Rainn Wilson on Nightline

SPOILER WARNING! Video contains new Office footage.

Rainn Wilson was featured on ABC’s Nightline last night:

Words barely describe Dwight Shrute, the suck-up salesman and assistant regional manager of the Scranton branch for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

But Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Shrute on NBC’s “The Office,” has a few for you. “Dweeby, fascistic, power-grubbing, hierarchical. Is that a word? Annoying and self-serious. How’s that? Those would be, those are seven words. I was counting them on my fingers,” Wilson said during an interview in his home outside Los Angeles. “And bizarre,” Wilson added. “Did I say bizarre? I didn’t say bizarre, throw that in the mix.”

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  1. Can someone post this on You Tube tomorrow? It would be much appreciated. I won’t be able to watch tonight.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m heading over to tivo.com to program the recording now, lol.

  3. Wow! They’ve already fixed the Schrute spelling – do you think they monitor Office Tally…scary!!

  4. I plan on recording it and getting it on YouTube sometime tomarrow. I may not get it up until after I get off of work though.

  5. I just saw it! There was even a teeny little bit from an upcoming Office scene in the background at one point (I’m guessing it was the one Angela mentioned she and Rainn were filming during an evening a few weeks back). It looks good!

  6. That was fun to watch. Rainn is just so great. Oh also they showed a little bit of season 4 filming…. Don’t want to talk about it on here because it’s a spoiler, but it looked good!

  7. Denise —

    “I may not get it up until after I get off of work though. ”

    That’s what she said.

    Too easy….. (that’s what she said too!)

    Ok, I need to go to bed.

  8. I really am wondering what is with the interviewer’s tan. It’s kinda George Hamilton-esque.

  9. Didn’t care for the ABC interviewer, Brian Rooney or whatever? He seemed to dislike Rainn (or Dwight? or The Office?), & he had some inappropriate jabs, I thought. But! Rainn was a champ, & he made me proud of him — an upbeat gentleman.

    LOVED the open letter to NBC — so ironic it was written before the big stink.

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