Andy Bernard possibly the best thing about The Office

From New York Magazine:

When The Office premiered its sixth season way back in September, we boldly proclaimed that this would be the Year of the Nard Dog, and we were so right. Andy Bernard has stepped up to the plate in nearly every episode this season, whether with a one-liner or leading a great B-plot.

Link: Andy Bernard Is Quite Possibly the Best Thing About The Office – slideshow


  1. Great article and slideshow. I always thought Andy was a really underrated character. Funny, sweet, charming. What else could you want? The 12 drummers scene is in my opinion an instant Office classic. That moment made me, a grown man, go “AWWWW!”.

  2. I like Andy as much as the next TO fan, but the best thing? People tune in for different reasons, of course, and Andy does bring a lot to the plate. But I don’t think 22 minutes of just Nard Dog would make the show. They wouldn’t even make Nard Dog watchable. The character works so well because he is surrounded by other characters and other situations and plot lines. The best thing about the show is the show.

  3. I must say that I love Andy because he is such a great Office character—when he first showed up, I really hated his guts; he was so painful to watch… and as he has evolved, I’ve grown more and more fond of him, more sympathetic toward him. (Kind of like how I’ve felt about Dwight—well, sort of.) :-) I was jumping-up-and-down excited to see Ed Helms in the opening credits. Good job, Ed and writers! I really care about this character!

    There are many best things about The Office, and I can agree that Andy Bernard is one of them. :-)

  4. Andy brings a lovely naive sweetness with a sprinkle of anger to the show. He has become one of my favorite characters. The show being able to incorporate new characters well is a rare quality. I really like Erin too.

  5. I love Andy. He fits in so well with the “original cast” that it’s hard to imagine that he ever WASN’T on The Office. He’s quickly become one of my favorite characters. :)

  6. Ed Helms, like a lot of the supporting actors on the Office, is a scene stealer.

    Ed makes Andy a lovable character and funny as hell.

    Credit also goes to the writing staff for their delicious lines.

  7. Watching the cheese platter scene over and over again = I’m in tears! Ed Helms totally brings the wonderful, lovable weirdo Andy Bernard to life! (It’s awesome that New York magazine seems to love The Office–they had the clip show on the despicable side of their Approval matrix! I liked the Banker, but thought it was cute they’d notice and be bummed that there wasn’t a new show after such a long break!)

  8. I completely disagree.

    I don’t think he is a natural Office character because being British, I can’t see him in our version.

    I also think the article is a total insult to the rest of the fine cast. It was superb in the first three seasons when Ed wasn’t a regular, and I would never say anything to champion one cast member at the expense of a very talented ensemble.

  9. I like Andy, but he runs the risk of overexposure. I don’t think we really need him to sing a song in every episode, lest he become “The Poochie”…

    (Any time Andy isn’t on screen, all the other characters should be saying, “Where’s Andy?”)

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