The Office staff goes back to work!

The Office cast and crew were back at work yesterday to kick off Season 4.

Dan Beals, PA extraordinaire for the show, wrote about the day in his MySpace blog:

… I got to stand in the parking lot and watch as the cast I know and love drove in one by one. Hugs and hellos and welcome backs were exchanged ad nauseum and it was fantastic. I love this cast. I love this crew.

Are we excited?!

Link: Back to work


  1. I thought about them being back at work yesterday & it made me smile. :) And I’ll be thinking about it again on Monday! WoOT! Season 4 is near!

  2. So excited! And it looks like they’ll be on location a lot this season it seems, so that sounds fun, too! Yay, I can’t wait until September!

  3. The first scene was on location – will it be Jan in stretch pants at Michael’s condo or Jim and Pam on a date??? I can’t wait to find out!

  4. I’m not sure what to think about them being on location a lot this season. I like them best in the office. But it’s very exciting knowing things are rolling now!

  5. tanster: thank you so much for always being the purveyor of good “Office” news! And thanks also to Dan for sharing his first days back at work on the “Office” set with us!

  6. “So you excited? Yeah. Very excited? Yes, I’m very excited. Extremely excited?”


  7. He mentioned something about Comic Con and Get Smart.. Was Steve Carell there at Comic Con!? I was there. Aww man I could have gone and seen him…ugh

    Sweeet that they’re back though.

  8. UGH. That panel at Comic Con must’ve been hilarious. I shake my fist at that. Oh well next year again. Hopefully someone from the cast will have an upcoming movie to promote.. and I’ll be front row no doubt hah.

  9. It warms my heart to know that the cast is back at work and creating new stuff for us to laugh at. There’s just something comforting about that thought.

  10. OK I’m not sure what to think about this blog…”up in the air”–“too soon to tell”???!?? I do not approve of such phrases in a blog about my favorite tv show.

  11. @lauren: it sounds to me like the situation on set is a little different for Dan this year, maybe he has more responsibility or his job is different or something, I don’t think it has anything to do with the show itself– probably just the nuts and bolts of it. He also wrote that blog at 2AM and was probably really tired after a very long day. It seems fun to us but remember the PAs work like 16 hour days! I wouldn’t worry.

  12. first scene of first day on location. do you think they will be shooting the date and use it as a flashback??! i hope so!

  13. Is anyone else reminded of their first day of high school while reading this?

  14. Good luck on the first day of shooting! I’m all ready giddy w/ excitement for the new season!!!!

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