1. I really had some concerns about this movie–Robin Williams has not had the best film track record lately. However, having seen this trailer I’m definitely putting this on my list of “must-see” summer movies–John K.’s performance looks great!!

  2. Oh John…why, why, why, why?

    I’ll probably see it because you’re adorable, but the plot premise looks like it just may melt my brain.

  3. Looks a hell of a lot funnier than I expected it to be. Defintely worth the $10 ticket, I think.

  4. Ha ha… Brian dancing! JKras is such a cutie! Alhough I am looking forward to Evan Almighty more than this movie – Steve is THE MAN… well, MY man if you want to get specific. :D

  5. I just can’t wait to see this movie. It actually looks a lot better than I expected :)

  6. It won’t play in my area which makes me sad. If anyone knows if its posted anywhere else, please post a link!

  7. I’m not so sure this movie’s plot will be all that great.. seems a lot like Anger Management (ie weird creepy guy comes and messes up relationship, spends 24/7 with them).. but Kevin in that tiny shirt was just hilarious hahaha. the look on his face.. priceless!

  8. Haha, the trailer made me laugh out loud! I like the creepy robot babies and them peeing in Johns face…that’s gold :-)

  9. John Krasinski…Robin Williams. John Krasinski! …Robin Williams.


  10. that looks so funny! plus john krasinski = love! can’t wait to see this!

  11. Nicholas, I read somehwere that John did look into the camera intentionally/unintentionally at one point, and they decided to leave it in.

  12. Is there a way to view the Conan clip?

    This does look funny, but I don’t think it will break the box office by any means. I will definitely see it, though :)

  13. I think this looks like a cute movie. I was a little skeptical about Mandy Moore, she’s not my favorite. But I think I will definitley see this!

  14. Haha Chase (12) I have that same dilemma.

    Looks predictable and dumb, but John looks smoking hot.

  15. I agree–this doesn’t look as terrible as I anticipated it would be. I see a lot of “why is he staying with this girl moments” that I went through with the “Meet the Parents” franchise, but it could still be a good movie-going experience. Plus, as far as I’m concerned, Mandy Moore can do no worse than “Because I Said So.”
    On another note, what was that odd accent Williams was using?

  16. This movie looks really cute, but that could be biased. I LOVE J-Kras, and if there were such a movie out where John only looked into the camera the whole 1.5 hours, I would watch it a million times. LOL, but not really.
    Plus, I think Mandy Moore is a good role model for young girls, compared to other celeb females, aka, Britney ho Spears.

  17. 17. mintchocolatechip – thank you! It worked and I can now join in the debate.

    I’m not sure how I feel about it… it looks a bit slapstick which I didn’t want. I’ll reserve judgement for July 4th but let me just say, Brian looks awesome in that shirt.

  18. “umm, who exactly are you?”
    “reverend frank is my mentor”
    “he’s my little mensah.”

  19. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for this! John is absolutely adorable(I love his hair, but not as much as Jim hair, though XD). Plus, I like Mandy Moore and Robin Williams and I HAVE to see what leads up to Kevin being in that shirt and dancing!

    Wow, I’ve been left a total fangirly mess here. How long until July 4th?

  20. I’m sorry… but even if this movie sucks I will STILL love it because it’s J. Kras for an HOUR AND A HALF… being adorable. You just can’t go wrong there.. that said, I think it looks like it will be good ;) the trailer made me all giggly, but I think that was just my bias weighing in on the situation.

    Regardless, I cannot WAIT to see it!

  21. Robin Williams was on Conan last night (Wednesday), and they showed a clip from the movie. Looks pretty funny. RW’s character was teaching the 10 Commandments in a pretty unusual way. As an aside, Conan is in San Francisco this week and brought hilarity and chaos to George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch recently. RW is from San Francisco.

  22. I was nervous about how funny it would actually be, but the trailer is HILARIOUS. I can’t wait to see it!

  23. Looks pretty good. Krasinski looks like he’s just hanging on for the ride but that’s all one can expect from a first major feature. He reminds me of a young Tom Hanks, this movie should help his career a lot.

