Rainn Wilson on Wired Science

WIRED SCIENCE host Chris Hardwick and The Office scene-stealer Rainn Wilson (recently named one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive”) dive deep into the chemical guts of a common household product to discover “What’s Inside.”

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  1. Every word that came out of the hosts mouth was so ridiculously over my head.
    But Rainn’s great.

  2. What the heck was that?! All I know is he said a bunch of words that translated to = too much geeky science talk for me. I think they are trying to say NyQuil is bad? Either way, how did Rainn end up on there? lol.

    Oh if there is any good in the world please bring The Office back, it feels like a really bad drought in July with this lack of Office goodies. :(

  3. Ha! Rainn looked like he was giving some Jim faces at certain moments.
    Rainn and Chris Hardwick were in “House of 1000 Corpses” together.

  4. I’ve never seen that before, but it was great! The science geek in me was very happy, and I kept trying to guess what it was going to be. And it doesn’t hurt that I love Rainn in pretty much everything.

  5. That was great. I’m a little scared that I understood most of what he was saying and I thought it was going to be like coffee or some sort of pick me up drink. I loved Rainn of course. The host was pretty funny too. “Softer than babies”. Thanks for posting.

  6. Being a chemist, I found that quite enjoyable-and I even guessed right when I thought it was probably some sort of cough/cold medicine!

  7. The “I have a citrus acid tree” was so… Dwight-ish. The nerdy part of me really liked this.

  8. lol, i love this video. I understand half of that stuff he said. I kinda went really fast though.

  9. So I’ve meet Chris Hardwick many times! So this video is really funny, he is part of the comedy group “Hard N’ Phirm” which came to my college and NACA!!

    You should all check out the website http://hardnphirm.wordpress.com/.

    The music is the best part!

  10. I guess I spaced out a little at the beginning because I kept waiting for them to make some sort of volcano by mixing all the products together… but I guess that wasn’t the point lol

  11. This was posted on The Onion’s av club page.
    Rainn acting very Dwightish– very funny.

  12. DAMN! I missed this show- i watch it ALL the time too and I’m a Rainn Wilson freak! What?! grr….. oh well thanks, that was great!

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