The Office Season 2 DVD review

DVD Talk has published a review of The Office Season 2 DVD set, and it’s quite positive! (As if you weren’t already antsy enough about getting your hands on a copy.)

One thing in particular got me excited:

One extra that pretty much all fans will love is the blooper reel, which runs a fantastic 17 minutes, and features the majority of the cast breaking character or flubbing lines. This was a very entertaining featurette and shows how hard it is to be funny in a deadpan way. This kind of extra can be hit or miss, but here it hits hard.

Yay for hard-hitting bloopers!

Read the full Office Season 2 DVD review here.

Thanks to everybody who sent in this tip!

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  1. It seems to refer to Jenna Fischer as “Lewis” at one point. :D

    “When the documentary camera goes into observation mode, and catches her unaware, or during the revealing confessionals, Lewis displays some of the best acting on TV. As the pursuer, Krasinski plays the Everyman like few others can, a…” eh?

  2. Ok, that review just clinched it for me. I just pre-ordered mine through Amazon. I love blooper reels!

  3. I have no idea why I keep doing that. I never even watched Survivor! Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. “It’s not the British version’s fault that it can’t hold a candle to the American “The Office.”
    …What is this crap!

  5. Wow-they hit the nail right on the head through most of that article. Especially when it came to Jenna’s picture on the front-that could have turned out so much better. How many days is it now?

  6. Man, the dilemma of whether or not buying the box set. I already have season 1, I saved up 70 bucks to buy this and Earl and now I’m not gonna be able to get Earl with just that. :(

    I’ll figure out the weekend before. There’s a possibility that some other store might have an exclusive bonus disc or something.

  7. Adam, i would have to agree w/ you. I never compare the two shows. The UK Office was absolutely brilliant, and the US Office is pure genius, too! I loved both, and i don’t feel that i have to choose which one is better than the other. Although i prefer the US Office, i still agree w/ you.

  8. We wait four months for this and they couldn’t find a way to work around Steve and John’s movie schedules to fit in a couple of commentaries? There’s no excuse for not having John’s observations on Casino Night. I’m going to write my congressman.

    This line, however, made me giddy like a schoolgirl, which is no mean feat:” complete with the film’s trailer (and some bonus Jenna Fischer!)”

  9. thanks for pointing out that best buy ad but season 2 is only 32.99 on AMAZON with free shipping.

  10. oh sorry, 32.49. and didn’t the cover art change? wasn’t it originally just steve on the front. i think they may have superimposed everyone, not just jenna.

  11. The Best Buy offer looks interesting. I wish they provided more info on the deal though. Anyone else know more about this?

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