From Shorecrest loser to The Office poser

Terry Estudillo of The Seattle Times delves into the life and career of Rainn Wilson (“Dwight”).

An excerpt:

Wilson says Dwight is inspired in part by his counterpart, Mackenzie Crook’s equally officious Gareth Keenan, in the original British series.

“I used the central aspect of Mackenzie’s character — that pompousness, self-superior-ness, the love of hierarchy, the way his mind could be so mind-bogglingly dull in some ways and brilliant in others — and I just ran with it.”

Read the full article here.

Thanks to Brian for the tip!


  1. Very cool that Rainn still considers the NW home! I think I need to go down to Pike Place to stalk…er, meet his mom and check out her shop. Why can’t I ever see him when he’s shlepping around town? I go to all those places after all! No, I am not a stalker… why do you ask?

  2. J,

    I used the Baha’i tidbit to try to hook my ex-girlfriend (and still best friend) in. I used the Jenna Fischer tie to St. Louis to try to hook my mom in.

    My dad was the one that got hooked in.

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