  24. This looks good, cant wait to see it, also i spotted Brian, he looked funny

  25. OH NO!!! This movie looks great, but it is gonna get crushed on opening day by the Transformers Movie!

  26. I love Robin Williams so he just makes this even more adorable for me. The movie isn’t one that’s gonna win awards but hey, we all need another romantic comedy to go to! :-D

  27. Umm… can I say awesome? I am a huge fan of Mandy Moore… but who can ever say no to having to look at John Krasinski acting like he is in love? Surely, not me. The Office does showcase his amazing ability to show his tender side for only about 20 minutes at a time. This is much better with about 90 min. Thank you, John.

    The unfortunate side of the coin is… I have a 5 year old boy who knows that the new Transformers movie comes out the same day. I can’t be a bad mother and go see my movie before him. So, I may have to wait a day or two to see this:(

  28. It may not be a :thinker: movie. But a good relaxing silly comedy always comes in handy.
    I think it looks pretty funny.

    If I can find a babysitter. I will totally go see it. And if not, there is always netflix.

  29. That’s hot(Brian, I mean).

    Looks like a cute movie. Considering I saw The Last Mimzy because of Rainn Wilson, I’ll defintitely be seeinig this because of John Krasinski… and Robin Williams! Can you say bamf!

    Can’t wait!

  30. I thought this movie wasn’t going to be so good, but after that trailer, its looks to be funny and entertaining. I’ll have to give this one a shot.

  31. Someone needs to make an JAM video where Jim proposes to Pam, using the back of many moore’s head shot where john pops the question.

  32. wow. i thought his character was going to be a lot like jim, but he’s totally much dorkier and a very different kind of funny. this movie looks sooo cute!

    cannot wait.

  33. also, if you could possibly find and post robing williams on late night with conan so we can see the preview for license to wed that would be appreciated muchly! thanks!

  34. aww, it looks so cute… except i get weirdly jealous when i see john krasinski with another girl…it’s like i’m 13 and i’m reliving my insane leonardo dicaprio crush. :)

  35. See, all the Office connection in the world could not make me think that was going to be funny…
    Until right now.
    Consider me converted, I suppose.
    (Mega bonus points to this movie if at some point, Robin Williams says “Lord, beer me strength.”

  36. Robin Williams is a master of comedy. John Krazinskia nd Mandy Moore were perfect, but let me see the whole thing first. the kid saying pray still has me laughing.hahahahaha

  37. john looks/sounds SO funny when he says “you’re insane!” at 1:17. i can’t tell if i actually like this trailer or am just totally giddy with john-love.

  38. Sorry, Robin Williams doesn’t do it for me. Steve C. out-Robins Robin when it comes to odd-ball characters.

  39. weird that i got a pang of jealousy when john rolled mandy on the bed?

  40. ‘Was that MC Hammer?’


    That looks really good.

    Robin cracks me up and John looks so adorable and funny. Mandy is really pretty. I was kinda surprised at how much I liked her in ‘Because I Said So’ and this looks like the same sort of movie. So it should be good.

  41. i wasnt sure whether it would look good, but after seeing the trailer it looks pretty funny! lol john looks soo cute and funny! hahaha omg him getting hit with the pitch in the face and ‘is that MC Hammer??’ ahhaha

    robin williams looks funny lol!

  42. have u all seen the poster? john has a kind of a “jim face” in it. lol

  43. I could do with never seeing Robin Williams in another movie ever, but I’ll deal with it for John.

  44. Looks like John K. has a habit of shaking his head ever so slightly when saying very tender romantic things on film. That or directors keep telling him to do it.

    You should be able to see the Robin Williams appearance on Conan at http://www.nbc11.com/conanobrien/index.html. This is our local San Francisco NBC station, which has a whole page about the fact that he’s here. They keep doing segments about it on the 11 o’clock news, too. We’re very excited.

  45. It will be nice to see J-Kras actually make it with someone for once.

    Maybe the season finale will satisfy this need?

  46. Volunteer Duty – the director of this movie LTW also directed Casino Night so that might be the cause of the similarity you noticed.

  47. I had a hard time even watching this clip because John was too dang cute. I was smiling the entire time. It may be too hard for me to even see this movie because I’d feel like I was cheating or something. LOL!

  48. Whoa – that 2 1/2 minutes pretty much sums up why I rarely go to the movies.

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