1. “Pam, you are like a daughter to me, and Jim is like a son. I’m so proud that my son and daughter are to be wed! Tis a thing of beauty! Glory be!!!
    -Michael Scott”


  2. I knew this would happen sooner or later. Makes me so happy and it does feel like it should really be happening.

  3. OMG this awesome. This is what I’ll be playing on until the premiere! I love Jim and Pam!

  4. You know, I wouldn’t admit this to anyone but my fellow tallyheads, but I really want that picture as my screensaver!

  5. Love, love, love!!! I like to pretend that they are my friends and that they really are getting married…lol

  6. ooh, i’m definitely intrigued. i can’t wait to see their registry. and i’m just waiting for someone to create a registry at babies r us for them.

    i’m almost tempted to do it myself.

    #9 (patrick)– omg, coryandtopanga! i so remember that!

    and i think i have the same watch that she’s wearing in that picture.

  7. that is the most beautiful picture of them i’ve ever seen. i must admit i don’t necessarily love pam’s hair that way, i think she looked better in the season 2 era (also the merger was great, too) but they look so natural here. john looks incredible, even more so than usual. and yes, it did take me a while to get over him being engaged to emily blunt, even though i’m practically 10 years younger than him and will never meet john.

    sorry tallyheads, i’m really talkative tonight, even i think i’m obnoxious, i just haven’t had a chance to do anything besides schoolwork at night for the past 13 days.

  8. That video made me laugh, smile, and maybe shed a tear. *sniff* I’m going to be a mess next week!

    P.S. – Jenna without makeup is still beautiful!

  9. omg – i was just looking through the comments on their wedding site and someone said they should say “absolutely i do” instead of “i do”… i’d thought about it before but forgot until i read that, i REALLY hope they do that!! that would be so cute!

  10. Lol love the registry. Crystal pitcher – makes sense, silverware set – makes sense, Porsche 911 Carrera – LOL :).

  11. Aw, on the pic on the website Pam looks sad but Jim looks like he is thinking of the wedding night.

  12. Jim in his underwear! Jim in his underwear! Jim in his underwear! Jim in his underwear!

    And those are my intelligent contributions to this post.

  13. giggle giggle giggle giggle

    I seriously doubt Jim Halpert actually wears tighty whiteys. Or brushes his teeth with no pants on? But i’m still giggling over it. Oh JKras….

  14. Ohhh god I just died a little inside. Jim in his underwear…?! NBC.com sure knows what every girl wants…!

  15. That was awesome. And now we no longer have to ask: boxers or briefs? Thanks for giving us that answer NBC :)

  16. I hated the wedding. It was so not what I have been waiting for all this time. Five seasons of waiting for them to finally get married and they give us a stupid episode full of over-the-top bits and then that disaster dance scene at the end. I’m seriously devastated.

  17. OMG too cute! Based on Jenna’s laughing, I have a hunch John was not supposed to come out in his underwear. Anyone else think the same?

    And WOW I hope they include these on the DVD!!!

  18. Oh. my. god.

    I would have pegged Jim as a boxers kind of guy…. but I could see how tighty whities are better for comedy reasons.

  19. Bahahahahah! Jim in his underwear! That was PRICELESS.

    “Gotta let me know when you’re doin’ that!”

    Wonderful. :)

  20. aww, i like the paper flowers.

    and um…. “gotta let me know when you’re doing that!”

    GOLD!!!!! THANK YOU NBC!!!!!!

  21. I don’t know how, but I actually got to see this one (usually the NBC clips are blocked to those of us outside of America). My oh my oh my! Makes up for not being able to watch the wedding episode – a bit!

  22. woot woot hot bod jkras!!!

    just gotta say, the episode did not disappoint me, as I read it did for someone down below. it started out shaky but as i look back i think it was more because i was looking forward to the wedding and not paying attention to the comedy gold laid out before me. the wedding was phenomenal and sweet and i loved how they did it. and dwight’s tshirt….the internet has won and it was my biggest laugh of the night.

