1. FYI, Rainn asked if you were in the audience tonight :)

    [from tanster: awww, how sweet of Rainn! thanks for reporting that. :) I got sucked into a work thing at the last minute and couldn’t get out in time. just kills me that i was practically down the street and couldn’t attend.]

  2. Books, Inc. was like a sardine can—just packed. Rainn was solid & very patient with the crowd. We had to go to upper cafe section and watch him speak via window reflection. Things didn’t die down until ~930pm. It just goes to show that if they ever had a convention in the Bay Area for The Office it could be epic. :) The Office is our favorite show but it’s hard to convey meaning and gratitude in a 10-15 second interaction.

    Big laugh when someone asked what Dwight would think about Rainn’s enjoyable thought-provoking book, “Soul Pancake” (“Idiotic!”). We bought two copies after sweetheart surprise Christmas gift full of Reverse Pickpocketing ideas for 2011 and beyond. Thanks Tanster for sharing the announcement…a cherished family memory! He referred to my kids as Biebers due to long hair—good times!

    Strange coincidence…Cornell Glee Club (sans the Nard Dog) at Stanford’s Memorial Church tonight .
    Any chance Ed Helms might appear?!?

    [from tanster: nice, thanks for the report!]

  3. I live in MV! Let’s say I convinced a local bar to turn on The Office on the 20th. Would you sanction an Office SuperFan Meetup? :) It could be like a book club. We could even discuss Venkat’s “Gervais Principle” :)


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