Paul Lieberstein, Co-Executive Producer
    Jennifer Celotta, Co-Executive Producer
    Mike Schur, Co-Executive Producer
    Kent Zbornak, Co-Executive Producer
    Teri Weinberg, Co-Executive Producer
    B.J. Novak, Supervising Producer


    [from tanster: awesome, thank you bales!]

  84. Tanster, here’s the Emmys website:
    The Office • NBC • Deedle-Dee Productions, Reveille, LLC, in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
    Ben Silverman , Executive Producer
    Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
    Ricky Gervais, Executive Producer
    Stephen Merchant, Executive Producer
    Howard Klein, Executive Producer
    Paul Lieberstein , Co-Executive Producer
    Jennifer Celotta, Co-Executive Producer
    Mike Schur, Co-Executive Producer
    Kent Zbornak, Co-Executive Producer
    Teri Weinberg, Co-Executive Producer
    B.J. Novak, Supervising Producer
    Mindy Kaling, Producer


    [from tanster: thanks sorano!]

  85. How does everyone think the show will do when the awards are presented on the 16th? For now I see it winning Comedy, Actor, Supporting Actress, Writing, Directing, and Picture Editing. I think some of those choices are risky with all the competition, but I think it could really sweep.

    Also, I’m really happy for Mindy that she was able to be included to the list of producers for the show. I’m going to guess that they will kick Ben Silverman off the list next year because his duties on the show will be heavily reduced now that he is President of NBC.

  86. I wouldn’t underestimate 30 Rock for best comedy

    I really feel that Steve Carrel and Jenna Fischer are locks

  87. In Actor, a lot of people are predicting Alec Baldwin, but the truth of the matter is that his tape isn’t that good (“Hiatus”) and I personally thought Carell, Shalhoub, and Gervais were better. I have a hunch that Carell wins this year because his final scene with Jenna Fischer is just heartbreaking.

    I think Rainn Wilson will lose Supporting Actor to Jeremy Piven, but he is still a contender. Dwight is such an odd character that some members of the Academy may be turned off by Rainn’s performance, but if they actually watch it they will notice just how good of an actor Rainn is.

    After watching all the tapes in Supporting Actress I feel confident in predicting Jenna to win, but the only problem is that performances like hers are hardly ever rewarded in the category she is in. Looking at past history, someone like Conchata Ferrell or Holland Taylor will win, but I really get the sense that support in the industry is high on The Office, which makes me think Jenna clinches the win.

  88. I don’t think anyone is a lock, especially Steve competing against Alec Baldwin. And you can’t count out the fact that Tony Shalhoub has won 3 years in a row for Monk, an obscure show that most of America doesn’t watch or even know is on. And people love Ricky Gervais…

  89. Thanks for the news on Mindy. While I have to admit that I do support the caps in theory, I think they certainly end up screwing people who don’t deserve to be screwed. I also have to admit that I’d really like to see the description of Mindy’s producer duties, given that her primary responsibilities (at least from the perspective of a lay person fan of the show) are writing and acting. The Office process has always struck me (again, as a lay person) as *very* collaborative, so I wouldn’t be surprised if her duties have somewhat “morphed” from writer-performer to producer.

  90. I think Jenna’s main competition is with Vanessa Williams, but as someone previously noted, industry support is behind “The Office,” so that should work in Jenna’s favor. I really hope her nuanced performance beats Williams’ more cartoonish role on “Betty.” Pam’s evolution is the stuff great acting is made of.

  91. Hearty congrats to Dean and Dave! Kudos to them both for the outstanding work they did in “The Job” and throughout the entire season of “The Office”. Yay!

  92. The Office lost Sound Mixing to a tie of “Entourage” and “Scrubs.”

    In brighter news, at least the show goes into the main show with one win, which is more than last year.

  93. YAY!!! 1 Emmy! Congrats to Dean & Dave! Hopefully next week we’ll be able to make that 5 wins total :)

  94. Hurray! Congratulations to David and Dean! This award is VERY well-deserved. It amazes me how much the story is created and shaped with editing.

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