1. Wow! “I would be stupid not to do it…right?” and “Really ruined eighth grade for us” might be among my favorite lines of the season so far. This also suggests Michael is back to his more toned-down, clueless craziness, which is fun. Not that I didn’t enjoy the brief departure of these past 2 or 3 episodes, but it’ll be good to have the old Michael back (who ever thought they would say THOSE words? haha).

  2. I second Anne’s comment (#1)

    My roommate is napping and my snort of laughter almost woke her. Had it done so, the repercussions would surely have led to my death.

  3. Oh God, that was beautiful. I love just how totally narcissistic Michael is towards Kevin and his near fatal incident, and that he thought his 8th grade pedophile teacher was the cool teacher.

    And you’re right, “I’d be stupid NOT to do it…right?” is one of Ryan’s best lines.

  4. I’m not watching it. I must. Be. Strong. Who am I kidding? Of course I’m watching it.

  5. Ryan’s supposed to have a 4.0, if you go by the deleted scene in Diwali. If he’s obsessive over grades, which I’m sure he is, he’d want the extra guarantee.

  6. Aside from laughing, my response was similar to CH, poster #5, with the addition that it makes me happy to see the writers approach a sensitive topic such as this with the same comedic twist as when they skewered sexual harrassment seminars and took on the sacrosanct “The More You Know” PSAs. The brilliant thing is that it’s another dark insight to Michael’s neediness.

  7. This episode is shaping to be a classic judging from the clips we have seen and spoilers I have read on the twop boards. If only Jim and Pam JAM each other in the parking lot after the art show then this will be an uber episode of The Office

  8. HamburgerHalpert: any JAMing that should be going on, should be in a late-night edition of The Office. Hahaha imagine a special adult rated episode?

    Wow I need to shut up.

  9. I just realized we’ve only got 8 or 9 episodes left in this season. How depressing is that??? And then we’ll have to wait until September to buy season 3 on dvd…

  10. I wonder if Phyllis was one of those 12 students? She was an “Easy Rider”.

    Hehe, just kidding, I love Phyllis. Can’t wait for this episode either, it’s going to be awesome!

  11. why does kevin always have these death scares? like the time he was being tested for skin cancer

    poor kevin

  12. Oh what it would be like to live a day on the Michael Scott’s planet where everything else revolved around it.

  13. Did anyone else agree or disagree with the article about Michael at the bottom of the page. (The one with the vote.)

  14. Are they deliberately not showing us any clips from the art show other than the boner hug?

  15. Hamburger Halpert – could it be they purposely built up the last episode and nothing happened b/c they are wanting to suprise us -a la Casino Night- with a HUGE Jam moment? Which is why they’re not showing us more of the art show?

    Here’s hoping…

  16. I just can’t wait for this episode. It’s airing on my birthday, it already looks hilarious, and Angela is wearing a rain hat. Awesome.

  17. This episode looks awesome! I love that Jim feels strangely powerful, and Michael tries to tickle Ryan…

  18. Is anyone else having trouble with the video? I can hear the audio, but the picture keeps getting stuck.

    This must be the episode they were shooting when Angela did her People.com video diary because she was wearing a rain hat in the last clip.

  19. I will not watch or read the comments. Last weeks’s previews ruined the show for me. I will be strong.

    I’ll probably give up in a few minutes.

  20. I’m with you Adrianna, the sound is being wonkish on my computer so fortunately I have something that is preventing me from spoiling the episode like I surely would.

  21. *sings* (to the tune of “Oklahoma!”

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII hate yahoo tv, it really, really, really, really blows.
    The videos won’t play, or the sound goes away,
    And it just plain stinks up your nose.

    Thank you. *bows*

  22. Does anyone have transcripts from the yahoo previews? They never play on my computer [I have a mac]…It looks like they aren’t working for anyone else, either.

  23. The Yahoo previews actually do work on a Mac, just not very well.
    You have to play with the progress bar in the viewer window to get it to work in Safari…you’re better off just downloading Camino, a free alternative browser for the Mac (from the mozilla people). Get it @ http://www.caminobrowser.org/

  24. I swore to myself that after what I consider the huge spoilers in last week’s over-previewed episode, that I wouldn’t watch any previews this week. I think that the abundance of previews ruined the episode for me.

    Raise your hands if you think I was able to hold out. *sitting on hands*

  25. I’m hesitant to watch them, as last week wasn’t nearly as great as I thought it would be, due to the fact I’d practically seen half the episode. I think I’ll just wait until tomorrow :]

  26. Purple Belt,

    I’ve held out so far on the previews, but I did watch the promos.

    Here’s to hoping I can continue to hold off until tomorrow night.

  27. The only clip I want to see from TV.com isn’t working for me. I click on the link, I see that Dove-Sara Ramirez commercial, and then nothing happens. When I hit the “play” button, I see the ad all over again. After watching that ad ten times, I gave up trying to see the clip.

  28. Joss Whedon was so smitten by Jenna that he immediately became a fan of The Office. Good interview

  29. I watched the previews and either this show isn’t going to be too good, or they did a good job of not showing too much in the preview. I think it is the latter. I’m getting pretty tired of hearing from Michael, frankly.

  30. Okay, am I a huge nerd because I’m watching Office previews in between watching Season 2 DVDs, while eating a tin of chocolate covered Altoids (which Mindy Kaling recommended in her blog)?

    I need another hobby.

  31. the tv.com links never work for me. it always says that a pop up has been blocked but I have “always allow popups” for that website. I cant believe I have to miss some Whedon goodness.

  32. must. be. strong….i only watched one, i can make it another hour and a half. if it weren’t for the valentines contest i wouldnt be subjecting myself to such temptation…darm you tanster!

  33. may I say, that this week I was very good. I only watched the television’s promos! No extra sneak peeks for me!!!!! I go unspoiled into tonight’s episode! yay!

  34. I interpreted the interaction between Pam and Roy completely wrong last week. Funny wise this will be a great episode. Relationship wise, it depends who you are rooting for.

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