1. Tanster– We should have an Officetally “Postsecret” project or contest for the end of the summer! We could send in secrets about our Office obsessions, OR create postcards pretending to be from Office characters and vote on the best! “I love dating older women until I find out they actually are old”

    [from tanster: love your second idea!]

  2. These are awesome! It really is sad that I actually did cry more at Jim & Pam’s wedding. Truth, Jim & Pam’s wedding is the only wedding I’ve EVER cried at.

  3. I LOVE THESE! That last one about rather wanting to see Jim & Pam together than finding their own soul mate…um, guilty! I get more pleasure from living vicariously through TV relationships than actually pursuing real ones. Is OT not the place to confess those types of things? Hah!

  4. Hooray, you posted them! The last one is such a throwback to early PB&J angst. I miss it so much

  5. Going off of Annie’s idea that Tanster liked, I just thought we could get some sort of project together for Steve before he leaves. we could collect postsecret type cards from fans on OfficeTally about our appreciation for Michael Scott then get them all together in a scrapbook and send it to Steve!

  6. That is a great idea #9!!
    I would love to have a way to express my thanks to him for all the many laughs on The Office.

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