1. My guess is that Jim will “fake” a proposal to Karen as an office joke, or that Michael will get caught up in a moment and propose to Carol, and she’ll turn him down. [Sentence deleted by tanster because of spoilers.]

  2. Yeah first I was thinking Dwight & Angela, but you guys are definitely right, I’m sure they make it seem a lot more important in the promo…it probably isn’t gonna be thatt important. Either way, I am psyched for next week. It’s been too long!

  3. I’m guessing it’s Ryan since the episode is about Kelly…they try to get you all excited with those shots of Roy, Pam, Jim/Karen, and then just slip in Ryan at the very end there (who’s the woman next to him, anyway? That CAN’T be Carole…can it?).

  4. I’m hoping for Dwangela… but I’ll bet it’s Ryan/Kelly. Perhaps Kelly proposes to him? It’s not unheard of these days…

  5. Probably Dwangela. I was thinking possibly Kelly proposing to Ryan…hmmm

    ummm Roy is looking better and better this season, that can’t be good. lol.

  6. My vote is that Kelly’s parents are under the impression that Ryan and Kelly’s relationship is more than what it really is, and they (the parents) will “propose” marriage for Ryan and Kelly.

  7. not carol and mike, i’ll bet it’s kellys parents, TV guide said her parents think its more than it is.

  8. what if roy proposes to pam again…damn it i hope not. it’s probably going to be ryan and kelly…it would be great if it was michael and carol or dwight and angela…i hope that jim doesn’t propose to karen…crap! i want the episode to air already!

  9. I think it’s Michael and Carol. I can tell you why i think that, but i need to talk about the spoilers…

  10. You guys know how in the Diwali description it says “Andy convinces Jim to turn a late night of work into a drinking game”, do you think maybe they drunk dial Karen or maybe Jim drunk dials Pam?

  11. Somehow I don’t invision Jim drunk dialing Pam, although that would be interesting. It just seems a little TOO weird. Maybe he’ll get drunk and hook up with Karen. Wow I really cannot picture Jim getting drunk.

    Yeah i think the whole Kelly’s family proposes marriage thing is very possible. I could see that being quite comical.

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