  23. Haha loved that clip! Jim walking out in tighty whiteys just made my day! I’m also one that didn’t see him as a tighty whiteys guy, considering in the Season 3 Bloopers when his pants fell down he wasn’t wearing them!

  24. #37-Brigette.

    I was wondering the same thing. Was that Pam or Jenna laughing.

    It was so cute either way.

  25. Yes, I totally took a screen shot of John in tighty-whiteys and am not afraid to admit it.


  26. #37 – I was thinking the same thing. I have a feeling Jenna wasn’t expecting John’s attire. So funny!

  27. I must be stupid because I didn’t recognize JK until he spoke. I was actually wondering who the guy on his tighty whities was and what on earth he was doing there.

  28. Actually got to watch it! Woohoo!
    “Gotta let me know when you’re doin’ that!” = priceless
    I agree about the laughing. If that was really not planned and JKras just decided to ‘spice things up a little’, I’m even more in love.

  29. I DIED at seeing JK in his tighty-whities.
    I’m pretty sure my brain made me black out to save me the sadness that I will never get to see that in the morning, and that Emily Blunt gets to see it all the time.

  30. I completely laughed out loud at that one. So real life! Didn’t take Jim for a brief man, but hey, whatever he likes, right?

    I’m still laughing every time I think about it. Way too cute!

  31. Hey-o! Jim in his undies? Happy Birthday to me (not really my birthday). Also, tightie whities Jim? Really? Pam, fix that please!

  32. Scruffy Jim Halpert in tighty-whiteys.

    Best. Office. Moment. Ever.

    That is all.

  33. okay, i’m over my case of the giggles… Pam got rid of her librarian glasses! I noticed in tonight’s episode, and yelled PAM GOT CUTE GLASSES!

    nevermind. i’m back to giggling. and i think that was Jenna laughing, and not Pam =]

  34. Oh my! Yes, I think boxers would look best on Mr. Krasinski as well, but I’m not complaining. Tighty-whities allows better definition. Very nice derriere! Haha, I love that the scene felt completely natural.

  35. Pam’s new glasses are absolutely adorable and Pam laughing at Jim is definitely the funniest wedding related extra yet.

    I can only hope that all these extras will be on the Season 6 DVDs!

  36. What do we think? In the pictures up on the wedding site, is that Jim’s sister and her husband? Or is that a third brother? The brothers did mention a sister, right? They wanted to get her with the whoopee cushion.

    PS- How inappropriate would it be to call in sick to work today to bask in the glory of last night?

  37. In the photo gallery, it looks like Pam and Jim danced down the aisle, too. Hope that’s a deleted scene!

    Is it too much to ask for if I want another 10 minutes of anyone on the show dancing? :)

  38. That just gave me the giggles. LOVED IT! Although I’m also surprised that Jim would be a tighty-whitey guy. Great addition to a great episode.

  39. Nice way to start my morning…I don’t think I’ll ever get the picture of him in his undies out of my head.

  40. And now I can die a happy woman. Jim/John Krasinski in tighty whiteys? Who do I write the thank you note and payment to?!

    This clip can never be deleted. EVER.

  41. Wow. There is a God, and He’s listening to my prayers! Ok, I feel a little bit better about giving him to Emily Blunt. But as soon as this clip disappears off the interwebs, I want him back!

  42. the site’s wedding album bothers me… all the group photos look photoshopped (not that i don’t love them, especially the office one), and the album also has the AMAZING version of the kiss. rip-off…

    i do love that in the group pictures, jim has his hand on pam’s belly. AWWWWWW!!!!!!! and the looks pam’s parents are giving each other…

  43. I was expecting a WEDDING. After rooting 5 seasons for Jim and Pam, I expected to hear some heartfelt VOWS. You would think that in the midst of a 1 hour non stop farce, they could have found the time to quiet it down for a few wedding vows.

  44. Jim. In his undies. ‘Nuff said.

    And, yeah, Pam’s glasses were nice too. They looked really cute on her. As someone else said, that scene did seem really natural, which was nice. I hope they put that on the dvds.

    But seriously. Jim. In his undies ;)

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